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November 2013

Minutes of Monthly Meeting of Llangunnor Community Council held in 'Yr Aelwyd', Tregynnwr at 7.00pm on Thursday 21st November 2013.

PRESENT: Cllr Selwyn Thomas (Chair), DE Williams, DJ Watson, L Whatley, RO Griffiths, P Totterdale, S Howells, Dafydd Williams, G Lloyd.

APOLOGIES: Councillors M Jones, A West, GP Bevan, Sandra Thomas.
(Cllr Thomas also wanted it recorded that she had apologised for her inability to attend the Remembrance Sunday service)

1. Chair's Announcements

a) The Chair reported that he and other members had attended the Remembrance Service at Llangunnor Church.
b) Cllr Howells had represented the Council at the Town Council's turning on the Christmas lights.
c) He had attended the Llangunnor turning on the lights earlier that evening.

2. Minutes

Resolved to approve as a correct record the minutes of the monthly Council meeting and Planning Sub-Committee held on October 17th 2013 (minute 1113-2): Proposed by Cllr P Totterdale and seconded by Cllr G Lloyd.

3. Matters Arising

Matters raised/resolved outside meetings:

a) Park Entrance - Awaiting update
b) Gullies in Pensarn - Update from CCC "I can confirm that all of the gullies located on and within the public highway limits, i.e. the Stephens Way section, have all be checked and cleaned as necessary. Regrettably however we cannot assist with cleaning the gullies on the privately owned section of the retail park, i.e. outside Matalan, etc"
c) Site visit Pensarn - Met John McAvoy Wednesday 23rd Oct at 1.00pm (Clerk, Cllrs Selwyn Thomas, E Williams, R Griffiths and A West)
i. Some of the yellow lines have been 'cut' short, e.g. outside 3A's caravan - cars are now parking in these 'blank' spots/Parking on pavements - The footpath area immediately in front of the old print unit is deemed to form part of the title deeds of the property (privately owned by corporate property). Again it has been confirmed that the area has never been inspected or maintained as part of the public highway. This is also true for land in front of 3A's. Parking junction of Haulfryn/Babell Hill - if Council wish then a request be put into CCC. Similarly was there a reason why the yellow lines were not extended as far as the bridge at the bottom of Babell Hill.
It was unanimously resolved (minute no 1113-3ci) that members consider where yellow lines would be advantageous, this to be placed on the agenda for January meeting for further consideration.
ii. Concern was expressed that cars that go towards the school from the Babell Hill direction are slowed down by the calming measures but once passed the one just after the school they speed away quickly towards Penymorfa - can anything be done to prevent this? Currently no budget for traffic calmimg, if they wish Council to write to John McAvoy indicating where calming measures are required.
It was unanimously resolved (minute 1113-3cii) that the Clerk write to CCC asking that they consider extending the traffic calming in and around the school towards Penymorfa.
iii. There is still concern in respect of the junction coming from the retail area out into Pensarn - John McAvoy considered junction was well marked and visibility was excellent, it would appear that issues are with the way people drive! Mini-roundabout discussed but due to road width it seemed impractical.
iv. Concern regarding children rushing into road from Sticle path - Leisure's responsibility, main issue being the width of mobility scooters and the need for access for machinery. It was unanimously resolved (minute 1113-3civ) that Clerk write to CCC expressing disappointed at this decision. Report back to next meeting
v. Pavements in Pensarn -
1) We are already investigating the possibility of resurfacing a 1.8 metres wide surface around the bend adjacent to the old Brown Brothers motor factors, basically joining up the new proposed surface to the existing footpath either side. At this moment in time it is very unlikely that we would introduce new dropped kerbs across the front of the access way as these would, as you can imagine, pose a continual risk of potential damage by the weight of heavy vehicles driving/crossing directly over them - (To be confirmed in due course).
2) The reason as to why the kerbs are very low/non existence along the area in front of the cafè in Pensarn Road is purely to prevent rainwater flowing back over and onto the adjacent private property. Regrettably the surface level within the adjacent private car park is very low which on this occasion has dictated the height of the front kerbs. As mentioned on site, generally the rainwater should flow out onto the direction of the public roadway and not back onto private land.
d) Road leading to KFC/around Spic and Span - CCC "I can confirm that the road and footway down to KFC was mechanically swept yesterday. The growth overhanging the footways were also trimmed back at the same time" and "I'm pleased to report that the gullies have all be checked and cleaned along the route. Also arrangements are in place for the route to be mechanically swept back as soon as possible". Ditto Spic and Span.
e) Rotten Trees Tregynnwr - CCC "The Ground Maintenance Section have undertaken an inspection, the tree outside Yr Aelwyd is rotten and will need to come down, but the other two trees only need pruning. I should have prices through this afternoon and we will get the work done. It is hoped that the tree will be taken down on Friday and the pruning will be done early part of next week".
f) Sticle Path - antislip/handrails works in progress.
g) Van selling meat in Pensarn - Inspection made by Senior Environmental Health Officer "Van registered with CCC as a food business, a company from Llanybyther. The van is parked on private land and they pay rent to the owner. An inspection was undertaken and there were no issues".
h) Commemoration of outbreak of 1st World War - Have spoken to headmaster, this will be covered as part of history lessons, but he did not envisage anything more than that, he thanked the Council for their support and would come back to us if there was a change.

4. Council Website

A motion from Cllr Dafydd Williams

"Cllr Williams acts as Web Manager and the Clerk acts as web editor for new website"

Following a lengthy discussion concerning some issues with layout, font type/size and content it was agreed that Councillors send their observations to the Clerk/Cllr Dafydd Williams.

It was also resolved (4 votes - 3 votes) that Cllr Dafydd Williams be "The Manager" of the site and that the Clerk have editing powers. The Clerk and Cllr Williams update/edit the site in time for the next meeting.

5. Report from the Parks Sub-Committee.

Working on documentation for the consultation exercise.

6. To receive a report from the Regeneration of Carmarthen/Pensarn meeting. - attended by Cllr DE Williams/Clerk.

The notes of the meeting were circulated, and the matters concerning Llangunnor/Pensarn were noted. The members asked that Cllr E Williams/Clerk ask at the next meeting that consideration be given to having a Park and Ride on this side of town.

7. Streetlights in Llangunnor - placed on agenda by Cllr Bevan.

The Clerk reported that Cllr Bevan had unfortunately had a clash in his diary and could not attend. The Clerk explained that Cllr Bevan wanted the Council to consider the schedule of lighting within the parish. It was agreed that members consider the schedule and it be placed on the agenda for the January meeting.

8. Reports from Members Representing the Council on other Bodies

a) Cllr Watson & Whatley had attended Carmarthen Environment Partnership meeting, report will be brought to January meeting.

9. Approve Schedule of Accounts

It was Resolved (minute 1113-9) proposed Cllr D Watson and seconded Cllr S Howells that the following be approved (unanimous).

A) Council is requested to consider and approve the following items of expenditure:

Payee Info (£) Amount
E Williams Playing Field (31/10/13) 75.00
CJ Thomas Salary - Nov 2013 532.60
Office Allowance - Nov 2013 85.00
IT Allowance - Nov 2013 30.00
Travelling 40.50
BDO Audit 2012/13 320.00
British Legion (Carmarthen) Donation in lieu of wreath 30.00
Bowen & Weaving Stationary 11.98
Carmarthen Lighting Centre Tree Lights 47.99

It was proposed by Cllr R Griffiths and seconded by Cllr Elwyn Williams and unanimously agreed (minute 1113-9) that a donation of £150 be made to the Oncology Department in lieu of donation of the Christmas tree through Mr Elvi Evans.

B) Council to note receipt of income: Nil

10. Correspondence

It was Resolved (Minute 1013-8 ) that the following correspondence be noted/action taken

No Date Nature of Correspondence Agreed Action
1 Review of role of DVLA - Public and Commercial Services Union asking for support Noted
2 Police Crime Commissioner requesting views on Precept Setting Clerk to respond that Council thought this was high.
3 One Voice Wales - additional training course Noted
4 Carmarthenshire Local Development Plan (pre-hearing) Noted
5 Consultation on the Review of the Regional Technical Statement for Minerals for South Wales Noted

11. Any Other Business

a) Clerk to ask CCC to cut hedge outside 29/30 Brynmeurig, covering road sign.
b) Clerk to extend invite to Police Commissioner to attend Council meeting.
c) Clerk to write to CCC expressing concern in regard to fence at parking area at station.
d) Rubble being tipped at Parcyswn - Clerk to contact CCC.

12. Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held on Thursday 12th December 2013.

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