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September 1979

Minutes of the Meeting of Llangunnor Community Council held at Llangunnor CP School on Thursday 20th September 1979 at 7.30pm

Present: Councillor G Bowyer (chair), Mrs E Jones, Miss G Jones, Mrs ML Morris, Mr EJ Dalis-Davies, WDV Evans, RO Griffiths, THM Jones, JDJ Morgan, WG Tucker and D Williams.

In Attendance: District Councillor H Ll Williams, Messrs Selwyn Thomas, Carmarthenshire Area Controller, WWA, David Evans, Water Controller WWA, Haydn Davies, Waste Water, Technical Officer WWA

43. Apologies

Apologies for absence were received from Councillors Mrs M Lloyd and Mrs B Morgan.

44. Water Supply

The Chairman welcomed Messrs Selwyn Thomas, David Evans and Haydn Davies of the Welsh Water Authority (Carmarthen Division) to the Meeting and invited Mr Thomas, the Area Water Controller, to address members upon the difficulties regarding water supply which certain parts of Llangunnor had experienced in late July.

Mr Thomas began by explaining that the problem at that time had been caused by a combination of three factors - a fractured main in Brynmeurig which it had taken longer than anticipated to locate, a prolonged period of dry weather and a consequent increased demand for water. As a result the Authority had been compelled to cut off water supplies to the properties in the Logon Road/Elder Grove area in the early evenings and nights in order to build up the reservoir supplies to cater for demand for water during the day. He emphasised that the reservoirs at present serving Llangunnor were adequate to cater for most eventualities but they would be inadequate to cater for some of the major development proposed for Llangunnor such as the Police Headquarters in addition to the existing developments in the parish.

Mr Thomas informed members of the legal obligation upon the Authority to connect properties to a water supply and stressed that it was not within its power to exercise any veto over the grant of planning permission - all the Authority could do was to inform the District Council upon consultations, whether the water supply was considered adequate or inadequate for any proposed development and it was then the responsibility of the District Council to make the final decision in light of the Authority's comments.

During the question and answer session which followed Mr Thomas stated that in his opinion the water supply position in Llangunnor was evenly balanced, and although improvements to the system were in hand to increase the supply, all future planning applications for development in Llangunnor should be carefully examined by the appropriate authorities against this background. The Chairman thanked Mr Thomas for his address, and his colleagues for their attendance, and after the Authority representatives had withdrawn from the Meeting, it was RESOLVED:
(i) That the Area Water Controller's comments upon the water supply position be noted.
(ii) That all future planning applications submitted to the Council be carefully scrutinised with this in mind.

45. Minutes

It was RESOLVED to confirm the Minutes of the Meetings of the Council and of its Planning Committee held on 18th July 1979, copies of which had been circulated to members.

46. Davies Town

The Clerk reported that certain of the loose slates had been removed from the roof of this property in accordance with the Dangerous Structure Notice served by the District Council but some still remained. He promised to contact the District Council further about this matter.

47. Survey of Public Footpaths

It was RESOLVED that Councillors RO Griffiths and WE Tucker be nominated to undertake a survey of the condition of the public footpaths in Llangunnor with the Clerk and to report back to the Council in due course.

48. Public Footpaths - Signs

The Clerk reported that the estimated cost of bilingual signs for the fifteen public footpaths in the parish would be £450. It was RESOLVED that further consideration of this matter should be deferred until the preparation of the Estimates for 1981/81.

49. Heol Babell - Traffic

Members were informed that it would be impractical to have an "Access Only" sign erected at Login Square preventing access to Login/Heol Blaengwastod by through traffic because both the Area Surveyor and the Chief Constable advised that it would be almost impossible to enforce such a Traffic Order. It was RESOLVED that this suggestion be left on the table.

50. Parking on Verges, Footpaths etc

The Clerk reported on a letter from the District Council which advised the Council that it was against the policy of the new Government to issue Circulars to local authorities unless absolutely necessary and that accordingly Circular 171/78 prohibiting parking on verges, footpaths, pavements etc (unless exempted) had been withdrawn. It was RESOLVED to note the position.

51. SWEB Energy Costs

The Council was informed that the latest increase in electrical energy costs for the Council's footway lighting system was a further 9% (making 18% in total for 1979/80) and that SWEB had indicated that this was necessary because of a further price increase in the cost to them of coal supplies. Councillor Morgan informed the Council that the Board's Highway Superintendent would be carrying out a maintenance survey of all the lamps in the parish within the next two weeks.

52. Relocation of Carmarthen Mart

Councillor Morgan reported that he had attended a Public Meeting at Cwmffrwd in July accompanied by the Clerk which had been called to discuss the outline planning application submitted by the Clerk for the relocation of the Mart in Llandyfaelog Parish on Pibwrlwyd Flats. The Meeting had been poorly attended and as a consequence another Public Meeting would have to be held to ascertain public opinion in the locality on this issue. The view of Llangunnor Community Council namely that the Mart should remain at its present location, had been conveyed to the Meeting. It was RESOLVED to note the report.

53. Publication

It was RESOLVED to note the contents of Issue No5 of "Bro" (copies of which had been circulated to members) issued by the Welsh Association of Community and Town Councils.

54. Refuse Skip - Penymorfa Lane

The Council considered matters relating to the siting of the refuse tip at Penymorfa Lane and accepted that the skip at present provided a much needed service to the residents of that part of Llangunnor. However ts proximity to the County Primary School did present certain problems and after a lengthy discussion it was RESOLVED to request the District Council (i) To provide a covered skip in future (as opposed to the present open type) and to arrange for more frequent emptying thereof in future (ii) To publicise more effectively the free collection service which it offers for major items of household refuse.

55. Jane Hodge Home Appeal

It was RESOLVED to note with pleasure the letter of thanks received from the Treasurer of the Appeal Fund for the Jane Hodge Holiday Home for Handicapped Children at Cowbridge regarding the Council's token contribution of £10.

56. Carmarthen Railway Station

It was RESOLVED to nominate Councillors JDJ Morgan and THM Jones to represent the Council at a Meeting to be held on 24th September which had been convened by the County Council to discuss with the Divisional Manager of British Rail a proposal to relocate the Station at the Junction in Pensarn.

57. Welsh Association - Annual Conference

The Council considered further the Invitation to attend the Association's Annual Conference to be held in Aberystwyth on 3rd November and it was RESOLVED as follows
(i) To re-nominate the Association's present officers for the forthcoming year
(ii) To submit the three under mentioned motions for the consideration of the Conference
(a) To secure greater legislative control by licensing over the sale and use of airguns and crossbows
(b) To press all Chief Constables in Wales to consider the re-introduction of the village policeman in rural areas
(c) To instruct the Association's Officers and Executive to investigate and report upon the Rating System in the United Kingdom with a view to recommending its improvement or replacement by an alternative system(s)

58. Conference

It was RESOLVED not to accept an invitation from the Welsh Branch of the United Nations Association to attend a Conference at the Temple of Peace, Cardiff, on 13th October 1979 in connection with the International Year of the Child.

59. Playing Field Equipment

It was RESOLVED that a tender from Mr Robert Fox, Pensarn, in the sum of £175 for the painting of the Playing Field equipment be accepted.

60. Highways

It was RESOLVED to instruct the Clerk to request the Area Surveyor
(i) To arrange to have the kerbstones on the Croesyceiliog junction at Pibwrlwyd painted white to aid visibility
(ii) To investigate the surface condition of the Felinsych to Nantycaws (Tyhir - Penlan) unclassified road

61. Accounts

It was RESOLVED that the under mentioned accounts be passed for payment

Payee Info (£) Amount
SWEB Interim Bill (Nantycaws Lamp) 100.00
Carmarthen Journal 7.48

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