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July 2016

Minutes of Monthly Meeting of Llangunnor Community Council held in 'Yr Aelwyd', Tregynnwr at 6.30pm on Thursday 21st July 2016.

PRESENT: Councillor David Watson (Chair), Alexandra Trowbridge-Mathews, Glenda Lloyd, Robin Griffiths, Paul Totterdale, Alun West, Elwyn Williams, Sandra Thomas, Lee Whatley, Dafydd Williams and Margaret Wilkins (from Item 7 on matters arising)

APOLOGIES: Councillor Geraint Bevan

1. Chair's Announcements

• The Chair/Vice had attended a coffee event at Roman Villa in aid of the Breast Cancer Unit at Prince Philip Hospital.

2. Declaration of Interest


3. Minutes.

It was moved by Cllr Totterdale and seconded by Cllr Lloyd (minute 0716-3) and RESOLVED to approve as a correct record the minutes of the monthly Council meeting and Planning Sub-Committee held on 16th June 2016.

4. Matters Arising .

Matters raised / resolved outside meetings

i) Traffic at the 'tip' - Awaiting response from Welsh Government.
ii) Council Vice-Chair Badge of Office - Update from Chair.
iii) Dog fouling School Field - Response from Carmarthenshire County Council: "The Education department have a policy document that covers dog fouling on school grounds (attached). Because education land is classed as private property the Dogs (Fouling of Land) Act 1996 and the imminent Public Spaces Protection Orders (PSPO) do not apply. They only apply to public open spaces. The Policy document recommends that attention is paid to the boundary fencing and signage to deter trespassers. We will of course do our best to help. If we receive information on who the culprit is then we are happy to speak to them. If the problem is a stray dog then we can get our dog warden to patrol the area."
iv) Cutting of paths etc - Email sent to Carmarthenshire County Council. Works have been carried out
v) "Den" Adjacent to Park - Response from Carmarthenshire County Council: "This has already been dealt with and the sofa and chair removed last week, the police were aware of the situation. The boundary fence has been ongoing for some months. I am waiting for Birch Utilities who work for Western Power to cut the trees touching the power lines (in wet weather they are live) and then I can get our men to cut the trees to the ground and new boundary fence will be put up. We can't put up a boundary fence with the trees as they are at the moment" and from Jade Jones "I'm already aware of this "den" that has been made in the park. I have spoken to Penny Rollison who is the housing officer for the properties in Brynmeurig as this den has been made in a resident's garden. She has arranged for the sofa to be removed. The boys who were seen in the den causing Anti-Social Behaviour have been issued words of advice and ASB referral letters for their behaviour".
vi) Roman Road - See planning minutes (07/16)[1]

:: Councillor Wilkins joined the meeting ::

vii) New Financial Arrangements - New Financial Regulations June 2016 as amended. Recommendation from Finance Sub-Committee that 'the new Financial Regulations be adopted by Council and placed on the web page'. Unanimously agreed (minute 0716-4vii)
viii) Old Llangunnor Road - Site visit with Veterinary Practice, email from Carmarthenshire County Council: "With Cllr Williams agreement, I will consult the statutory consultees about providing a limited waiting bay (up to 2 hrs with no return within 2 hrs) along the frontage of the veterinary practice (incl. the frontage of the boundary wall between the practice premises and the bicycle store). I will also notify colleagues in the Council's Environmental Enforcement team about four abandoned Mercedes light goods vehicles on Old Llangunnor Rd. Civil Enforcement Officers have been deployed to patrol the double yellow lines on Old Llangunnor Rd - I observed the fifth white coloured Mercedes light goods vehicle parked on these double yellow lines". Unanimously agree (minute 0716-4viii) that Clerk write to Carmarthenshire County Council giving the Council's full support to the Practice.
ix) Temporary Road Closure - U2203 Abercyfor Hall, Cwmffrwd - A request has been received for the temporary road closure of part of the U2203 from a point 140 metres east of its junction with the C2072 Bolahaul Road for a total distance of 440 metres in an easterly direction. The closure is necessary for Welsh Water to carry out water repair works from Tuesday 26th July, 2016, for a period of 2 days.
x) Overhanging trees Brithdir - Carmarthenshire County Council: "Well with coincidence, the highway inspector noticed the same issue of the overgrown hedge yesterday and has subsequently arranged for a 'Trees & Hedges' notice to be issued upon the property owner. Hopefully on receipt of the letter the owners will carry out the necessary work to trim back the offending growth". Confirmed that works have been carried out.
xi) Bollards in Pensarn in front of new Howards Showroom - Clerk to chase up Carmarthenshire County Council.

5. The Park/Environment Sub-Committee

Park Sub-Committee had met earlier that evening (unapproved minutes on website). Following updates given:

i) Asset Transfer - Declaration of interest submitted and Carmarthenshire County Council now assessing application, confirmation given that Carmarthenshire County Council would continue to cut hedges/grass, inspect the equipment and on completion of transfer the Community Council would be able to consider any 'dog orders'
ii) Entrance/picnic area completed and completion certificate issued by Carmarthenshire County Council.
iii) Llwybrau Llangynnwr - Cost of Interpretation Boards had been confirmed, Clerk discussing with Carmarthenshire County Council whether this cost could be covered by S106 monies.
iv) Paths in Penymorfa - Scheme submitted by Carmarthenshire County Council agreed in principal, Clerk to meet with them to discuss some of the details.
v) Bases had been placed to take new bins (4). Concern was expressed by Council in respect of dog-fouling at the park it was hoped that the introduction of these 4 bins would alleviate the problem.

6. Web Sub-Committee

No meeting had taken place, one to be convened in September 2016

7. Receive a Report from the Finance Sub Committee

Sub-Committee had met on the 5th July (unapproved minutes are on the website). The following were discussed:

i) New Financial Regulations (see 4vii above),
ii) Budget was scrutinized, a little bit early in financial year, further scrutiny in October, sub-committee inviting any capital schemes from Park Sub-Committee or individual Councillors.
iii) Clerk salary and allowances, the sub-committee were recommending that the new pay scales 16-18 be applied to Clerk salary and that that the IT Allowance be increased to £40/month, the Office Allowance be increased to £100/month, the extra meeting allowance for 4 hours be increased to £50 and £100 for over 4 hours all to be backdated to 1st April 2016, this was unanimously approved (minute 0716-7)

8. Vacancy on the Council

The Clerk reported that there had not been a request for an election and it was now for the Council to consider co-opting a new member. It was unanimously agreed (minute 0716-8) that the Clerk produce a notice to this effect and that it be placed on webpage, in the noticeboards and passed to the Journal

9. Litter Pick

Cllr Whatley indicated that he intended to organise a 'litter pick' in the park and surrounding street, it was agreed that the Council and Clerk provide him with support

10. Reports from Members Representing Council on other Bodies.

River Festival - Cllr Watson reported that it been a great success and that the organising committee were hoping to build on this for future years, he also confirmed that the Cup presented by the Council had gone to the winner of the Coracle race

One Voice Wales - Cllr Whatley reported that he and Cllr Lloyd had attended an interesting conference with key note speech on The Planning Act 2015, also sessions on working with young people and making the most of your council website

School Governors - No report

11. Approve the Schedule of Accounts Jun/Jul 2016

It was Resolved (minute 0716-11) proposed Cllr Griffiths and seconded Cllr Elwyn Williams (unanimous) that the accounts submitted be approved.

A) Council is requested to consider and approve the following items of expenditure:

Payee Info (£) Amount
E Williams Playing Field (30/06/16) 75.00
CJ Thomas Salary - July 2016 (Increase as per National Salary Award Included) 568.61
Office Allowance - July 2016 115.00[2]
IT Allowance - July 2016 55.00[2]
HMRC Quarter 1 (Payments outside meeting (20/06/16)) 414.09
One Voice Wales AGM (2 Delegates) (Payment outside meeting (20/06/16)) 90.00
A & M Plant Hire Work at entrance/picnic area 18,778.21
Cllr Whatley Travelling - 1 Voice Wales Larger Council Conference @ Builth Wells 49.05
Cllr Lloyd Travelling - 1 Voice Wales area meeting in Newcastle Emlyn 21.15

Includes £5 per month increase to allowances:
Office July £100 + (£5 x 3) = £115
I.T. July £40 + (£5 x 3) = £55
(Amendment to pay / allowances as per minute 0716-7)

B) Council to note receipt of income:

Payee Info (£) Amount
HMRC VAT Repayment 8,223.29

12. Correspondence

It was RESOLVED (minute 0716-12) that the following correspondence be noted/action taken.

No Nature of Correspondence Agreed Action
1 Mainline Pipelines Ltd - Repair to pipeline under Nantycaws Bypass (A48) - Details have been widely covered in press. Consultation evening July 26th @ Yr Aelwyd at 6.00pm Council asked for assistance from Police due to the obvious increase volume of traffic in Llangunnor Road in particular
2 Simon Brazier (Towy Vets) - Email to Carmarthenshire County Council and Clerk: I find myself in the position where my business and sustainability of six jobs I have created are being compromised by the parking situation on Old Llangunnor Road, Carmarthen.
I contacted Carmarthenshire County Council over 2 years ago with sensible solutions to the problems I face and nothing has been done. In a time where local government policy is to support job creation by SME my experience in this situation is that Carmarthenshire County Council has been lacking to say the least. I would suggest that a meeting to make a realistic plan to resolve the issues would be the first step in Carmarthen County Council supporting me in resolving the problems my business faces.
It was unanimously agreed (Minute 0716-12(2) that Clerk write to Carmarthenshire County Council give the Council's full support to Towy Vets.
3 Invitation to meet the Future Generations Commissioner Circulated/Noted
4 Open Data / Data Agored Circulated/Noted
5 Mark Drakeford sets out his plans for Welsh tax powers Circulated/Noted
6 Active Travel Consultation Circulated/Noted
7 Grant Thornton Auditors - Verbal confirmation that accounts have been approved, written confirmation to follow Noted
8 One Voice Wales Conference Saturday 1st October 2016 It was unanimously agreed (minute 0716-(8) that Cllr Lloyd and Whatley represent Council at this conference

13. Suspension of Standing Orders

It was moved by Cllr Griffiths and seconded by Cllr West and unanimously approved (Minute 0716-13) to suspend standing orders until September meeting to allow Chair/Clerk to deal with any urgent business

14. Any Other Business

• Clerk to chase up traffic survey results in Blaengwastod Road
• Clerk to write to Miss Millie Curtis congratulating her on her selection as for the Rio Olympic Games, it was reported that she was one representative of 18 countries and that the Clerk provide her with letters to be presented to each of these countries
• Cllr Trowbridge-Mathews informed the Council that she had received the form to become one of the trained members of the public to monitor the speed of traffic in the community

15. Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held on Thursday 15th September 2016 at 6.30pm at Yr Aelwyd

Information Only (From the minutes of the Planning Meeting)

Roman Road Construction work and cutting down of trees was highlighted at the last meeting and the Clerk had been instructed to write to the Planning Department, this is their initial reply "Further to the acknowledgement on the above, I've viewed the wall and confirm planning permission is required as the wall is above 1.0 metre above original ground level adjacent to a highway. I have emailed the owner today asking for their intentions over the land behind the wall, to assess whether revisions will be necessary prior to an application being requested. As far as the tree which has had its branches cut, it is not subject to a TPO, however the tree between 7 Roman Park & 1 Rhodfa Morgan Drive is. I have asked the owner to contact Stephen Edwards for advice and informed him he cannot raise the ground under the tree canopy".
This was followed by a further update "The owner has clarified the position on this. They asked for advice beforehand on the basis they were building the wall on a bank and therefore it was considered permitted development on the basis of being 1.0 metre above the bank. The issue that arose was that probably for practical reasons the bank was removed prior to the wall being built meaning the wall was higher than 1.0 metre. The bank has since been reinstated. A hedge or small fence/wall set back will be built behind the wall. On balance, there is no longer a requirement for the owner to submit a planning application for the work carried out to date and the file is closed".

Councillors were extremely disappointed at this response from the enforcement officer, they queried how at one stage planning was needed but now it did not, they queried how an old hedgerow could be destroyed and replaced by a concrete block wall, they further queried its position and wondered that if one member of the public could be allowed to do this then it could open the floodgates and the history held in this area would be destroyed. It was unanimously agreed (minute P0716-3) that the Clerk invite the enforcement officer to a meeting of the Council failing this that he and Cllr Wilkins make an appointment to meet the officer at his office.

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