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July 1979

Minutes of the Meeting of Llangunnor Community Council held at Llangunnor CP School on Thursday 19th July 1979 at 7pm

PRESENT: Councillor G Bowyer (Chairman), Councillors Miss G Jones, Mrs M Lloyd, Mrs B Morgan, Mrs ML Morris, Mr EJ Dalis Davies, Mr WDV Evans, Mr RO Griffiths, Mr THM Jones, Mr JDJ Morgan, Mr D Williams.

In Attendance: County Councillor ET Davies and District Councillor EJ Thomas.

22. Declaration of Acceptance of Office

The Chairman welcomed Mrs M Lloyd to her first Meeting of the Council and Mrs Lloyd made her Declaration of Acceptance of Office as Councillor before the commencement of formal business.

23. Minutes

It was RESOLVED to confirm the Minutes of the Meetings of the Council and of its Planning Committee held on 6th June 1979, copies of which had been circulated to Members.

24. Chain of Office

The Clerk reported that the final price which he had been given for the production and engraving of the Chain of Office for the Chairman by Trinity College Art Department was £210. It was RESOLVED to approve the payment of this fee for the commission.

25. Brithdir Estate - Numbering of Properties

Members inspected a copy obtained by the Clerk of the plan produced by the District Council showing the numbering of the Brithdir Estate. As emphasised at the previous meeting the numbering had been carried out in accordance with a nationally accepted policy and despite reservations expressed by several members it was RESOLVED to offer no objections to the numbered plan as submitted.

26. Public Meeting - Television Franchise Renewals

Members reported on the proceedings of a Public Meeting held at St Peters Civic Hall on June 14th 1979 which had been convened by the Independent Broadcasting Authority for Wales to discuss the renewal of the franchises for independent television and radio broadcasting due in 1981. The meeting had been well attended and after the IBA representatives had explained the principles upon which the new franchises would be awarded to competing companies a lively question and answer session had ensued. The public meeting was considered to be worthwhile and successful by those Councillors who had attended and it was RESOLVED to note their reports.

27. Dangerous Structure - 15 Davies Town

The Clerk stated that he had referred this matter to the District Council who had served a dangerous structure notice on the owner under the provisions of the Public Health Act 1936. Members pointed out that the dangerous slates had still not been removed and the Clerk promised to contact the District Council once again.

28. Public Footpaths - Maintenance and Signposting

The Council agreed that the condition of the public footpaths in the parish should be improved and that the paths be signposted and after a lengthy discussion it was RESOLVED
(i) That a comprehensive survey of the condition of all footpaths within the parish be undertaken
(ii) That an annual sum of money be set aside for five years for the maintenance and signposting of the said footpaths
(iii) That the Clerk be instructed to obtain details of the cost of the footpath signposts in common use throughout Wales
(iv) That the footpaths alongside the River Towy be trashed by Mr George Hayes, Tregynnwr, at a cost of £30
(v) That the Sticle Footpath be trashed as soon as possible.

29. Footpath 28/16 - Diversion

It was RESOLVED to request the District Council to approve and arrange by Order for a slight diversion of public footpath 28/16 (Towy Cottage - Tygwyn - Heol yr Eglwys) where it adjoins Penrhiw. (The Chairman declared his interest and took no part in the voting of this item).

30. Heol Babell - Traffic

Members complained about the speed of traffic using Heol Babell and also of the increase in traffic using Heol Blaengwastod and this road as a slip road to avoid the heavy traffic on Llangunnor Road at weekends and at Bank Holidays during the summer. It was RESOLVED
(i) To seek the advice of the Chief Constable as to the best means of dealing with this problem
(ii) To inquire of the County Engineer and Surveyor whether it would be possible to erect an "Access Only" sign at Login Square to prevent through traffic.

31. Schedule of Meetings

It was RESOLVED to approve the Schedule of Meetings for the 1979/80 Session submitted by the Clerk subject to the Meetings being held at 7.30pm and not 7pm as at present.

32. Publication

It was RESOLVED to note the contents of the Summer 1979 Edition of the Local Council Review copies of which had been circulated to Members.

33. Relocation of Cattle Mart - Public Meeting

The Council considered an invitation from Llandyfaelog Community Council to appoint representatives to attend a public meeting to be held at Cwmffrwyd on Thursday 26th July, which had been called to discuss the application submitted by the District Council to relocate the Mart on land at Pibwrlwyd. After a full discussion (during which the members confirmed the view of the previous Council, namely, that the Mart should remain on its present site in the best interests of the Town of Carmarthen), it was RESOLVED not to send representatives to the Meeting but to leave it to those individuals who were interested to attend and report back to the September meeting.

34. Nantycaws Post Office

It was RESOLVED not to object to the proposed closure of Nantycaws Post Office for an additional half day on Friday afternoon with effect from 1st August 1979. (Councillor WDV Evans declared his interest and took no part in the discussion or voting on this item.)

35. Electrical Energy - Increased Charges

The Council received with regret notification from SWEB of another increase in charges for electrical energy from the Council's footway lighting system. The increase would take effect from 1st October 1979 and was of an unspecified amount to date.

36. Llangunnor CP School

It was RESOLVED to send a letter of thanks to the retiring Headmaster, Mr Jones, for his services to Llangunnor CP School over the years and a letter of welcome to the school and parish to his successor as Headmaster, Mr Roy Davies.

37. Appeal to Societies

The Chairman indicated that if there were Societies/Voluntary Organisations in the parish which wanted him to attend functions or meeting in his official capacity they should contact the Clerk at his home address and the necessary arrangements would be made.

38. Welsh Association of Community and Town Councils

(i) To nominate Councillor EJ Dalis Davies and WDV Evans and the Clerk to attend the Annual Conference of the Welsh Association to be held in Aberystwyth on 3rd November 1979
(ii) To nominate one Councillor/Clerk to attend a Seminar on Local Council Administration to be held at Aberystwyth on 29th September 1979
(iii) To pay the fees and travelling expenses in connection therewith

39. Agenda Item

It was RESOLVED that the continued sitting of the skip near the entrance to Llangunnor CP School be considered by the Council as an Agenda item for the next Meeting.

40. Grants

It was RESOLVED to contribute
(i) The sum of £100 towards the funds of Llangunnor Football Club for the purchase of a line marking machine for use on the Playing Field pitch
(ii) The sum of £10 towards the Jane Hodge Holiday Home for Handicapped Children at Cowbridge.

41. Accounts

It was RESOLVED (i) That the under mentioned accounts be passed for payment

Payee Info (£) Amount
Carmarthen Journal 6.12
Carmarthen Times 10.40
Municipal Mutual Insurance Ltd Additional Premium 7.72
Department of Environment Audit Fee 52.92
Dyfed County Council Hiring's 30.00
SWEB Notice of Audit 735.97
Messrs Shaw & Sons "The Law of Local Councils" 3.10
Clerk Salary (Quarterly) 166.90
Clerk Postage Expenses 9.96
Clerk Typing Expenses (6 months) 30.00

(ii) That the sum of £2000 be transferred from the Council's Deposit to Current Account.

42. Receipts

It was RESOLVED to note the receipt of £50 from Mr M Evans, Penymorfa Dairy for the cutting and bailing of the hay at the top of Llangunnor Playing Field.

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