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A Public Right of Way is a route over which the public have a legal right under Highway Law to pass and re-pass. They are commonly known as public footpaths, public bridleways and public byways and should not be confused with highway footways such as pavements at the side or roads. Not all Rights of Way are signposted; this is due to a variety of reasons.

There are a number of public rights of way in Llangunnor and hopefully we can see them being used again.

As part of our research we have been looking over old maps of Llangunnor and whilst doing this noticed some footpaths marked and decided to take a look around the area to see if these footpaths or rights of way still existed.

The County Council is responsible for keeping an up to date map of all public rights of way, and a visit to the local council offices to view the Definitive Map was a great help and has enabled us to compile this list of public rights of way in Llangunnor.

Whilst every effort has been made to check the following we will not be held responsible for the information given

Ref Route Extra Info
28/1 This path is just off Station Approach and follows the river on the Llangunnor side (Behind Howards car dealership) leading to and under Lesneven Bridge and across/under the railway line close to the Bascule bridge. The path ends shortly afterwards. This path does not appear to exist once you get to the new King Morgan bridge!
28/2 This would be one of the most well know paths in Llangunnor and runs from Penymorfa lane near Ty'r Ffynnon leading to Llangunnor road. Looking at old records it would appear that this path has been referred to locally as Sticle path. It did at one point have a wicket gate but evidence of this no longer exists.
28/3 Again this path leads from Penymorfa lane up past the school up to opposite where New Cwm cottage was once located - This is where the present day junction to Tregunnor is. Research would suggest that this was at some point considered a part of Sticle path as there was a request from a local household (Nythfa) for permission for a gate from their garden to "Sticle Bach" path. (There does not appear to be any gate from this property to the path today)
28/4 Right of way at top of Blaengwastod road (just past the turning to Eldergrove) down to Llangunnor road, follows the line of the hedge, the path eventually leads to a set of double gates, through these to get to Llangunnor road. There is however a broken sty and the area around this sty was rather boggy. There is an open gateway leading to the next field where you could rejoin the path
28/5 This path runs between Green Cottage (Login) and Ty'r Bryn (Bolahaul), you follow the hedge line and will eventually come out on a small road which leads to Cilwaunydd Farm. Going straight ahead you continue on to path 28/6. The Sty near Login appears to be blocked but is passable, the next sty you come to is broken and you need to climb over a makeshift fence
28/6 A continuation of footpath 28/5 between Login and Bolahaul, this path will eventually come out near come out near Ty'r Bryn. (NB. There are a few problems with access of these paths)
28/7 footpath from Pen Rhiw down near Ty Llwyd Bach over bypass towards Beaulieu Isaf
28/8 Path from near Bryn Hyfryd over bypass past Dan Y Coed and Pen Y Coed and comes out on road.
28/9 Byway Gareg-Goch to Ysgoldy Paron -
28/10 Foot path in Nantycaws down lane leads over by pass and past Ty'r Bwci and joins 28/11 -
28/11 Just up from Ty'r Heol, branches right up past Llwyn Melyn and joins 28/12 Impassable
28/12 Starts just past Nantycaws junction, you need to cross over bypass and past Bridwellt Coed, runs past 28/11 down just past Bronhaul. Impassable
28/13 West of 28/12 south of Bron Haul leads to 30/2 which comes out at Croes Asgwrn -
28/14 From Ty'r Heol down to Croes Asgwrn this then merges into 30/1 -
28/15 Byway just past the Black Lion Pub (Cwmffrwd), 29/5 joins 28/15 past Cwm Wheel? Stops at Gareg-Goch -
28/16 Path just past Towy cottage (Llangunnor Road) the path takes you through field and across stream and behind Ty Gwyn farm. Follow the hedge line and you see will come out near Llangunnor church (Penhill) Possible problems just past Ty Gwyn with dogs and one Sty was overgrown - but passable
28/17 Appears to be at the top of Llangunnor church car park leading over the hill towards Tan yr Allt.

Additional routes will be added in due course, any problems with the details listed above please contact us

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