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April 1979

Minutes of a Meeting of Llangunnor Community Council held at Llangunnor CP School on Thursday 19th April 1979 at 7pm

PRESENT: Councillor JDJ Morgan (Chairman), Mrs E Jones, Miss G Jones, Mrs B Morgan, Mrs ML Morris, Mr G Bowyer, Mr RO Griffiths, Mr DR Jones, Mr WG Tucker and H Ll Williams

In Attendance: County Councillor ET Davies

150. Apology

An apology for absence was received from the Clerk who had been nominated as a last minute substitute to attend the Annual Conference of National Park Authorities held in Northumberland from 18th - 21st April 1979. In his absence the Minutes were recorded by Councillor H Ll Williams.

151. Public Lighting

The Chairman welcomed Dr Wynne I Samuel, Secretary of the Welsh Association of Community and Town Councils, who had been invited to address the Committee upon the legal position regarding responsibility and payment for highway/footway lighting. Dr Samuel had researched the legal position on behalf of several of the Association's member Councils in connection with problems which they had been encountering with both of the Electricity Boards operating in Wales and gave a lengthy informative summary of his findings.

He began by pointing out that the powers of Community Councils in this regard related only to the provision of footway lighting with highway lighting being the responsibility of the Welsh Office Roads Division, the County Council (as Highway Authority) and the District Council (as Agents). The provision of footway lighting was a most expensive item for Community Councils and in his opinion should be paid for in the main by the District Councils who received a grant from central government for this purpose through the annual rate support settlement. It should not have to come totally out of the precepts made by Community Councils. However he advised against relying on District Councils to meet the entire cost of footway lighting schemes because by doing so Community Councils would surrender all control over the matter. County Councils were also empowered to make a grant to Community Councils to assist them in providing footway lighting systems.

So far as the Agreement between the Council and SWEB was concerned (a copy of which he had received from the Clerk) this was in model form and its terms appeared to be a good deal fairer that the one operated by MANWEB and he had no comment to make. Dr Samuel answered questions from members and after the Chairman had thanked him on behalf of the Council, he withdrew from the Meeting.

It was RESOLVED that the Clerk be instructed to
(i) Investigate the position regarding a possible grant from the County Council
(ii) Write to the District Council about the possibility of transferring to the Council a share of the proportion of the rate support grant paid to it by central government in respect of public lighting.

152. Minutes

It was RESOVLED to confirm the Minutes of the Council and of its Planning Committee held on 15th March 1979.

153. Refuse Disposal Sites

The Council considered a letter dated 10th April 197 from the District Secretary and Solicitor regarding investigations undertaking by the District Council into various methods of refuse disposal, it was RESOLVED
(i) To note the actions taken by the District Council to date
(ii) To suggest to the District Council that the rubble of the former Unigate Factory could be usefully tipped on to its Nantyci Tip

154. Unigate Factory - Illegal Parking

It was RESOVLED to note the contents of a letter from the Chief Constable regarding the alleged illegal parking complained of by a resident of Southern Terrace.

155. Vandalised Lamps - Tregynnwr

It was RESOLVED to instruct the Clerk to write to SWEB to complain about the continued non repair of the vandalised lamps at Tregynnwr.

156. Postal Deliveries in Llangunnor

The Chairman read out a letter from the Head Postmaster at Carmarthen which stated that an additional postman was being employed which should ensure that most residents would receive the early delivery of letters by 9.30am.

157. Motor Rally

It was RESOLVED to note that the Carmarthen Motor Club had held a Motor Rally on March 31st 197 and that the Clerk had received prior notification of this event as had been promised by the Club in its agreement with the Council.

158. "The Rest", Porthcawl

The Council considered a request from the District Council to nominate persons for a holiday at "The Rest" Convalescent Home, Porthcawl. It was RESOLVED to nominate:
Mrs Edwards, 78 Eldergrove, Mr & Mrs J Rees, "Brynteg", Brynmeurig, Mr Davies, 16 Brynmeurig.

159. Publications

It was RESOLVED to note the contents of the under mentioned publications (copies of which had been circulated to members)
(i) The Spring issue of the "Local Council Review"
(ii) Newsletter No.13 received from the Dyfed Association of Local Councils.

160. Best Kept Village 1979

Members considered an invitation from the Dyfed Association of Local Councils to participate in its annual Best Kept Village Competition. It was RESOLVED to thank the organisers but to decline the invitation as it was inappropriate for Llangunnor to participate in such a competition.

161. Rate Support Grant to Community Councils

The Council considered the terms of a letter from the Director of Finance conveying the District Council's repetition of a request received from the Welsh Association of Community and Town Councils for a proportion of the rate support grant received in aid of precepts made by Community Councils. It was RESOLVED to note with regret the attitude of the District Council towards this request.

162. Llangunnor School - Community Lounge

The Chairman read out a letter from the County Architect which indicated that the cost of the proposed Community Lounge had increased to £23,926. After a lengthy discussion it was RESOLVED to instruct the Clerk to notify the County Architect that the Council's maximum contribution towards the scheme would be the £6,000 previously agreed (i.e £5,000 originally agreed together with the 20% increase in building costs already accepted) and that no further contribution would be made by the Council.

163. Grants

It was RESOLVED to defer consideration of applications for financial assistance from the under mentioned organisations until the Annual Meeting
(i) Llangunnor Football Club
(ii) 1st Llangunnor Cubs and Scouts

164. CPRW - Annual Study Conference

The Council RESOLVED to note the report submitted by Councillor Mrs ML Morris upon the proceedings of the Annual Study Conference of the CPRW held at St Davids College Lampeter on 6th-7th April 1979.

165. Accounts

It was RESOLVED that the under mentioned account be passed for payment

Payee Info (£) Amount
SWEB 675.21
Clerk Salary (Quarter) 166.89
Clerk Allowance (Half yearly) 130.00
Clerk Postage 8.01
Llangunnor CP School Letting March 1979 3.00
Llangunnor Cubs and Scouts Bob a Job week - Chairman's Allowance -

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