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January 2016

Minutes of Monthly Meeting of Llangunnor Community Council held in 'Yr Aelwyd', Tregynnwr at 6.30pm on Thursday 14th January 2016.

PRESENT: Councillor Glenda Lloyd (Chair), Robin Griffiths, Geraint Bevan, Lee Whatley, Paul Totterdale, Alun West, Elwyn Williams, Sandra Thomas, Selwyn Thomas, Dafydd Williams, David Watson, Alexandra Trowbridge-Mathews and Margaret Wilkins


1. Chair's Announcements

a) she had called with Mr Winston Richards to celebrate his 103rd birthday, she also stated that his 102 year old sister was also there.
b) she had visited the school and was appalled at the damage that vandals had caused over the Christmas period, there was a lot of damage and she was particularly concerned that broken class had been placed in bins that held the children's sport kit. It was unanimously agreed that (minute 0116-1) that (i) the Clerk write to the school to see if the damage was covered by insurance and that (ii) the school be asked whether they were considering introducing CCTV onto the site, and that the Council would consider assisting with the cost.

2. Declaration of Interest


3. Public Questions


4. Neighbourhood Watch

The Chair welcomed Mr Arwel Fowler to the meeting and he gave the Council a brief update on the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme as it affected Llangunnor. He expressed disappointment at the support / attitude of Dyfed Powys Police towards the issue, it was unanimously (minute 0116-4) that the Clerk write to Police Commissioner / Chief Inspector to ask for their view on Neighbourhood Watch and how it can be positively taken forward.

5. Minutes

It was moved by Cllr Dafydd Williams and seconded by Cllr Totterdale (minute 0116-5) and RESOLVED to approve as a correct record the minutes of the monthly Council meeting and Planning Sub-Committee held on 10th December 2015.

6. Matters Arising

Matters raised / resolved outside meetings

a) Private CCTV - Clerk and members of Council had met with PC Rob Chapman and advice circulated.
b) Tree planting Llangunnor Road - Poor weather still a problem, Chair to be present at planting for event to be recorded.

7. The Park

The Clerk gave an update from recent meeting of sub-committee (unapproved minutes on-line).
i) Hardstanding and picnic tables in hand
ii) Sub-committee were recommending that the whole area of entrance to be tarmacked it was unanimously agreed (minute 0116-7) that the whole area be covered and that the Clerk ask Carmarthenshire County Council to prepare the drawings, he will also contact Planning Dept for advice, further updates at next meeting.
iii) the Chair of the sub-committee reported that he had visited the park after a complaint received regarding flooding to properties in Maes Lewis Morris, he was satisfied that the earth that had been piled in the park was not a contributory factor, rather than it was a matter of the record rainfall and prior to the houses being built this water would indeed lie in this field. It was agreed that Clerk write to Carmarthenshire County Council to ask them to have a look to see if there were any suggestions that they had to alleviate the problem,
iv) suggestions from members, sub-committee supported the placing of seats and salt bins in the locality - Cllrs to forward suggestions to Clerk and these would be voted on at the February meeting v) Clerk to chase up Carmarthenshire County Council in respect of cleaning / painting equipment in 'kiddies' area.

8. Web Sub-Committee

Clerk reported that a meeting had over run and that it had been adjourned to another date (to be agreed)

9. Finance Sub-Committee

Cllr Bevan who had chaired the sub-committee gave an update of the situation to members (minutes on the website), having considered the information provided by the Clerk it was recommended to Council that
1) The Finance Sub-Committee unanimously resolved to recommend to the Council that the precept for 2016/2017 be kept at £36,000 (minute 0116-F5) - this will result in a small saving for Council Tax Payment for residents
2) A Risk Assessment had been carried out and the sub-committee was satisfied that all risks were adequately covered and recommended that this be accepted
3) Recommended that Mr Lyn Llewelyn be asked to audit the 15/16 accounts. All recommendations were unanimously approved by Council (minute 0116-9).

10. Annual Dinner (22nd January)

11 members (+1's) would be attending, Clerk confirmed that Mr & Mrs E Richards and Mr & Mrs W Davies had accepted invitations to attend. Members reminded to bring payment along to the dinner.

11. Planting Wild Flowers

Park sub-committee did not support getting seeds planted by Carmarthenshire County Council, rather that a previous minute in respect of planting wild seeds provided by Cllr Whatley be enacted.

12. Reports from Members Representing Council on other Bodies. River Festival - Cllr Watson reported arrangements for River Festival were on-going, local businesses being encouraged to support event.

13. Approve Schedule of Accounts Dec 2015/Jan 2016

It was Resolved (minute 0116-13) proposed Cllr Watson and seconded Cllr Griffiths (unanimous) that the accounts submitted be approved.

A) Council is requested to consider and approve the following items of expenditure:

Payee Info (£) Amount
E Williams Playing Field (31/12/15) 75.00
CJ Thomas Salary - Jan 2016 612.84
Office Allowance - Jan 2016 95.00
IT Allowance - Jan 2016 35.00
Work in conjunction with Xmas tree 70.00
SLCC Annual subscription 131.00
Wyn Davies Work in conjunction with Xmas tree 95.00

B) Council to note receipt of income:

Payee Info (£) Amount
Carmarthenshire County Council 3rd Precept Installment 12000.00

Note: Cheque from Previous Park Committee was rejected by bank (insufficient signatories). It has now been represented and has gone through. There was a charge of £2 but this has not yet shown up on statements.

::Cllr Trowbridge-Mathews left the meeting at this stage::

14. Correspondence

It was RESOLVED (minute 0116-12) that the following correspondence be noted/action taken.

No Nature of Correspondence Agreed Action
1 Decision on making contribution to Air Ambulance and Carmarthen Bar Navigation Committee - deferred from December meeting. Responses from AS and DPP read out Unanimously agreed (minute 0116-12.1) to donate £50 towards Air Ambulance Appeal. Decision on C.B.N deferred
2 Letters of thanks for donations received from Capel Dewi Association, Youth Opera, Carmarthenshire Young Farmers, Eisteddfod Llandyfaelog, Bopath Children's Therapy Centre, Cancer Information and Support Services, Urdd & Tregynnwr Social Club Noted
3 Invitation to attend a transformation of mental health services engagement meeting Cllr Lloyd and Totterdale would attend
4 Menter Gorllewin Cymru - Street Dancing classes Passed onto school
5 Letter of thanks from Beryl Richards Noted
6 Western Power - Consultation on alternative option Noted
7 Llwybrau Llangynnwr Cllr Bevan / Clerk to meet with Trysor, update at future meeting
8 Email from Mr Tom James, Maes Lewis Morris Noted

15. Any Other Business

• Dangerous sign Tiles'R'Us, clerk to report to Carmarthenshire County Council.
• Chip Shop Pensarn - Broken fence.
• Item to be placed on next agenda to get clarification on situation in respect of paths in Penymorfa.
• Concern again expressed in respect of entrance at Mount Hill Rise. Clerk to arrange meeting with Carmarthenshire County Council.
• Bus Shelter at Yr Aelwyd particularly dirty, Clerk to make enquiries in respect of cleaning.
• Disabled sign in Haulfryn still in position - Clerk to chase Carmarthenshire County Council.
• There is an issue was the path between numbers 16 and 17 Glanffynnon, which leads up to Heol Blaengwastod, an elderly lady had asked if the council could do something about the path which has railings as when it is icy it can be quite slippery. It's surface is not the best as it is a little overgrown with weeds/moss - Clerk to inform Carmarthenshire County Council.
• An issue was raised where the Journal was carrying quotes from members and attributing them to a specific Councillor, whereas the issue had been raised by them as lay persons. Clarification to be sought from Journal

16. Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held on Thursday 18th February 2016.

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