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October 2016

Minutes of Monthly Meeting of Llangunnor Community Council held in 'Yr Aelwyd', Tregynnwr at 6.30pm on Thursday 20th October 2016.

PRESENT: Councillor David Watson (Chair), Paul Totterdale, Elwyn Williams, Sandra Thomas, Lee Whatley, Alexandra Trowbridge-Mathews, Margaret Wilkins, Dafydd Williams and Geraint Bevan arrived for item 4iii,

APOLOGIES: Councillor Robin Griffiths, Glenda Lloyd and Alun West

1. Chair's Announcements

• Chair had attended Thanksgiving Service at the school
• Chair had attended the opening of the new pontoon on the Tywi

2. Declaration of Interest


Public Questions


3. Minutes.

It was moved by Cllr Dafydd Williams and seconded by Cllr Totterdale (minute 1016-3) and RESOLVED to approve as a correct record the minutes of the monthly Council meeting and Planning Sub-Committee held on 15th September 2016.

4. Matters Arising .

Matters raised / resolved outside meetings

i) Traffic at the 'tip' - Response sent in July from Welsh Government but it appears that the response went into my junk box, response "As part of the National Trunk Roads Improvements Programme for 2016/17 we will shortly be commissioning an investigation into traffic numbers and turning manoeuvres at junctions and private accesses with a frontage to the A48, between Crosshands and Carmarthen. This will include the junction leading to Nant-y-caws Tip. The investigation will be aimed at producing recommendations to improve road safety at these junctions". Latest email this week - "been advised that the study is currently progressing, however, we are not likely to be in a position to report on the findings and recommendations until early to mid-2017". It was agreed that the Council await the results of the investigation but highlight the issues in respect of the tip entrance and the lighting at the Nantycaws turn-off (minute 1016-4i)
ii) Council Vice-Chair badge of Office - Discussions continuing with school

:: Councillor Bevan joined the meeting ::

iii) Roman Road - Following a lengthy discussion it was agreed (minute 1016-4iii) that the letter highlight the issue with the wall and the need for it to be covered, confirmation that the Council still considers that Roman Road is of Historic Value; and confirmation of what measures Carmarthenshire County Council have in place or will put in place to stop further damage to the environment of the road and whether it is practical to have a preservation order placed on the hedgerow to the road
iv) Paths in Penymorfa - Awaiting for works to start
v) Rubbish in Old Llangunnor Road - Finally cleared
vi) Traffic in Blaengwastod Road - "There are no proposals to introduce additional measures on Blaengwastod Road in 2016/17. I would be happy to meet on site if you wish". Cllr Dafydd Williams asked for a site meeting to be arranged, this was not supported
vii) Yellow lines in Llangunnor - "I am awaiting feedback from the Council's Democratic Services Unit that the decision has been finalised (without challenge from the call in procedure)"
viii) 40mph sign Capel Dewi Road - Carmarthenshire County Council "have checked the VAS sign at Capel Dewi Road, and found that it is working fine"
ix) Dog Signs Elder Grove - Signs in place
x) Daffodils - Have spoken to school will do the planting once dual carriageway has re-opened. No response from The Range, it was agreed (minute 1016-4x) that Clerk purchases some bulbs and delivers them to the school
xi) CCTV - Response from Police Commissioner "thank you for your letter, I have already started on the work of re-investing in CCTV and have earmarked funding and put a small team together to work on the project. It is clear that this will take some months but I am confident of fulfilling this promise"

5. The Park/Environment Sub-Committee

The Clerk gave a brief summary of the meeting (minutes available on web page), the sub-committee asked that the Council consider carrying out work to level out the football pitch, it was unanimously agreed (minute 1016-5) that the Clerk contact Carmarthenshire County Council to survey the field and provide an estimate for this work including a football/rugby posts

6. Web Sub-Committee

No meeting had taken place

7. Finance Sub Committee

The sub-committee had met (minutes on web page) to discuss the balances, this would be further examined at the January meeting when the precept and budgeting would be on the agenda

8. Vacancy on the Council

The Council considered two letters of interest, following a discussion it was agreed (minute 1016-8) that Mrs Adrienne Mackintosh be co-opted onto the Council. The Clerk to write to Mrs Shirley Price thanking her for her interest

9. Arrangements for Christmas Tree

Confirmation had been received that the Town Council would put up the tree on the 10th November

10. Remembrance Service

Reminder that Remembrance Sunday Service will be on the 13th November at 11.00am

11. Update on closure of A48 / kerosene spillage

Latest update from Paul Bray, Director, European Government Affairs & PR, Valero Energy Ltd "Following the breach of Mainline Pipeline on 4th October near Nantycaws, Carmarthenshire, Valero has continued to deploy significant resources to deal with this incident. Two booms have now been removed from local watercourses, having been clear of oil for over one week. Two other booms remain in place but continue to be clear of oil. We are continuing to work with Natural Resources Wales to monitor the environment to reduce the risk of any further impact, and we continue to test in the surrounding area to ensure there is no migration of oil to other sites.

Remedial work is now underway at the worksite and to the surrounding environment, some of which will allow for the long-term monitoring of the local environment. This will include roadside boreholes and resurfacing of the road. The eastbound carriageway is scheduled to be fully open on 1st November"

12. Reports from Members Representing Council on other Bodies.

Riverside Association - Cllr Watson reported that the pontoon was in place and this had improved access for disabled users onto the river.

River Festival - Cllr Watson confirmed this would take place on the 8th July 2017

One Voice Wales - Cllr Whatley reported that he and Cllr Lloyd had attended the One Voice Wales Conference and AGM, "Cllr Lloyd and myself attended a very interesting conference and AGM where the key note speaker was Mark Drakeford AM, the Minister for Finance and Local Government. Who recognised the important role that town and community councils play in local government. A presentation was also given by the Independent Remuneration Panel for Wales regarding payments available for councillors and the reasons why these payments could be important in ensuring any financial barriers to being a community councillor are removed. It might be a good idea if this is looked at in more detail by the finance sub committee. The actual AGM was lively with a good level of debate, all the motions with the exception of no1 were passed with representatives of Llangunnor voting in favour of them. Item 1 was not able to be voted on as One Voice Wales needed 20% of member councils to be present to change One Voice Wales from an association to a limited company. 92 member councils were present out of the 107 needed."

School Governors - No Report

Training - No Report

13. Approve the Schedule of Accounts - September/October 2016

It was Resolved (minute 1016-13) proposed Cllr Whatley and seconded Cllr Elwyn Williams (unanimous) that the accounts submitted be approved.

A) Council is requested to consider and approve the following items of expenditure:

Payee Info (£) Amount
E Williams Playing Field (30/09/16) 75.00
Hedge Cutting (Login Road) 55.00
CJ Thomas Salary - Oct 2016 552.12
Office Allowance - Oct 2016 100.00
IT Allowance - Oct 2016 40.00
Travelling (Jun - Oct) 84.15
Stamps - Reimbursement 14.28
New chain for park gate - Reimbursement 5.27
Extra Meetings 440.00[1]
Carmarthenshire County Council Project design and management - Park Entrance 783.53
Vision ICT Web hosting & Support 195.60
One Voice Wales 2 training places - Cllr Watson/Whatley (Chairing Meetings) 70.00
Cllr Whatley Travelling - One Voice Wales AGM @ Builth Wells 49.05

Extra Meetings held April 1st 2016 - October 31st 2016
Finance Sub-Committee : 21st April, 5th July, 26th September
Park's Sub-Committee: 16th June, 21st July, 26th September
Web and Social Media Committee: 7th June, 15th September
Joint SLCC & One Voice Wales Event: 22nd June at the Liberty Stadium, Swansea (9.30am - 3.30pm)
Meeting with Cllr Bevan & Trysor (re Llwybrau Llangynnwr) at St David's Park 15th August
9 x £50 and 1 x £100 = £550. - This equates to £440 after tax. (Extra meetings - @ £50/meeting - salary only includes 11 meetings + AGM, all others treated as extra meetings, meetings over 4 hours will be paid at £100 (Minute 0716-7)

B) Council to note receipt of income:

Payee Info (£) Amount
Carmarthenshire County Council Repayment from S106 for works to park entrance 15,248.51

14. Correspondence

It was RESOLVED (minute 1016-14) that the following correspondence be noted/action taken.

No Nature of Correspondence Agreed Action
1 Letter from Mrs Eileen Jones thanking for donation of £50 towards Breast Cancer Appeal Noted
2 Grant Thornton - Confirming conclusion of Audit for 15/16 Noted
3 Notice of Quiz organised by Llangunnor Church on November 1st - Teams of 4 @ £2.50 pp. to be held at Yr Aelwyd 7.15pm start Noted
4 Gwobrau Chwaraeon Sir Gâr - 2016 - Carmarthenshire Sports Awards Noted
5 Penbontbren, Nantycaws - Road Closure Application Noted
6 Update on Local Government Reform / Diwygio Llywodraeth Leol Circulated
7 Two invitations from school: Thanksgiving Service on Friday October 14th at 1.45pm and to the Remembrance Service on Friday November 11th at 9.15am Noted
8 Carmarthenshire Tourism Summit - Invitation Circulated
9 Film Night at Yr Aelwyd - (The New) Dad's Army on the 2nd November @ 6.00pm Noted
10 Cabinet secretary proposes very positive developments for the Community and Town Counci sector in Wales Noted
11 Proposed Public Payphone removal by BT (Nantycaws) Noted
12 Invitation for Chair to attend Poppy Appeal Launch (28th October) and Remembrance Sunday Service Noted
13 Invitation to visit Air Ambulance Wales new HQ Noted

15. Any Other Business.

• Sticle Path requires cutting back
• Could the Clerk contact Carmarthenshire County Council to see if a crossing can be placed in Pensarn (suggestion from Aldi to Harveys)
• Cllr Whatley reported that £600 had been raised at a coffee morning held at Babell Chapel

16. Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held on Thursday 17th November 2016 at 6.30pm at Yr Aelwyd

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