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January 2018

Minutes of Monthly Meeting of Llangunnor Community Council held in 'Yr Aelwyd', Tregynnwr at 6.30pm on Thursday 18th January 2018

PRESENT: Councillor Lee Whatley (Chair), Geraint Bevan, Robin Griffiths, Paul Totterdale, Elwyn Williams, Sandra Thomas, Alexandra Trowbridge-Matthews, Vivian Davies, Jennifer Slate and Charlotte Smith

APOLOGIES: Councillor Adrienne Mackintosh, Alun West and Dafydd Williams

Declaration of Interest


1. Chair's Announcements

The chair welcomed everyone back after the Christmas period and wished all a Happy New Year. Since the last meeting:
• a) He had attended the Christmas Day service at Babell Zion Newydd;
• b) Due to a prior engagement he was unable to attend the celebration for Mrs Mair Lloyd's 90th birthday and he wished to thank the vice chair for attending. A suitable gift and card had been provided on behalf of the council;
• c) He had been notified by a concerned member of the public about the gentleman who it had been reported at the last meeting was sleeping rough in Llangunnor and had the opportunity to speak to him about his situation.

He mentioned it was good to know that all vacancies on the council had now been filled with Councillor Charlotte Smith attending her first meeting and as he explained at the last meeting councillors should feel free to ask questions if they did not understand anything and that training was available at no cost to individual councillors. He would at a future meeting be looking for feedback from the new councillors on their experiences on joining the council and what if anything could be improved. He then invited Councillor Smith to say a few words to introduce herself to members.

2. Public Questions

Mr Ingram thanked the Council for placing the barrier at the bottom of the path leading from Penymorfa Estate to Llangunnor Road

3. Minutes.

It was moved by Cllr Totterdale and seconded by Cllr Elwyn Williams (minute 0118-3) and RESOLVED to approve as a correct record the minutes of the monthly Council meeting and Planning Sub-Committee held on 14th December 2017.

4. Matters Arising .

Matters raised / resolved outside meetings

a) Tesco Bags Tokens - Clerk reported that the Tesco Bags Tokens for the Council's De-fibrillator were now in store
b) Park Inspection - Been carried out, awaiting report before convening a sub-committee meeting
c) Response from Jonathan Edwards MP - Supporting our position in respect of Police Helicopter, and that he had put the issue into a ballot for debate in parliament

5. The Park

Awaiting some reports, meeting will then be called, hopefully next 4/6 weeks

6. Web / Media Sub-Committee

No meeting had taken place, although work on-going, some images removed and now awaiting new images to be added

7. Finance Sub-Committee

A report from the Finance Sub-Committee was circulated, the Clerk went through it and answered questions,
(i) it was unanimously agreed that a precept of £30,000 be requested for the year 2018/19 (minute 0118-7(i)),
(ii) it was unanimously agreed Mr Lyn Llewelyn be appointed as Internal Auditor for the 17/18 Accounts (minute 0118-7(ii)),
(iii) the Clerk explained that one area of concern in the risk assessment was the fact that the website is hosted by Vision ICT and should anything happen to the company what would happen to the website, response received "I am delighted to be able to give you this re-assurance. Your website is continually backed up and if ever there was a situation that forced us to abandon and close the company you would receive a copy of the website content whatever the circumstances." It was then unanimously agreed that the Risk Assessment for 18/19 be approved (minute 0117-7(iii)).
(iv)The Clerk informed the meeting that the committee had also discussed the organising of a consultation afternoon for the use of the £40K from Valero, following a discussion on the dates and time span needed it was unanimously agreed (minute 0117-7(iv)) that the Clerk book the Aelwyd for Thursday 22nd February 2018 from 2.00pm - 7.00pm

8. Christmas Decoration Sub-Committee

Clerk reported that meeting had taken place on the 16th January, Clerk had been tasked with getting information on a range of issues, next meeting to be held middle/end of March

9. Review of the Community and Town Council Sector

Deferred to February

10. Annual Dinner

20 had been confirmed for Wednesday 24th

11. Consider Placing a Salt Bin in the Entrance of the Park - as requested by Cllr Dafydd Williams

He had informed the Clerk that he had meant for this to go on Park Sub. Agenda - the item was therefore withdrawn

12. Reports from Members Representing Council on other Bodies

Riverside Association - No Report

One Voice Wales - No Report

School Governors - Cllr Griffiths reported that although that there had been no meeting he reported that the headmaster had been seconded to ERW (an alliance of 6 LA delivering school improvement services)

Training - Cllr Davies informed Council that he had attended a course on 'Understanding the Law', he had found it both interesting and beneficial

13. Approve the Schedule of Accounts

It was Resolved (minute 0118-13) proposed Cllr Bevan and seconded Cllr Trowbridge Mathews (unanimous) that the following payments be authorised:

A) Council is requested to consider and approve the following items of expenditure:

Payee Info (£) Amount
E Williams Playing Field (31/12/17) 75.00
CJ Thomas Salary - Jan 2018 585.69
Office Allowance - Jan 2018 100.00
IT Allowance - Jan 2018 40.00
Reimbursement: Stamps 21.38
Councillor Lee Whatley Reimbursement: Refreshments light turn-on (Chair's Fund) 22.19
Urdd Rhanbarth Myrddin S137 Donation 50.00
Carms Young Farmers S137 Donation 50.00
Carms Youth Opera S137 Donation 50.00
Macmillan Cancer Support S137 Donation 50.00
Marie Curie Nurses in Carms S137 Donation 50.00
Cancer Information & Support S137 Donation 50.00
Treeworks (West Wales Ltd) Tree Survey (Park) 518.88
Society of Council Clerks Subscription 128.00
Royal British Legion (Carmarthen Branch) Chair's Donation 50.00
Babell Zion Newydd Chair's Fund - use of room for light switch on 25.00
Babell Sunday School Chair's Donation 75.00
Mr Wyn Davies Assistance with xmas tree 100.00

B) Council to note receipt of income:

Payee Info (£) Amount
Carmarthenshire County Council Precept Payment 10,000.00

14. Correspondence

To receive correspondence and agree responses

No Nature of Correspondence Agreed Action
1 Tree Risk Management Survey: To be considered by Park & Environment Sub-Committee Noted
2 West Carmarthenshire Clustering Project (invitation for Clerks of 6 closest council's to Carmarthen to join) - The first steering group meeting will be held on the 23rd January at 2pm at St Peter's Hall, Carmarthen. Noted
3 Training opportunities (Feb - July 2018) To be circulated
4 Welsh Government advert for recruitment to Hywel Dda Community Health Council Noted
5 Planning Training - Parc y Scarlets Noted
6 Proposals to tackle crime and poor performance in the waste sector - Circulated Noted
7 3 letters/emails congratulating Council on this year's xmas tree Noted
8 Letter of thanks from the Arts and Crafts Club Noted
9 Invitation for Chair to attend the Band of the Welsh Guards Charity Concert Handed to Chair
10 Response from J Edwards MP to letter with regard to the Police Helicopter Noted

15. Any Other Business.

• Recent press reports suggested that the CCTV system was to re-introduced in the Town area, Clerk to contact the Police Commissioner to seek re-assurance that the ones in Llangunnor would also be re-activated
• There were still issues with the car in Old Llangunnor Road which appeared to be up on jacks, this constituted a danger
• Parking in Haulfryn - Cllr Thomas raised this issue, referred to DPP for observations
• Unlit path from school - Following meeting Cllr Totterdale confirmed that there is a light, needs new bulb.
• Clerk to report overflowing litter bins in Nantycaws to Carmarthenshire County Council

16. Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held on Thursday 15th February 2018 at 6.30pm at Yr Aelwyd

Meeting closed 7.25pm

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