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January 1979

Minutes of a Meeting of the Llangunnor Community Council held at Llangunnor CP School on Thursday 18th January 1979 at 7pm

PRESENT: Councillor JDJ Morgan (Chairman), Councillors Mrs E Jones, Miss G Jones, Mrs B Morgan, Mrs ML Morris, Mr G Bowyer, Mr RO Griffiths, Mr DR Jones, Mr WG Tucker and Mr HLl Williams.

In Attendance: County Councillor ET Davies.

100. Apologies

Apologies for absence were received from the Reverend TJ Evans and District Councillor EJ Thomas.

101. Wales Cerdd Dant Festival

The Council was addressed by Messrs Aneurin Jenkins Jones and Dewi Thomas representing the local organising committee for the Wales Cerdd Dant Festival which was to be held in Carmarthen in November, in connection with that committee's application to the Council for financial assistance towards the expenses of staging the Festival.

It was explained that the Festival was one of three national music festivals of Wales and that Cerdd Dant was a musical form and tradition peculiar to Wales.

Any surplus remaining after payment of all the expenses of the annual Festival was paid into a fund for the renovation and purchase of harps which were then loaned to young school childress who were interested in taking up the instrument.
Finally it was emphasised that the Vale of Towy had historically been a stronghold of Cerdd Dant and it was hoped that the November Festival would prove a great success.

After the two officials had withdrawn from the Meeting it was RESOLVED unanimously to contribute the sum of £100 towards the expenses of the Festival.

102. Minutes

It was RESOLVED to confirm the Minutes of the Meeting of the Council and of its Planning Committee held on 21st December 1978.

103. Refuse Disposal Arrangements

The Clerk reported that he had written to the District Council as instructed at the last Meeting and enquired whether members had any further thoughts about possible sites in Llangunnor which might be investigated with a view to use for refuse disposal. The Council was still unable to suggest any suitable sites within the parish but expressed the view that the economies of an incinerator plant deserved assessment by the District Council, either on its own account or perhaps jointly with one of its neighbouring authorities.

Recycling of waste material in the Council's existing refuse disposal tips was also considered to be worthy of investigation and it was RESOLVED that the Clerk forward both these suggestions to the Director of Public Health and Housing.

104. Rate Precept 1979/80

The Council considered a brief written statement submitted by the Clerk which outlined the present financial position together with its anticipated commitments dueing the 1979/80 financial year. A healthy credit balance was revealed due principally to the fact that the County Council had decided not to proceed with the scheme to provide a Community Lounge/Toilet Block at Llangunnor CP School during the present financial year as had been agreed originally.

Accordingly the Council's contribution had not been called upon but the Chairman pointed out that this would be required early in the 1980/81 financial year and should not be overlooked in deciding upon the rate precept under discussion.

In the light of the Clerk's report it was RESOLVED to levy a 2 pence rate for 1979/80, a decrease of 2 pence on the current year's rate.

105. Consultation Documents

The Clerk handed out copies of the Draft Written Statement of the Dyfed County Structure Plan and of a Topic Paper No.8 on the Planning Context issued by the Director of Planning and it was RESOLVED to defer consideration of these consultation documents until a Special Meeting to be held at the School on Thursday 1st February 1979.

106. Financial Assistance

(i) Not to contribute towards the expenses of the local committee of the Wales for the Assembly campaign, it being considered inappropriate to utilise public funds to assist either side in the forthcoming Referendum Campaign.
(ii) To contribute the sum of £25 towards the Chairman of the District Council's Appeal Fund to raise money in connection with the International Year of the Child Project sponsored by the Welsh Centre for International Affairs.

107. Footpath Alongside River Towy

(i) To refer the deplorable condition of this footpath to the District Council for attention.
(ii) To enquire of the Welsh Water Authority as to the best method of dealing with the weed now spreading on to the footpath.
(iii) To arrange for the removal and storage of the tree guards placed by the Council around the trees (now dead) planted to commemorate the Jubilee Year.

108. Public Lighting

(i) To approve the quotation submitted by SWEB in the sum of £203.40 for the erection of a lamp near the Cemetery at Nantycaws (subject to Councillor Mrs E Jones confirming that it was still required by persons living in the neighbouring dwellings)
(ii) To note the plan submitted by the County Engineer and Surveyor's Public Lighting Section showing the road crossing at Heol Blaengwastod in connection with the two new lamps erected thereat by SWEB at the Council's request.

109. Welcome to Parish

It was RESOLVED to note that the local branch of the Welsh Association of Community and Town Councils had asked to meet in Llangunnor in February and to agree to the Council formally meeting the branch and to proving refreshments for all persons present.

The meeting would be held at Login School on February 19th at 7pm and the Chairman's Allowance was increased by £5 to meet the cost of the said refreshments.

110. Dyfed Structure Plan Seminar

It was RESOLVED that the Dyfed Association of Local Councils had arranged to hold a Seminar on the Dyfed Structure Plan at the Drill Hall, Carmarthen on Saturday 3rd February 1979 (10.30am-1pm).

Councillor Mrs ML Morris indicated that she would be attending since the CPRW Seminar arranged to be held in Lampeter on January 27th has had to be postponed due to the adverse weather conditions.

111. Accounts

(i) To pass the undermentioned accounts for payment:

Payee Info (£) Amount
SWEB 4 chokes at Eldergrove 46.53
SWEB Quarterly account 672.60
Clerk Quarterly salary 144.50
Clerk Postage expenses 8.15
Department of the Environment Audit Fee 46.44
Welsh Association of Community and Town Councils Seminar 2.00
WH Tucker & Sons Grass Cutting 272.16

(ii) To confirm the transfer by the Clerk of £1000 from the Council's Deposit to its Current Account to meet operating expenses and also the purchase of three extra copies (at a cost of £7.50) of the Draft Written Statement for circulation to Members.

112. Clerk's Remuneration

On the proposal of the Chairman it was agreed to consider the Clerk's remuneration at the next Meeting under a specific item on the Agenda. It was agreed also to consider the Clerk's request for typing assistance in carrying out the Council's business.

113. Annual Dinner

It was agreed that an Annual Dinner should be held as in previous years and the Clerk was instructed to make appropriate inquiries for report to the next Meeting.

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