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November 1979

Minutes of the Meeting of Llangunnor Community Council held at Llangunnor CP School on Thursday 15th November 1979 at 7.30pm

Present: Councillors G Bowyer (Chairman), Mrs E Jones, Miss G Jones, Mrs M Lloyd, Mrs B Morgan, Mrs ML Morris, Mr EJ Dalis-Davies, Mr WDV Evans, Mr RO Griffiths, Mr JDJ Morgan and Mr D Williams.

In Attendance: District Councillor H Ll Williams

78. Apologies Apologies for absence were received from Councillor THM Jones and District Councillor EJ Thomas.

79. Minutes

It was RESOLVED to confirm the Minutes of the Meetings of the Council and of its Planning Committee held on 18th October 1979, copies of which had been circulated to members, subject to the insertion of the name of Councillor Mrs M Lloyd in Minute 68 of the Council Meeting as being one of the Council nominees to attend the public meeting therein referred to.

80. Carmarthen Railway Station - Proposed Relocation

The Clerk reported orally upon the Minutes which he had received from the County Council of the Joint Meeting held at the County Hall, Carmarthen, on 24th September 1979, at which representatives of British Rail had explained their proposals to relocate the Station at the Junction in Pensarn. Councillor David Morgan, who had attended the Meeting with Councillor Hywel Jones, confirmed that the Minutes were an accurate account of what had occurred and indicated that he would be able to attend a further Joint Meeting which had been convened for December 7th 1979, at which it was hoped that further details of their proposals would be forthcoming from British Rail. It was RESOLVED that no view or decision could be taken by the Council at this stage regarding the proposed relocation until these further details had been received and the implications thereof discussed.

81. Welsh Association - Annual Meeting

The Chairman reported orally upon the proceedings of the Annual Meeting held at Aberystwyth on 3rd November 1979, of the Welsh Association of Community and Town Councils. He was delighted to be able to report that the motions submitted by the Council to Conference had been most ably presented by Councillors Vivian Evans and Dalis Daves and that all three motions had been passed unanimously. The Conference had been a success once again this year and all present had enjoyed the stimulating debates and discussions. It was RESOLVED that the report be noted.

82. Appeal Fund - Vehicle for the Disabled

Councillor David Morgan informed the Council that along with Councillor Mrs Mair Lloyd he had attended the Public Meeting called by the Chairman of the District Council on 1st November 1979, to launch his Appeal for the purchase of a vehicle for the disabled and that as instructed they had handed to the Chairman the Council's cheque for £100. It had been gratefully received and as members were aware from press reports it appeared that an order for the specially equipped vehicle had now been placed. It was RESOLVED to note the position.

83. Dyfed Passenger Transport Plan 1980-85

Members discussed the provisions of the Draft Passenger Transport Plan for 1980-85 which had been circulated for consultation by the County Council. Copies of a questionnaire received with the document had been circulated by the Clerk to members prior to the Meeting and these were completed during the Meeting for onward transmission to the County Council. In view of the amount of other business on the Agenda it was RESOLVED to instruct the Clerk to complete the questionnaire contained in the Draft Plan on behalf of the Council along the lines indicated by members during the discussion.

84. Public Lighting - Nantycaws

It was RESOLVED to note that SWEB had now erected the lamp requested by the Council near the Little Chef care at Nantycaws and that it was now operational.

85. Tregynnwr Lighting - Vandalism

Councillor David Morgan reported that he had been informed by SWEB that recently nine lamps had been vandalised at Tregynnwr (apparently by shooting) almost as soon as they had been repaired and that the position appeared to be worsening. After a lengthy discussion it was RESOLVED that these particular lamps should be repaired once again but that if further vandalism occurred then they would have to remain unrepaired. Although it was felt that this would entail penalising the innocent, members considered that any further expenditure on repairing these lamps could not be justified.

86. Age Concern

It was RESOLVED to nominate Councillor Mrs ML Morris to attend a Seminar on "The Needs ot the Elderly" arranged by Age Concern at Ferryside Further Education Centre on Wednesday 28th November 1979.

87. Highway Complaints

The Clerk referred orally to the complaints made by members about various highway matters within the parish (listed in Minute 75) and informed the Council about the results of his inquiries of the appropriate highway authorities concerned. In addition he read out two letters received from the Area Surveyor, Pensarn and the Director of Wales about various highway complaints submitted by the Council at an earlier date. It was RESOLVED to note the position and to instruct the Clerk to keep these matters under review.

88. Pibwrlwyd - Croesyceiliog Junction

The Area Surveyor, Pensarn, had indicated in reply to a request from the Clerk that he could not accept the need for any improvements to be made to the visibility at this junction as it conformed to modern highway standards. It was RESOVLED to request the Area Surveyor to attend a site meeting to be held, between 4pm and 5pm in the evening to discuss the position further and to nominate Councillor Mrs ML Morris and D Williams to represent the Council.

89. Grants

1. The Council considered a number of applications from voluntary bodies operating within the paish and it was RESOLVED to make the under mentioned grants
(i) Llangunnor Welfare Committee £25
(ii) Carmarthen Citizens Advice Bureau £35
(iii) 1st Llangunnor Guide Troop £50 (towards the purchase of camping equipment)
(iv) Llangunnor "Blue Peter" Appeal for Cambodian Refugees £5 (Chairman's Allowance)
(v) Capel Philadelphia, Nantycaws £5 (payment out of Chairman's Allowance)

2. it was RESOLVED to contribute the sum of £25 towards the Appeal Fund for the 1980 Urdd National Eisteddfod to be held at Abergale.

90. Carmarthen Southern By Pass

It was RESOLVED to note that the Public Inquiry was to be held by the Welsh Office in the Drill Hall, Carmarthen, in January into the objections made to the Compulsory Purchase Orders necessary for the carrying out of the proposed Southern By Pass for Carmarthen.

91. Bolahaul Pool

It was RESOLVED to instruct the Clerk to inquire of the West Wales Naturalists Trust to ascertain whether they had any interest in preserving Bolahaul Pool after the By Pass has been constructed.

92. Christmas Carol Service

It was RESOLVED that the Chairman (or Vice Chairman if unavailable) be nominated to attend and read a lesson at the Christmas Carol Service arranged by Cymdeithas Sant Cynnwr at Capel Babell, Pensarn, on Sunday 9th December 1979 at 7.30pm

93. Ty Penbryn - Pavements

It was RESOLVED to instruct the Clerk to make enquiries of the appropriate highway authority to ascertain whether there were any proposals to provide pavements on the highway outside the new public house which has recently opened.

94. Director of Planning - Retirement

It was RESOLVED to thank Mr Howell Griffiths for his assistance during his five years as Director of Planning and to extend to him the Council's best wishes for a long and happy retirement.

95. Accounts

It was RESOLVED that the under mentioned account be passed for payment

Payee Info (£) Amount
SWEB Street Lamp, Eldergrove 37.59

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