Council Badge of Office

In April 1974 the Parish Council ended and the new Community Council came into existence following reorganistions to local government. With this new Council came new powers, in July 1974 it was passed by a majority that a badge of office be purchased for the Chairman

It was also resolved at this meeting that the cost of this new badge of office be paid for by public subscriptions, the council at this time had been in contact with Messrs Thomas Fattorini Ltd, Birmingham regarding the badge of office

Not much happened with the development of the badge of office as the council at their meeting in September 1974 decided to take no further action but to place the item on a future agenda - kicked into the long grass!!

It sat in the long grass for quite some time

Not wanting to pay vast sums of money to a company to design this badge they contacted Trinity College Art Department and commissioned Mr Peter Wilde to design a suitable badge of office for the chairman to wear on public occasions. Mr Wilde explained to the council during December 1978 the two alternative designs.

Both designs contained a number of interesting features which had been derived from the geography and history of Llangunnor. The council voted in favour of the first design. The design which was selected is shown below.

Community Council Badge

The above image was selected as the council felt it was the one design that fully encapsulated what the new council was about, the parish boundaries are incorporated into the design with the staff of life also featuring along the centre of the design. The design also remembers the historic mining industry of Llangunnor with an image of a mining wheel house and the opposite area celebrates the agricultural history of the community.

The council paid £210 for the commission. The first badge made up - not the heavy Chain of Office you can see today but something a lot less elaborate.(A ribbon with the badge attached)

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