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May 1979

Minutes of a Meeting of Llangunnor Community Council held at Llangunnor CP School on Thursday 17th May 1979 at 7pm.

PRESENT: Councillor JDJ Morgan (Chairman); Mrs E Jones; Miss G Jones; Mrs B Morgan and Mrs ML Morris; G Bowyer; RO Griffiths and H.Ll Williams.

In Attendance: District Councillor EJ Thomas.

166. Apology: An apology for absence was received from Councillor WG Tucker.

167. Community Council Election

The Clerk announced that there would be no election of Community Councillors for Llangunnor on May 24th, there having been thirteen nominations for the thirteen seats available. He read out the names of the Councillors on the new Council which he had received from the Returning Officer and announced that arrangements would be made to hold the Annual Meeting of the Council within the statutory period of fourteen days from the date of the election. After a brief discussion it was RESOLVED to instruct the Clerk:

i. To write to the retiring members, Reverend TJ Evans and Councillors DP Jones, J Rees and H.Ll Williams expressing the Council's thanks for their loyal service during their past years of office; and
ii. (in addition) to congratulate Councillor H.Ll Williams upon his election as a District Councillor for Llangunnor and to extend best wishes to him for his term of office; and
iii. To purchase copies of the Council's Standing Orders and the booklet "The Powers and Constitutions of Local Councils" from the Dyfed Association of Local Councils for the information of the five new Councillors.

168. Minutes:

It was RESOLVED to confirm the Minutes of the Council and of its Planning Committee held on 19th April 1979.

169. Public Lighting:

The Clerk informed members that he would be investigating the position regarding a possible grant from the County Council and would report thereon to the next Meeting. Members discussed approaching the District Council with a view to securing a due proportion of the rate support grant paid to it by the Government in respect of public lighting but in view of the District Council's attitude as set out in the letter referred to in Minute 161 past, it was RESOLVED to request the Community's two District Councillors to pursue this matter with the District Council.

170. Llangunnor School - Community Lounge

It was RESOLVED to note the oral report of the Clerk that the project would be proceeding in the near future with completion due by Easter 1980.

171. Llangunnor Football Club

It was RESOLVED to congratulate the Llangunnor Football Club on its success in winning a recent five-a-side completion against teams drawn from a wide area of South Wales.

172. Parking On Verges And Footways - Prohibition Order

The Clerk reported upon the terms of Welsh Office Circular 171/78 which he had received from the District Secretary. The Circular referred to the provisions of the new Section 36B of the Road Traffic Act 1972 the effect of which is to prohibit all parking (wholly or partly) on verges, central reservations and footways of urban roads (defined as roads with a speed limit of 40mph or less) unless an Exemption Order in respect thereof had been made. After a lengthy discussion it was RESOLVED to instruct the Clerk to notify the District Secretary that the Council considered that prohibition of parking was inappropriate in an area such as Llangunnor and accordingly wished to have an Exemption Order made covering all the roads which might otherwise be affected.

173. Parc-Y-Splotts Sludge Disposal Plant

The Clerk reported that he had accompanied the Chairman at the Official Opening Ceremony of the Parc-y-Splotts Sludge Disposal Plant on Friday 27th April 1979 and that along with the other guest they had inspected the facilities at the Plant. It was RESOLVED to write to the Welsh Water Authority objecting to the bright blue paint which had been used on the Plant's Lime Silo and requesting that it be changed when the repainting of the Silo is under consideration.

174. Llangunnor Playing Field - Tenders

The Council considered the tenders received for the cutting of the grass at the Playing Field throughout the summer. It was RESOLVED that the lowest tender submitted by Messrs. BT Jones & Son in the sum of £258.00 exclusive of VAT be accepted.

175. Highway Complaints

It was RESOLVED that the Clerk be instructed to write to the Directors of Public Health and Housing and of Works regarding the under-mentioned highway complaints:
i. The condition of the litter receptacles at Cystanog Lay-by; and
ii. The condition of the railing leading from Penymorfa Lane to the A48 Carmarthen-Swansea road.

176. Carmarthen Southern By-Pass

It was RESOLVED that the Clerk be instructed to inquire of the Welsh Office, Highways Division, regarding the progress of the proposed Southern By-Pass.

177. Brithdir Estate Development

The Chairman pointed out the difficulties which had been caused to service authorities arising out of the manner in which the District Council had decided to number the new Brithdir Estate. After a brief discussion it was RESOLVED that the Chairman and the Clerk visit the Council Offices to discuss the numbering with the Director of Works or his representative. It was RESOLVED also that the promised tree planting scheme at Brithdir be discussed by the Chairman and Clerk with the Director of Planning.

178. Sewage Disposal - Philadelphia

The Council RESOLVED that inquiries be made of the Welsh Water Authority as to the possibility of mains sewerage being made available at Philadelphia/Nantycaws to service future development.

179. Chain Of Office

The Clerk reported orally upon his discussion with the designer regarding the delay in producing the Chairman's Chain of Office which had been commissioned by the Council. The Chain should be available in the near future and it was RESOLVED to note the report.

180. Public Paths

The Clerk was instructed to report at the next meeting, on the public paths in the parish as shown on the Definitive Map produced by the County Council.

181. Accounts

It was RESOLVED that the under-mentioned accounts be passed for payment:

Payee Info (£) Amount
Municipal Mutual Insurance Ltd Annual Premium (subject to it being lower than that of Carnhill Insurance Co.) 31.83
Carmarthen Times Notice of Audit 9.10

182. Tribute

Members paid tribute to the work of the Chairman and the Clerk during the past year, the last of the current Council and it was RESOLVED that the thanks of the Council to both be formally recorded in the Minutes.

183. Annual Audit

It was RESOLVED to note that the annual Audit of Accounts for 1978/79 would be held on Thursday 21st June 1979.

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