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June 1979

Minutes of the Annual Meeting of Llangunnor Community Council held at Llangunnor CP School on Wednesday 6th June 1979 at 7pm

PRESENT: Miss G Jones, Mrs B Morgan, Mr G Bowyer, Mr EJ Dalis-Davies, Mr WDV Evans, Mr RO Griffiths, THM Jones, JDJ Morgan and D Williams.

In Attendance: County Councillor ET Davies and District Councillor HW Williams.

1. Apologies

Apologies for absence were received from Mrs E Jones, Mrs M Lloyd, Mrs ML Morris and Mr WG Tucker.

2. Declarations of Acceptance of Office

At the commencement of business all members made their Declarations of Acceptance of Office as Councillors.

3. Welcome

The retiring Chairman, Councillor David Morgan, welcomed the new members to their first meeting of the Council and wished them every success during their terms of office.

4. Chairman

It was RESOLVED unanimously that the Vice-Chairman of the previous Council, Councillor Gwyn Bowyer, be elected Chairman of the Council for the 1979/80 Session. The new Chairman thanked members of the Council for his election and the retiring Chairman for his services to the Council during the past year.

5. Vice Chairman

It was RESOLVED unanimously that Councillor RO Griffiths be elected Vice-Chairman of the Council for the 1979/80 Session. Councillor Griffiths responded appropriately.

6. Chairman - Planning Committee

It was RESOLVED unanimously that Councillor Mrs B Morgan be elected Chairman of the Council's Planning Committee for the 1979/80 Session.

7. Appointments

It was RESOLVED that the undermentioned Councillors be appointed to serve on the organisations listed:
(i) Dyfed Association of Local Councils - Councillors THM Jones, and JDJ Morgan
(ii) Welsh Association of Community and Town Councils - Councillors EJ Dalis-Davies and WDV Evans
(iii) CPRW - Councillor Mrs E Jones
(iv) Llangunnor Park & Recreation Sub Committee - Councillors WDV Evans, JDJ Morgan, D Williams and the four retiring members.

8. Cheque Signatories

It was RESOLVED that the Chairman, Vice Chairman and Councillor JDJ Morgan be authorised to sign cheques on the Council's behalf during the 1979/80 Session.

9. Chairman's Allowance

It was RESOLVED that the Chairman's Allowance for the 1979/80 Session be set at £100 as in the previous two years.

10. Meetings

It was RESOLVED to adhere to the decision reached by the previous Council whereby meeting were held on the evening of the third Thursday of every month with Special Meetings to be convened as and when necessary.

11. Minutes

It was RESOLVED to confirm the Minutes of the Meetings of the Council and of its Planning Committee held on 17th May 1979.

12. Public Lighting - Complaints

Members referred once again to the continued non repair of the street lamps at Tregynnwr which had been vandalised some time ago and also complained about the new Login Road footway lighting system which had remained lit for twenty four hours recently. The Clerk was instructed to take both these matters up with the SWEB Commercial Engineer.

13. Chain of Office

The Clerk reported upon his most recent discussions with the designer and the Trinity College Art Department regarding the Chain of Office and it was RESOLVED that Councillor Morgan should install the Chairman with this Chain when it was received in the not too distant future.

14. Brithdir Estate - Numbering of Properties

Councillor Morgan reported that he had visited the District Council Offices that afternoon with the Clerk and the numbering of the properties at Brithdir had been explained to them. The policy adopted by the District Council in this matter was in fact the generally accepted national policy which could cater for any future extension(s) of the Estate without the necessity for renumbering. Members indicated that they would like to inspect the numbered plan of the Estate and the Clerk undertook to obtain a copy thereof for the next Meeting.

15. Bus Services

The Clerk reported on a letter from the Dyfed Transportation Department seeking the Council's views on a proposal by Messrs Davies Bros (Pencader) Ltd to make application to the Traffic Commissioners for permission to operate a circular bus route serving Tregynnwr, Elder Grove and Login Road in place of the existing split service operated by two companies. It was RESOLVED that the County Council be notified that the Council was wholeheartedly in favour of this proposal which it would like to see implemented as soon as possible.

16. Public Meeting - Television Licence Renewals

It was RESOLVED to appoint the Chairman and Vice Chairman and Councillors Miss G Jones, EJ Dalis-Davies and D Williams to represent the Council at a public meeting to be held at St Peters Civic Hall on June 14th next which had been convened by the Independent Broadcasting Authority to discuss the renewal of licences for television and radio broadcasting due in 1981.

17. Grant

It was RESOLVED to contribute the sum of £25 towards the funds of the 1st Llangunnor Cub and Scout Troop.

18. Dangerous Structure

Members raised the matter of the dangerous condition of 15 Davies Town, Pensarn, in particular the loose slates on the roof thereof and the Clerk was instructed to refer this matter urgently to the Director of Works for his attention.

19. Additional Pavement - Heol Blaengwastod

It was RESOLVED to request the District Council to provide a pavement on Heol Blaengwastod opposite the entrance to the Playing Field so as to improve pedestrian safety on this busy road.

20. Agenda Items

It was RESOLVED that the under mentioned matters should be placed on the Agenda for the next Meeting:
(i) The condition and signposting of footpaths in Llangunnor Parish
(ii) The use of Heol Babell as an unofficial 'slip' road at Bank Holidays

21. Accounts

that the under mentioned accounts be passed for payment

Payee Info (£) Amount
Dyfed Association of Local Councils Annual Subscription 73.00
SWEB Faulty Lamp near the Vicarage 11.34
Bowen & Weaving 2.41

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