Llangunnor Photos

As one of our main aims is to preserve the history of Llangunnor we have been out photographing the parish as today's photos become tomorrow's history

Our ongoing research has shown us that there have been many changes in the area since the 1911 census with the influx of people moving to the area with the housing developments which begun in the 1950's

Work is ongoing to build up this photo archive so that future generations will be able to see photographic evidence of Llangunnor as it was today.

We are also looking for any old photographs of the area that could be added to this archive to show what has already changed in our community.

Please note all images are protected by copyright. If you wish to use any photos please contact us, images should not be used without permission.

Llangunnor Church Gallery

If you have any information or old photos that may help develop the photo archive please feel free to contact us contact us.

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