2020 Community Council Minutes

Please find below the list of transcribed minutes of Llangunnor Community Council for 2020. These are the most recent minutes of the Council and are updated as soon as possible

The minutes of the previous meeting are confirmed as correct by the Community Council at the following meeting, the minutes are then normally made available.

So please note it can take a few weeks for us to transcribe and upload these records, so while the links are active the minutes will not appear until at least a month later. During 2020 the Covid19 pandemic caused a number of restrictions in the United Kingdom, such as no public meetings. The Community Council did not hold a meeting during March or April and online meetings were in place by May

¦ January 2020 ¦
¦ Feburary 2020 ¦
¦ March 2020  ¦ - No Meeting
¦ April 2020 ¦ - No Meeting
¦ May 2020 ¦
¦ June 2020 ¦
¦ July 2020 ¦
¦ September 2020 ¦
¦ October 2020 ¦
¦ November 2020 ¦
¦ December 2020 ¦

Please Note: You can find other completed years using the link below.

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