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July 2020

Minutes of Monthly Meeting of Llangunnor Community Council held remotely at 6.30pm on Thursday 16th July 2020

PRESENT: Councillor Robin Griffiths (Chair), Paul Totterdale, Elwyn Williams, Lee Whatley, Sandra Thomas, Jennifer Slate, John Porter and Dafydd Williams

APOLOGIES: Councillor Geraint Bevan


The Clerk reported that he had received a resignation email from Cllr Vivian Davies, he had been recently co-opted onto Llandyfaelog Community Council, the Council accepted his resignation and the Clerk was asked to send hima letter of thanks for his contribution to the Community

Declaration of Interest

Cllr S Thomas declared an interest with regard to letter received from (a neighbour) with regard to scooters / bicycles on pavements

2. Recording of Meeting

Clerk requested permission to record the meeting for the purpose of writing the minutes, the recording would be destroyed once this had been done -this was unanimously approved (minute 0720–2)

3. Police Report

Date Type Call Resolution
ASB On going ASB being reported in Myrtle Hill. This is something that we are aware of and are working with the relevant housing associations to try and resolve the matter
Reports of a gathering of persons in Llangunnor Park. This was during the COVID restrictions. On attendance, it was noted that there were no persons present

4. Chair's Announcements

Cllr Griffiths had received many calls from residents thanking the Council for installing the sanitisers, he wished to thank the Clerk for his assistance in getting them installed

5. Minutes

It was unanimously agreed and RESOLVED to approve as a correct record the minutes
i) Minutes of Special Meeting held on 25th June 2020 (minute 0720–5i) and
ii) The monthly Council meeting held on 18th June 2020 (minute 0720 –5ii)

As Cllr Thomas was not present at either meeting she abstained

6. Committees

The following minutes were noted Finance Committee(24/06/20); the Park / Environment Committee(30/0620), Web / Media Committee(09/07/20) No Christmas Committee had taken place

7. Expenditure as a Result of Committee Meetings

It was agreed to discuss the Park & Environment Committee and issues at the Park until the end of the meeting. It was agreed (minute 0720–7) that Vision ICT progress with updating the website to comply with the new Accessibility Regulations at a cost of £1,200

8. Motion: Officer Nominations - Geraint Bevan

The following motion was proposed by the Cllr Elwyn Williams and seconded by the Cllr P Totterdale

“In light of the unprecedented situation relating to COVID19, the postponement of our AGM and election of officers and committee members until September 2020, this community council agrees to re-elect the current officers and committee members for the remaining seven months of this council year. To comply with Standing Orders each officer / committee member will be proposed and seconded at the AGM”
The motion was approved For 7, Against 0, Abstentions 1 (minute 0720–8)

9. Reports from Members Representing Council on other Bodies

The Clerk had been informed that Cllr Griffiths term as governor came to an end on the 1st July, it was proposed by Cllr Elwyn Williams and seconded by Cllr Totterdale that Cllr Griffiths be elected as the Council’s representative on the School Governors, this was unanimously agreed (minute 0720–9)

Riverside Association - No meeting

One Voice Wales - No meeting

School Governors - Governors meeting had been held on the 19th June to discuss school attendance this term, and meeting arranged for 17th July to discuss school returning in September

Training - None

10. County Councillor Report

Nothing to report

11. Approve the Schedule of Accounts

A) Council is requested to consider and approve the following items of expenditure:

Payee Info (£) Amount
E Williams Playing Field - (30/06/20) 97.00
Strimming Sticle Path 5 hours (£100)
Blower 1 hour (£20)
Trimming of overhanging branches 1 hour (£16)
CJ Thomas Salary - July 2020 638.16
Office Allowance - July 2020 100.00
IT Allowance - July 2020 40.00
Reinbursement: Stamps 16.92
Reinbursement: Posting Accounts to External Auditor 1.15
Travelling April - June 61.20
Carmarthen Food Bank Donation - as approved (minute 0620-8) 1,000.00
AP Bowen Sanitiser Units 2 x £495
5l bottles of sanitiser liquid 4 x £30
VAT £222

The Clerk reported that:
a) The cost of the sanitisers could be reclaimed under S106 Monies,
b) As a result of asset transfer an Improvement Grant was available and this would cover the recent re-surfacing work carried out in the park

B) Council to note receipt of income:

Payee Info (£) Amount
HMRC VAT Repayment 19/20 8,301.21

12. Correspondence

The following correspondence be noted/action taken:

No Nature of Correspondence Agreed Action
1 Latest news from Carmarthenshire County Council - 19/06/20 Circulated
2 Welsh Government COVID-19 bulletin - 23/06/20 Circulated
3 Welsh Government COVID-19 bulletin - 29/06/20 Circulated
4 Welsh Trunk Agency: Bridge in Pensarn Response Circulated
5 Carmarthenshire County Council: Bridge in Pensarn Response Circulated
6 Hywel Dda CHC's June’s Newsletter Circulated
7 Letter from Julie James MS, Minister for Housing and Local Government (Stakeholder engagement) Circulated
8 Carmarthenshire Virtual Public Meeting with Police and Crime Commissioner Circulated
9 Covid 19 Update 13/07/20 Circulated
10 Alan Evans: Email received expressing concern with regard to electric scooters / bikes using pavements in the area Cllr Thomas declared an interest as Mr Evans was her neighbour Clerk had reported this previously and had again to Dyfed Powys Police. Noted

13. Councillor's Report

a) Cllr Slate reminded members that any items for the newsletter would be appreciated
b) Cllr Griffiths expressed concern with regard to the condition of the wooden fence at the entrance to the park. Clerk to ask the handyman to carry out any necessary maintenance and give it a coat of paint / preservative
c) Cllr Thomas pointed out that were some issues around the play area. Clerk to ask handyman to cut around the outside of the area, also the grass needed cutting in the ‘old’ part of the area
d) Cllr Porter pointed out that the area around basketball hoop and BMX ramp needed to be brushed of debris
e) Cllr Porter said that a good job had been done in providing a new stile to footpath 28/4 at the top of Heol Blaengwastod (opposite Brynena), however the footpath sign was missing

14. Llangunnor Park

Members then returned to discuss Llangunnor Park:

a) Dogs at the Park: The Clerk referred to a short report that he had included with the paperwork. Concern was expressed that it would leave itself open to criticism if it did nothing, following a lengthy debate it was moved by Cllr Slate and seconded by Cllr Griffiths that the Clerk contact Carmarthenshire County Council with a view to getting a Dog Order which would be enforceable at the park including keeping dogs on leads - this was unanimously supported (minute 0720-14). Discussion also took place regarding the introduction of further permanent signage with regard dog fouling etc

b) Cllr Griffiths suggested that consideration be given to sectioning an area of the park for dogs to be left off their leads, Clerk would make some initial enquiries to see if this was practicable and what would be the cost implications, in the first instance the matter to be referred to the Park & Environment Committee

c) Dog Glove Dispensers: Following a recommendation from the Parks Committee and a general discussion, it was unanimously agreed (minute 0720–14c) that one unit be purchased, filled with approx. 50 bags and monitored (its position to be agreed by the Clerk / Chair of Park Committee - approx. cost £80. Ensure that notices state that bags should be binned and not left around the park

d) Park Equipment: As from Monday 20th July 2020 Welsh Government had announced that park equipment could be brought back into use if the park owners saw fit. It was members feelings that some of the equipment was already being used, and that any attempts to keep the equipment out of use would be futile. It was unanimously agreed that (minute 0720 –14d) the park equipment / play areas be opened as from the 20th July, the Clerk and chair of Park Committee carry out an assessment of its use, produce the necessary signage advising all users of their responsibility whilst in the park, Cllr Whatley volunteered to sanitise the equipment when it opened

15. Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held remotely on Thursday 17th September 2020 at 6.30pm, members reminded of the AGM to be held on 14th September 2020 at 6.30pm

Meeting closed 7.45pm
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