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February 1979

Minutes of a Meeting of the Llangunnor Community Council held at Llangunnor CP School on Thursday 15th February 1979 at 7pm

PRESENT: Councillor JDJ Morgan (Chairman), Miss G Jones, Mrs B Morgan, Mrs ML Morris, Mr G Bowyer, Reverend TJ Evans, Mr RO Griffiths, Mr T Rees, Mr WG Tucker and Mr HLl Williams.

117. Apologies

An apology for absence was received from Councillor Miss E Jones.

118. Minutes

It was RESOLVED to confirm the Minutes of the Meetings of the Council and of its Planning Committee held on 18th January 1979 and of the Special meeting of the Council held on 1st February 1979.

119. Wales Cerdd Dant Festival

The Clerk read out a letter from the Honorary Secretary of the local organising committee for the Cerdd Dant Festival to be held in Carmarthen in November next which thanked the Council for its generous contribution towards the expenses of the Festival. It was RESOLVED to note the contents of this letter.

120. Dyfed Structure Plan

The Council discussed the contents of the Dyfed Structure Plan Draft Written Statement (copies of which had been circulated to members) and received the oral comments of the Clerk thereon. After lengthy consideration it was RESOLVED
(i) To approve the principal strategy set out in the Written Statement, namely that housing and employment should be dispersed though the rural areas of Dyfed on as wide a basis as possible.
(ii) To note the remaining policies therein
(iii) To submit no detailed comments on the Statement but to reserve the Council's position on the detailed planning of Llangunnor and Carmarthen until the publication of the Carmarthen District Plan which would have to be certified by the County Council as conforming with the County Structure Plan.

121. Dyfed Public Passenger Transport Plan

The Clerk reported that he had now received from the County Engineer and Surveyor a consultation copy of the above mentioned Plan and after a brief discussion it was RESOLVED to adhere to the observations on the Plan previously submitted by the Clerk on the Council's behalf at the Draft stage.

122. Public Lighting

The Council was informed that SWEB had not been instructed to proceed with the erection of a footway lighting standard at Penlan Road, Nantycaws the quotation for which had been accepted at the last meeting. Whilst on this subject members asked when the Board proposed to repair the vandalised lamps at Tregynnwr and also the newly erected lamps at the top of Blaengwastod Road. The Clerk was instructed to contact the Board about these matters.

123. Joint Meeting

The Minutes of a Meeting held on 27th October 1978 between the Chairman of the District Council and representatives of five local Community Councils (including Llangunnor) were read out by the Clerk and it was RESOLVED to note the replies of the District to the queries raised at the Meeting. Arising out of this item the Clerk reported that site meeting had been arranged with the District's Director of Works at the Blue Street Bus Station at 11am on Tuesday 20th February to discuss the Council's request for Perspex covers to be fixed to the bus stands to protect travellers in bad weather conditions.

124. Welcome to Parish

The Secretary of the Local Branch of the Welsh Association of Community and Town Councils had requested a postponement of the meeting and function proposed to be held on Monday 19th February at Login School in view of the recent severe weather conditions and it was agreed to postpone this meeting until Monday March 19th at 7pm.

125. Publications

It was RESOLVED to note the contents of the under mentioned publications (copies of which had been circulated to members)
(i) Newsletter No.12 issued by the Dyfed Association of Local Councils
(ii) Edition No.4 of "Bro" issued by the Welsh Association of Community and Town Councils.

126. Congratulations

It was RESOLVED that a letter of congratulations be sent to Mrs Wendy Morris, Bolahaul Farm, Llangunnor on her recent selection to play for the Welsh Ladies Hockey Team.

127. Accounts

(i) To pass the undermentioned accounts for payment:

Payee Info (£) Amount
Welsh Association of Community and Town Councils Annual Subscription 35.00
Llangunnor CP School Letting 1st February 1979 3.00
Messers Bowen & Weaving Envelopes 10.41

(ii) To confirm that the contribution of £25 made towards the Chairman of the District Council's Fund to raise money towards the International Year of the Child project should be debited to the Chairman's annual allowance which should correspondingly be increased by this amount for 1978/78 (Minute 106 (ii) refers).

128. Clerk's Remuneration and Typing Assistance

The Clerk withdrew from the meeting for the discussion of this item and upon his return the Chairman indicated that it had been resolved as follows
(i) That the Clerk's present salary of £578.00 per annum be increased by 10% with effect from 1st January 1978 in accordance with the National Agreement which came into force on that date but which had not been implemented in Llangunnor owing to an oversight and that the arrears of £57.80 be paid to the Clerk
(ii) That the revised salary of £635.80 be increased by 5% with effect from 1st January 1979 in accordance with the revised National Agreement for 1979.
(iii) That an annual sum of £60 be allocated to the Clerk to enable him to pay for typing assistance in carrying out the Council's business.

129. Illegal Parking at Pensarn

The Council considered a further letter received from Mrs Mair Lloyd, Southern Terrace, Pensarn, complaining about the nuisance caused by lorries parking overnight at Pensarn. It was RESOLVED
(i) To instruct the Clerk to forward copies of this letter to the District Council and to the Chief Constable for their attention.
(ii) To adhere to the Council's previous recommendation that a specifically designed lorry park be provided on part of the site of the former Unigate Factory.

130. Postal Deliveries

Members raised a number of complaints which they had received about the non delivery and late delivery of letters to properties in Login Road and Eldergrove. It was RESOLVED to instruct the Clerk to write to the Head Postmaster in Carmarthen about the matter.

131.Pibwrlwyd Lane

It was RESOLVED to request the Highway Authority to consider the introduction of a speed restriction order for traffic using this Lane in view of its narrowness and bad accident history.

132. Proposed Capel Dewi Village Hall

It was agreed to support the newly formed Capel Dewi Village Hall Association in any application it might make to the County Council for permission to use the former School in the village as a community centre/hall.

133. Annual Dinner

The Council agreed to hold its Annual Dinner at the Belle Vue Guest House, Pensarn on Friday 23rd February 1979.

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