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March 1979

Minutes of a Meeting of Llangunnor Community Council held at Llangunnor CP School on Thursday 15th March 1979 at 7pm

PRESENT: Councillor JDJ Morgan (Chairman), Mrs E Jones, Miss G Jones, Mrs B Morgan, Mrs ML Morris, Mr G Bowyer, Mr RO Griffiths, Mr J Rees and Mr HLl Williams

134. Apologies

Apologies for absence were received from Councillors D Jones and DP Jones.

135. Minutes

It was RESOLVED to confirm the Minutes of the Meeting of the Council and of its Planning Committee held on 15th February 1979.

136. Dyfed Structure Plan

The Clerk reported that he had submitted the Council's observations on the Draft Written Statement to the County Planning Officer as instructed and had received an acknowledgement from the Department. Members commented upon the lack of any positive planning for agriculture in the document and pointed out the inconsistency in the Statement between the importance which it gave to preserving good farmland for agriculture and the various major developments envisaged for Llangunnor in the near future e.g. the new Police Headquarters. It was RESOVLED to instruct the Clerk to submit those additional comments to the County Planning Officer.

137. Recreational Facilities

The Council discussed a questionnaire submitted by the District Council in connection with a Review of Recreational Facilities within the District of Carmarthen which it was currently undertaking. It was RESOLVED to instruct the Clerk to complete the questionnaire in the terms indicated during the discussion.

138. Pant Farm - Public Inquiry

It was RESOLVED to note that a Public Inquiry was to be held on April 24th into an enforcement notice served by Carmarthen District Council in respect of an unauthorised residential caravan at Pant Farm, Llangunnor.

139. Erosion of Rural Services

Members consider two questionnaires circulated respectively by 1) The Dyfed Association of Local Councils 2) The Welsh Association of Community and Town Councils Dealing with the erosion of rural services. It was RESOLVED that the Council's replies thereto be conveyed to both bodies by the Clerk.

140. Refuse Tips

Members inquired whether an application had been received from the District Council to use Tyhen and Llety-dau-Filwr, Nantycaws, as a refuse tip and the Clerk indicated that no such application was to hand. He undertook to make appropriate inquiries and report to the next Meeting.

141. Licence Applications

It was RESOLVED to note that applications were proposed to be made to the next Licensing Sessions for the grant of Justices on licences in respect of 1) Penbryn Mansion, Llangunnor 2) Brynderwen, Llangunnor

142. Study Conference

It was RESOLVED to nominate Councillor Mrs ML Morris to represent the Council at the 13th Annual Study Conference organised by the CPRW to be held at St Davids College, Lampeter on 6th-8th April 1979.

143. Hazard Warning

It was RESOLVED to instruct the Clerk to request the Area Surveyor, Pensarn, to erect a Cheveon warning sign at Pensarn Roundabout to avoid the possibility of confusion to road users approaching from the Swansea direction as a consequence of the recent demolition of the Unigate Factory.

144. Playing Field

(i) That the first Meeting of the Proposed Playing Field Sub Committee be held on Thursday 29th March 1979 at the school
(ii) That Messrs David Hannington, Derek Carnegie and Cyril Phillips be invited to serve on the Sub Committee as co-opted members
(iii) That an application submitted by the Llangunnor Youth Football Club for permission to erect a railway carriage on the Playing Field as a temporary changing room be referred to the Sub Committee for consideration
(iv) That the invitation of tenders for the cutting and moving of the Playing Field during the forthcoming summer be referred to the Sub Committee for consideration.

145. Standing Orders

It was RESOLVED formally to adopt the Model Standing Orders issued by the National Association of Local Councils.

146. Community Council Election

The Chairman referred to the forthcoming election for the Community Council to be held on 3rd May 1979 and pointed out that there was no provision for postal voting as was the case in County, District Council and Parliamentary Elections. Members agreed that postal voting should be permissible and RESOLVED to instruct the Clerk to write to the National Association of Local Councils and to the Member of Parliament to seek their assistance in securing the necessary enabling legislation.

147. Welsh Association - Minutes

The Clerk stated that he had received copies of a bilingual Agenda for the Meeting with the Area Branch of the Welsh Association to be held at Login School on March 19th 1979 but the Minutes of the Branch's previous Meeting (attached thereto) were solely in Welsh. It was RESOLVED that representations be made to the Secretary of the Association requesting that all correspondence etc should be hence forward be bilingual.

148. Public Lighting

The Clerk stated that he had not obtained a copy of SWEB's Agreement with the former Parish Council together with an up to date Schedule of Lamps for which the Community Council were responsible and accordingly he was now in a position to be able to extend a formal invitation to Dr Wynne Samuel, Secretary of the Welsh Association of Community and Town Councils, to address the Council on this subject. It was RESOLVED that Dr Samuel be invited to address the Council's next Meeting to be held on April 19th 1979.

149. Accounts

It was RESOLVED (i) To pass the under mentioned account for payment:

Payee Info (£) Amount
Councillor JDJ Morgan Reimbursement of expenses 14.00

(ii) To confirm the transfer by the Clerk of £1,500 from the Council's Deposit to its Current Account

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