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December 2018

Minutes of Monthly Meeting of Llangunnor Community Council held in 'Yr Aelwyd', Tregynnwr at 6.30pm on Thursday 13th December 2018

PRESENT: Councillor Sandra Thomas (Chair), Robin Griffiths, Paul Totterdale, Lee Whatley, Dafydd Williams, John Porter and Elwyn Williams (who arrived for item 11)

APOLOGIES: Councillor Alexandra Trowbridge-Mathews, Vivian Davies, Jennifer Slate, Alun West and Geraint Bevan

Declaration of Interest

Cllr Griffiths declared an interest in the item in respect of the school on the Valero Report

2. Police Report

No Report

3. Chair's Announcements

• On 16th November she attended Llangunnor School Assembly to present Mr Davies with a cheque for £200 for them to purchase musical instruments
• On November 20th three pupils and two members of staff from Llangunnor School helped to finish decorating Santa's grotto in Babell Newydd Zion
• On November 21st it was the annual switching on of the lights on the Christmas Tree in Pensarn. A large crowd gathered to enjoy carols by the school choir. Rhydian Edwards, Chair of the School Council switched on the lights. Sion Corn arrived and my thanks to Cllr Bevan for playing the role of Sion Corn and doing a grand job. A large number of people came back to Babell for refreshments and Santa's grotto. 60 Advent calendars were given out to the children there. The tree in Nantycaws was also switched on. She thanked all the councillors who attended the event and a huge thank you to the councillors and everyone else who helped to set up the lights on the tree (Clerk, Mr Wyn Davies), erecting Santa's grotto (Cllr Bevan, Cllr Williams, Mr John Thomas), decorating Santa's grotto (Mrs Sandra Rowlands, Mrs Jones and pupils), arranging refreshments (Cllr Dafydd Williams). Thanks to Mr Aled Davies, staff and pupils at Llangunnor School for their valued contribution. Mr Nathan Davies, a parent of one of the pupils set up the excellent PA system. A letter of thanks has been sent to the school. They support this event every year, for which we are very grateful. She also thanked the members of Babell Zion Newydd for allowing use of the room and for taking charge of serving the refreshments. A letter of thanks has been sent to them. The biggest thank you must go to Morrisons, who generously gave all the refreshments and the gifts for the children and provided the location and electrics for the Christmas Tree. A letter of thanks has been sent to them thanking them for their generosity. She apologised if she had left anyone out but her thanks went to anyone who helped in any way - large or small.
• On Thursday, 22nd she went to see the schoolchildren planting daffodils at the Blaengwastod junction. They threw themselves into the task and managed to plant half the sack of bulbs. Mr Aled Davies said he would finish the rest or possibly the children could come up on another day
• On Friday 23rd she had with the Clerk had a meeting with Natural Resources Wales regarding the case against Valero
• On Friday 23rd November she was invited by the Mayor of Carmarthen to attend the switching on of the town lights. This was a very enjoyable evening
• On 30th November she attended the Christmas Safety Event at Morrison and did the countdown for the switching on of the Christmas Tree, which was supplied by the Council
• On December 4th she was invited to a meeting of St Cynnwr WI, Zena Jenkins had prepared a celebration of Christmas and the customs associated with it, through music, poetry and readings. It was an excellent evening and one I enjoyed enormously
• On December 11th she attended the School Carol Service. It was very well attended by parents and the whole school (over 300 pupils) took part
• She had received good feed back about the newsletter and thought it had certainly raised the profile of the Council. Thanks to Jenny again for the hard work and effort she put into it and to her husband for delivering the newsletter in atrocious weather conditions. There has also been good feedback about the Christmas Trees

4. Public Questions


5. Minutes

It was moved by Cllr Dafydd Williams and seconded by Cllr Totterdale (minute 1218-5) and RESOLVED to approve as a correct record the minutes of the monthly Council meeting and Planning Sub-Committee held on 15th November 2018. It was noted that in the absence of Councillor E Williams the planning meeting was Chaired by Councillor S Thomas

6. The Park / Environment Sub-Committee

No meeting had taken place, Clerk noted that a meeting would be arranged for early in the new year

7. Memorial Stone

The Chair circulated an image of a new stone that had come into the stonemason's, she was of the opinion that it was better suited for the location, however the cost was slightly more for its purchase, inscribing and place in position (£2,358), following a short discussion it was unanimously (minute 1218-7) that once planning permission is received that the Chair proceed with the purchase of this stone

8. Web Committee

No meeting had taken place. The newsletter had been circulated with a lot of very positive comments, it was agreed that the closing date for receipt of questionnaires for the draw should be the 11th January 2019, with the draw taking place in the January meeting. The Chair, and all the council wished to thank Cllr Slate for all her hard work in getting the newsletter published

9. Finance Sub-Committee

Meeting to be arranged in new year to discuss the budget, set the precept and consider any requests from sub-committees

10. Christmas Decoration Sub-Committee

As mentioned in Chair's announcement the switch-on had been a great success, once the Chair of this sub-committee returns from holidays a meeting will be organized to review this year's event

::Councillor Elwyn Williams joined the meeting::

11. Valero Monies (Declaration of Interest by Councillor Griffiths reference to the school)

Minutes of meeting 04/12/18 considered by meeting. The meeting went through a couple of the matters, it was explained that any works at the signs to the village would be moveable should any work to the main junction require the signs to be moved,

12. Vacancy on the Council

:: Under Standing Order 2d the press and public were excluded ::

The Clerk reported that he had received one application prior to the closing date, following a short discussion it proposed by Cllr Elwyn Williams and seconded by Cllr Griffiths and unanimously (minute 1218-12) agreed that Mr David Thomas, 1 Penymorfa be co-opted onto the Council. It was further agreed that it would be worthwhile putting a notice in the Journal for any future vacancies to ensure that as many candidates as possible are given the opportunity to apply

:: Press and public allowed to return to meeting ::

13. Defibrillators

Clerk reported that the 16th January 2019 had been offered for the training at the Aelwyd, this was accepted. Clerk to check what times were suitable for trainer and that once this is received this be publicised in the community

14. Meeting with Natural Resourses Wales

Clerk reported that he and the Chair had met with the Natural Resources Wales recently
a) Flooding in Pensarn - although Natural Resources Wales stated that an officer from them would attend a Council meeting the Clerk had now received an email stating that "Under the Flood and Water Management Act 2010 Carmarthenshire County Council are the Lead Local Flood Authority (LLFA)", Carmarthenshire County Council were organizing a meeting with the appropriate agencies to consider all the issues raised. The Clerk was asked to write to Carmarthenshire County Council pointing out that residents / businesses were stating that there did not appear to be 'one point of call' during the incident and this did prove infuriating. Clerk to also ask for a copy of any report when it came available.
b) Natural Resources Wales explained that the reason for accepting the charity donation rather than the fine was that it was considered that the fine would not in all likelihood exceed the donation, with this money going locally rather than to the treasury

15. Motion - Speed Humps - from Cllr Dafydd Williams
"Due to traffic accelerating between the two speed humps in Blaengwastod Road the Community Council request that Carmarthenshire County Council place a further speed hump between the two existing ones"
Cllr Williams asked that the consideration of the motion be deferred until the January meeting - this was agreed

16. Council Annual Dinner

It was unanimously agreed that the Clerk approach the Falcon to hold the dinner on Thursday 31st January 2019, menus to be provided for members so that Clerk could have names at their meeting on the 17th. It was further agreed that Mr & Mrs Aled Davies (headmaster) be invited to join us

17. Consider Requests for Financial Support

It was unanimously agreed (minute 1218-17) that the following payments be made:

Organisation Supported (£) Amount
Urdd Gobaith Cymru - Rhanbarth Myrddin Yes 60.00
Carmarthenshire Young Farmers / C.Ff.I. Yes 60.00
Carmarthen & District Youth Opera Yes 60.00
Cancer Information and Support Services Yes 60.00
Talking Books Wales / Llyfrau Llafar Cymru Yes 60.00
St John's Ambulance Centenary Appeal Yes 60.00
Cancer Support and Information Services Yes 60.00
Carmarthen Shopmobility Caerfyrddin Yes 60.00
Capel Dewi Association Yes 60.00
Carmarthenshire County Council - Xmas Appeal Yes 60.00
2019 Welsh National Sheep Dog Trials - Parc Dinefwr No 0.00

18. Payments to Councillors

Clerk reported that this would be outsourced, he had approached two local companies and would report back to January meeting

19. Reports from Members Representing Council on other Bodies.

Riverside Association - Cllr Trowbridge-Mathews not in attendance

One Voice Wales - No report

School Governors - No report

Carmarthen Town Regeneration Forum - No report

Town Forum - Clerk reported that two items that concerned Pensarn had been discussed i) providing screening at Railway Station, ii) development of Basset Fields - currently land ownership issues being discussed

Training - Councillor Sandra Thomas had attended a course: Community Engagement Part 2

20. County Councillor's Report

Cllr Williams reported that main issues were a) budget b) the Wellness Centre

21. Approve the Schedule of Accounts

It was Resolved (minute 1018-16) proposed Cllr Totterdale and seconded Cllr Griffiths For 6, Abstension 1 that the following payments be authorised

A) Council is requested to consider and approve the following items of expenditure:

Payee Info (£) Amount
E Williams Playing Field (30/11/18) 97.00
Clear ditch and replace kerbs 16.00
Clear area for choir for light switch-on chainsaw work and labour 41.00
CJ Thomas Salary - Dec 2018
Office Allowance - Dec 2018 100.00
IT Allowance - Dec 2018 40.00
Vision ICT Hosting / Support for website 195.60[1]
Barclays Bank Stopping Lost Cheque 12.50
One Voice Wales Training: Cllr S Thomas 40.00
Carmarthenshire County Council Pillar for Xmas Tree Lights (Nantycaws) (£904 + £180.80 (VAT)) 1,084.80
Footpaths at the park & Christmas tree sleeve Nantycaws £9230 + £1846 (VAT) 11,076.00
Carmarthen Lighting Centre 2 light strings for trees (£58.32 + £11.56 (VAT) 69.98
Graham Slate Distribution of newsletter 100.00
Cllr Dafydd Williams Storage box for Christmas Decorations / Grotto from Babell Chapel 14.99
Cllr Sandra Thomas Tablecloth & lights for grotto, star and extra selection boxes 42.40
Gomer Printing of newsletter 1250 copies 860.00

It appears previous cheque was 'lost' in the post, this has now been stopped. Unfortunately - a fee of £12.50 for stopping cheque

For information - Details of Handyman Current Charges: 1st Hour - £20/hour, £16/hr after.
Any chainsaw work - £25/hour,
Strimming £20/hr. Work in park currently - £22.38/hr (increases due to public liability insurance)

B) Council to note receipt of income: None

22. Correspondence

The following correspondence be noted/action taken.

No Nature of Correspondence Agreed Action
1 Carmarthenshire County Council: Budget Setting 19/20 - Invite to meeting and consultation documents Circulated
2 Kidwelly Town Council: Invite to light switch-on and Carol Service Circulated
3 Letters of thanks for donation from: Llangunnor Church Flower Guild, Aelwyd Tenants Association, Sugarcraft Guild, Arts and Crafts Group
4 Carmarthenshire County Council: Invite to Community & Town Councils County Liaison Forum for budget setting 2019/20 - December 11th 5.45pm for 6.00pm Circulated
5 Mr S Hodson: Traffic in Llangunnor Road - please see enclosed copy of letter.(Appendix 1)[2] Request be passed to Carmarthenshire County Council, including re-iterating 40mph speed issues
6 Dave Bush: Invitation to join Carmarthen & District Ramblers Circulated
7 Carmarthenshire County Council: Xmas Toy Appeal Circulated
8 Email re: Panels to be placed at Church Agreed that Clerk, Cllr Bevan meet with Parochial Church Council
9 Carmarthenshire County Council: Confirmation of £4,100 allocated from 'play opportunities' grant Noted
10 Carmarthenshire County Council: Flood Defence and Coastal Protection Manager See Agenda item 14
11 Email from Mr & Mrs Evans objecting to further speed hump in Blaengwastod Road See agenda item 15
12 Letter from Llygad yr Haul re: Hedge cutting Noted
13 Letter of thanks from Arts, Craft & Chat Gp

23. Councillor's Report.

• Clerk put items on agenda of next meeting in respect of a) providing defibrillator in Nantycaws b) parking cars in Pensarn, c) crossing into Charlies
• Request update on blacksmiths in Old Llangunnor Road
• Cllr Whatley reported that he had taken up invite from Ramblers and Mayor of Kidwelly

24. Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held on Thursday 17th January 2019 at 6.30pm

Meeting closed 7.35pm

Appendix 1

Dear Clerk to the Council,
Please could you raise my concerns with the Llangunnor Community Council. At the bottom of Llangunnor Rd there really ought to be a pedestrian crossing for the numerous children who need to routinely cross this 40mph Rd. Namely, St Michael's in the morning and Bro Myrddin/ QE high in the afternoon. It would be also helpful if there was a bus shelter for those travelling 'away from town' too. Your sincerely, Mr Sam Hodson The Laurels Llangunnor Rd

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