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December 2013

Minutes of Monthly Meeting of Llangunnor Community Council held in 'Yr Aelwyd', Tregynnwr at 6.30pm on Thursday 12th December 2013.

PRESENT:Cllr Selwyn Thomas (Chair), Elwyn Williams, DJ Watson, L Whatley, RO Griffiths, P Totterdale, S Howells, Dafydd Williams, G Lloyd, M Jones, A West, G Bevan and Sandra Thomas.


1. Chair's Announcements

a) The Chair reported that he had attended an excellent Christmas Show at the school, he was particularly impressed with the standard and the fact that every child at the school had taken part.
b) He had received many compliments with regard to this year's Christmas Tree. The meeting wished to record their thanks to Cllr Whatley for providing the PA system.
c) He also wished to record that the improvements at Nantycaws were a success and that the traffic had indeed slowed down. It was unanimously agreed that the Clerk write to CCC thanking them for their support with the scheme.

2. Minutes

Resolved to approve as a correct record the minutes of the monthly Council meeting and Planning Sub Committee held on November 21st 2013 - (minute 1213-2) Proposed by Cllr P Totterdale and seconded by Cllr S Howells.

3. Matters Arising

Matters raised/resolved outside meetings: November/December 2013

a) Park Entrance - No update.
b) Hedge Brynmeurig (29/30) - Work has been carried out.
c) Rubble at Parc y Swn - Rubble had been removed.
d) Pavement in front of 'old' Print Office CCC - CCC response "The footway is in poor condition and appears to be private, while there is a need for a footway at this location, I would not wish to adopt it as highway maintainable at public expense unless Corporate Property will meet the cost of upgrading it to an adoptable standard. Peter (corporate property) any chance of paying for the required works at this location? Nicola - Are there any proposed footway schemes to link to the railway station? Further update by next meeting
e) Fence bus stop adj Railway Station - Further update by next meeting.
f) Invitation to Police Commissioner to attend future meeting - Police Commissioner had accepted invitation to February meeting, items to be raised to be brought to January meeting.
g) Sticle Path - Met with Eirian James CCC, he will have work costed and see if 'grants' can meet 50% of costs. Further update by next meeting
h) Carmarthenshire Environment Partnership - Summary of meeting received from Chair Hywel Manly.

4. Council Website

The Clerk summarised the current position, he thanked members for their assistance and observations. The Clerk also informed the meeting that
a) following discussions between himself and other members that Cllr Dafydd Williams resigned the formal position of Web Manager but would continue to assist the Clerk.
b) Vision ICT has received 'Ownership' of the web domain from Carmarthenshire Tourist Assocation.
Following a discussion about other relevant websites it was proposed by Cllr D Watson and seconded by Cllr G Lloyd and unanimously agreed (minute 1213-4) that instructionbe given to Vision ICT to "go live" from the 16th December.

Cllr Whatley asked that it be minuted that Cllr Dafydd Williams had confirmed that necessary permissions had been given for the photographs included on the site.

5. To receive a report from the Parks Sub-Committee.

Cllr Watson confirmed that he had now received aerial photographs of the park and that it would now be possible to arrange a consultation event, it was unanimously agreed that the parks Sub Committee meet before the next monthly meeting and bring a report to that meeting.

6. To receive a report from the recent meeting (Regeneration of Carmarthen/Pensarn). - Attended by Cllr D E Williams/Clerk - Dec 4th

The Clerk reported that the committee had met with the consultants and that they were to bring a plan (both short term and long term) of how to implement the 'wish list' prepared previously by the committee. He confirmed that a Park & Ride at Pibwrlwyd would be considered.

7. Christmas Tree light switch on - Could the council do more to extend this event?

Cllr Whatley was of the opinion, that as a large crowd attend each year it would be good to have some event to engage with the public following the switch-on. The members were in agreement and it was agreed that in the first instance the Clerk contact the school PTA to see if it would be possible to put something on in the school e.g. Xmas Fair on the same evening.

8. Consider requests for donations.

Organisation Supported (£) Amount
Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod No 0.00
Eisteddfod Genedlaethol Cymru - Sir Gâr 2014 Yes 50.00
Bobath Children's Therapy Centre Wales Yes 50.00
Urdd Gobaith Cymru - Rhanbarth Myrddin Yes 50.00
Urdd Gobaith Cymru - Eisteddfod 2014 Meirionydd No 0.00
Carmarthenshire Young Farmers/C.Ff.I. Yes 50.00
Talking Books Wales/Llyfrau Llafr Cymru Yes 50.00
Marie Curie Nurses in Carmarthenshire Yes 50.00
S. Wales Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centre No 0.00
Ty Cymorth Hospice Appeal Yes 50.00
Carmarthen & District Youth Opera Yes (Chair's Fund) 50.00
Capel Dewi Community Association Yes (Chair's Fund) 50.00

9. To receive reports from Members representing Council on other Bodies

a) Cllr Bevan wanted to congratulate the school on the monies recently raised in a sponsored walk. Members of governing body to pass on to school.
b) i) Cllr Elwyn Williams reported that he had met with Cllr Tegwen Devichand (Housing Exec Board Member) at Yr Aelwyd and was pleased to report that there appeared to be a greater will to open up the use of Yr Aelwyd to more residents.
ii) He reported that Mr Lyn Davies had tendered his resignation as Head as from April. Advertisement would go out in the New Year with a view to an appointment being made in time to start in September. Current deputies have agreed to taken on role temporarily for the summer term.
c) Cllr Watson reported that Riverside Association were organising a Festival for June 2014, dates and details to be confirmed. Members were in agreement that Council should contribute more towards the festival. To be placed on agenda of future meeting.

10. Approve Schedule of Accounts November/December 2013

it was Resolved (minute 1213-10) proposed Cllr D. Watson and seconded Cllr S. Howells that the following be approved (unanimous)

A) Council is requested to consider and approve the following items of expenditure:

Payee Info (£) Amount
E Williams Playing Field (31/10/13) 75.00
CJ Thomas Salary - Nov 2013 532.60
Office Allowance - Nov 2013 85.00
IT Allowance - Nov 2013 30.00
Travelling 40.50
Cllr. S. Howells Travelling to One Voice Wales AGM 47.70
Bowen & Weaving 16.78
HMRC 4th Quarter 409.05
Society of Local Council Clerks Membership 116.00

B) Council to note receipt of income: No Income

11. Correspondence

It was Resolved (Minute 1213-11) that the following correspondence be noted / action taken

No Date Nature of Correspondence Agreed Action
1 Review of Electoral Arrangements Reports and Proposals - Carmarthenshire. 4 Hard Copies available with Clerk. Noted
2 Community Information - Breast Test Wales will have mobile unit at Morrisons Car Park from Jan 2014 - May 2014. Noted
3 County Liaison Forum - See attached information. One member of Council invited to attend. Resolved Unanimously (Minute 1213-11.3) that Cllr Watson represent the Council
4 Capel Dewi Community Assoc. - Copy of letter sent to CCC with regard to closure of B4300 Noted
5 Consultation on Proposed Revocation and Remaking of the Accounts and Audit (Wales) Regulations 2005. Noted
6 Consultation - Council Tax Reduction Scheme for April 2014 Noted

12. Any Other Business

a) Council Dinner - It was agreed that Cllr Howells make enquiries with Pibwrlwyd about holding the Council Dinner, last week in January/First week in February. Report back to next meeting
b) Issue with paths, Clerk to write to CCC
i) Bottom of Haulfryn/Sticle (lot of moss) and overgrown
ii) Front of 14-17 Bronydre again moss
iii) Penymorfa/Y Talar moss and overgrown.
iii) Sign at top of Sticle required stating 'steep path'.
c) Some confusion regarding who can use the 'family room' in Yr Aelwyd.
d) Cllr Griffiths asked that the Remembrance Service be placed on agenda of next meeting.
e) Old Llangunnor Road - Clerk to check whether yellow lines are enforceable.
f) The speed sign between Church lane and Brynglas not working - Clerk to contact CCC.
g) Daffodils - Cllr Watson reported that Charlies had agreed to fund the planting, he will follow up.
h) Bus Stop outside Police H.Q has no sign or timetable in place - Clerk to contact CCC.
i) Long vehicles leaving the tip obstructing 'fast lane' when crossing dual carriageway - Clerk to follow up.
j) Clerk to make enquiries about the type of seat replaced to swing in park.
k) New surface to Sticle path working well, Clerk to thank CCC.
l) The fence opposite 23 Haulfryn is in poor condition - Clerk to contact CCC.
m) Commemeration of outbreak of 1st World War - Consideration given to planting poppy seeds next year.
n) Clerk to make enquiries about the possible use of a person to look for grants, report to next meeting.
o) Lighting will be on agenda of next meeting, members asked to consider where there is too much/not enough lighting, whether more lights could be converted to 'part lights'.
p) Cllr E. Williams reported that a meeting of the Fire Brigade Committee it had been decided not to close any station in Carmarthen

13. Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held on Thursday 16th January 2014.

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