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November 2021

Minutes of Monthly Meeting of Llangunnor Community Council held remotely at 7.05pm on Thursday 18th November 2021

PRESENT: Councillor Elwyn Williams (Chair), Geraint Bevan, Paul Totterdale, Heather Lewis, Sandra Thomas and Charlie Evans

APOLOGIES: Councillor Jennifer Slate and no apology received from Steven Richards

Also present Howard Davies (Clerk) and three members of the public present Mr Thorpe, Mr Robin Griffiths and Mr Lee Whatley

Declaration of Interest


3. Chair's Announcements

The Chair had no announcements to make

4. Public Questions

Mr Griffiths asked three questions and advised the Chair that he did not require a response.

1. He asked for the Council to expedite the distribution of the outstanding Community Awards which had been delayed due to the ongoing pandemic
2. With Climate change very much on everyone’s agenda these days, he respectfully asked the Council to continue to champion the requirement for a “flood plan” to alleviate the extensive flooding seen within the Pensarn area of the ward over recent years. He further emphasised to everyone that this area is a major employer, where local businesses had suffered significant losses and inconvenience and need to be better protected from rising river levels
3. He wished to highlight the poor representation from Council members at several local events held over past few weeks, notably the Remembrance Day Service, and this reflected badly on the Council and its Officials
Mr Whatley asked three questions:
1.He questioned why the “Matters to be discussed in closed session” last month had not been minuted, and therefore did not accurately record the “output” of the meeting?
Clerk responded that they were of a confidential nature and as such were not minuted.
2. He asked why the Clerk had not got back to him on two points raised by him during last months public questions.
Clerk advised that they had been covered off within the minutes, which were available for him to read online.
3. He questioned what the Council’s policy was on deciding what mail went first class, and what was sent second class?
Clerk responded that this was left to his judgement, which he exercised based on the urgency of the communication
4. He asked if we were purchasing the same quality hand sanitizer for use in the park dispensers, as he had noticed from payment schedules that the price varied?
Clerk responded that the same sanitizer was being used and was regularly purchased from Castell Howell locally. Obviously, the price paid varies due to promotions and quantities purchased

At this point the Chair warned Mr Whatley about his conduct, and the clerk also questioned the relevance of recent questions which he had asked, given the length of time he had served on the Council prior to resigning earlier this year, and was well acquainted with its policies and procedures.

5. Minutes

It was unanimously agreed and RESOLVED (Minute 1121–5) to approve as a correct record the minutes of the monthly Council meeting held on 21st October 2021

6. Committees


Meeting to be arranged shortly

Park & Environment

Noted the minutes of the meeting held on the 4th October had been circulated. Next meeting being arranged

Web & Media

Meeting to be arranged for early December


Noted the minutes of the meeting held on the 5th October had been circulated and uploaded to our web page. Review meeting to be arranged for early January 2022 to reflect on Christmas 2021 arrangements

7. To discuss alternative site for proposed seat on Heol Pen Y Morfa

The siting of a seat on Heol Pen Y Morfa, was again discussed following the rejection of our earlier application to Carmarthenshire County Council, to site at the junction with Pen Y Morfa Lane, as it was felt that its location would compromise the visibility splay at the junction. Given that there were no suggestions put forward for this meeting, Councillors felt that more time was required to locate an alternative site, due to the perceived shortage of acceptable alternative sites. It was resolved that the item be placed back on the Agenda for the January meeting, to allow time for Councillors to come up with alternative suggestions

8. Update on Multi Location Meetings

The Clerk advised that he and Cllr Charlie Evans propose to meet up over the coming weeks to discuss the Briefing note from One Voice Wales re Multi Location meetings. They will investigate the availability, suitability, and cost implications of moving meetings to, a new venue to facilitate, if the Aelwyd is unable to provide IT equipment/facilities that will be required

9. Appoint a New Governor Representative for Llangunnor School

Following Cllr Bevan’s decision to step down as Governor Representative for Llangunnor School for personal reasons, Cllr Sandra Thomas agreed to take on the role, which was unanimously endorsed by her fellow Councillors (Minute 1121–9) Clerk to advise School and Governor Department at Carmarthenshire County Council of this change

10. Applications for Financial Assistance

It was agreed to move the two funding requests received from Carmarthen Federation of YFC’S, and Carmarthen Youth Opera onto the Agenda, for December, when they can be considered along with other requests, as normally such requests are dealt with twice yearly in April and December. Councillors were reminded that there is funding available to support such requests, and were asked to promote its availability, and to seek for applications to be submitted prior to the December meeting from any interested parties wishing to be considered

11. County Councillor Report

Cllr Williams had nothing to impart, stating that matters had been generally quiet over the previous month at County Hall

. Committee

12. Reports from Members Representing Council on other Bodies

Riverside Association - No meeting

One Voice Wales - Cllr Evans reported that he attended his first One Voice Wales Area Meeting and advised that there were funds available from the National Lottery Community Fund for local projects. It was suggested that Cllr Evans make a short presentation at the next Park & Environment Committee meeting, to see if funding could be attracted for further improvements being considered for the park

School Governors - No meeting

Training - No meeting

13. Approve the Schedule of Accounts

It was unanimously Resolved (Minute 1121–13) that the accounts submitted be approved

A) Council is requested to consider and approve the following items of expenditure:

Payee Info (£) Amount
E Williams Playing Field (31/10/21) 97.00
Howard Daviess Salary - Nov 2021 656.71 (per new contract at 55hrs pm wef 1.9.21)
Office Allowance - Nov 2021 100.00
IT Allowance - Nov 2021 40.00
Zoom Monthly Payment 14.39
Postage 4.53
Hand Sanitiser (Castell Howell) 25.20
JRB Enterprise Ltd Dog Gloves 40.20
IG Construction Inspect and report on sloping Christmas Tree Sleeve at Nantycaws 82.00
One Voice Wales Course Fee - Chairing Skills Module 10 (Cllr Jenny Slate) 30.00
Vision ICT Website hosting Dec 21 to Nov 22. October Invoice was for £195.60 but £195.00 paid in error. £0.60p adj required to correct 0.60

B) Council to note receipt of income: None

14. Correspondence

The following correspondence be noted/action taken:

No Nature of Correspondence Agreed Action
1 1VW: Training Courses (November/December) Circulated
2 Remuneration Of Councillors survey Circulated
3 Home Energy checks Circulated
4 Covid Pass Fraud Circulated
5 Discretionary Assistance Fund for Wales Circulated
6 Active Travel Plans Wales Circulated
7 PCC Letter re Public Consultation Circulated
8 Carmarthenshire County Council Christmas Toy Appeal Circulated
9 Rachel Carter One Voice Wales 'Local Places for Nature' officer: Update Circulated
10 Guide to taking part in the Queen’s Jubilee Beacons 2.6.2022 Circulated
11 : Email acknowledging recent donation Circulated
12 Carmarthen County Council: Consultation on Extending of the Dog Control Public Protection Order 2016 Circulated
13 Licensing Application for Morrisons Pensarn Circulated
14 Email from Graham Thorpe: Antisocial behaviour again been seen in the Pensarn area Circulated
15 Welsh Government Defibrillator fund Circulated
16 Boundary Commission Wales Public Hearings Circulated
17 One Voice Wales: Training Courses (November-December) Circulated
18 Park Inspection Report May 2021 Circulated
19 Older People’s Commissioner’s Newsletter Circulated
20 Security Concerns Circulated

15. Councillor's Report

• Cllr Evans advised he was now looking to add more content of local interest to the Councils Facebook page, and if anyone had anything they were looking to publicise then to get in touch with him
• Cllr Totterdale wished to thank the clerk, for his perseverance, and diligence in getting Carmarthenshire County Council to finally agree traffic calming and park user safety measures to be installed shortly at the entrance to Llangunnor park
• Cllr Lewis advised that it had been brought to her attention that a gate on the public footpath near to Bank Farm Trailer’s yard on Login Road had been locked by the farmer, during the Pandemic. County Councillor Williams advised that he was aware of the situation, in that the farmer had been allowed by Carmarthenshire County Council to close off the access onto his land via the footpath, as part of “Pandemic safety concerns” but thought that this access had now been reopened. Cllr Lewis agreed to walk the path and report back with her findings.
• Cllr Bevan wished to encourage any member of the public that had any issues, to contact the clerk in the first instance, and not to wait for the next monthly meeting, as Mr Whatley had done last month with reporting the slippery surface on Roman Road. The clerk can then immediately deal with them especially where there is a perceived danger to the public

16. Update

The Clerk provided a quick update on the following matters:
i) Park Entrance – Wicksteed had now confirmed that the new safety gate was fully operational, the scuff marks had been repainted, and the remaining old fencing on the side of the bungalow removed. A revised invoice incorporating the agreed £800 reduction would now be sent for payment.
A further quote had now been received from I G construction amounting to £460 with no VAT for the laying of the new concrete pad beneath the safety gate. The other two quotes received being £645 plus VAT From Alan Jones, Star Forge, and £997 plus VAT From Wicksteed. The Councillors unanimously agreed to accept the quote from I G Construction with the clerk asked to expedite given the deterioration being seen to the present surface due to the recent heavy rainfall. (Minute 1121-16(i))
ii) The clerk was pleased to advise that Carmarthenshire County Council have finally agreed to provide traffic calming and addition safety measures, at the entrance to the park, where it is expected that works will be completed over the next two months.
iii) The sleeve at the site of the Nanycaws Christmas Tree had been inspected by a local builder, and has been found to be safe, with the sleeve embedded in sufficient concrete. Last year’s issue where the tree itself appeared to be on a slant was probably caused by a movement of the blocks securing the base of the tree within the sleeve itself, and this information has been conveyed to Carmarthen Town Council ahead of erecting this year’s tree
iv) The clerk advised that he had been dealing with a complaint received from Graham Thorpe a resident of Penymorfa Lane, in respect of the ongoing and antisocial driving practices that are being allowed in our Llangunnor. His concerns relate to modified cars being allowed to gather outside Matalan and Dunelm Superstores, which then drive continuously up and down Llangunnor bypass destroying his right to a peaceful and safe environment to live in. The clerk immediately escalated matters to our PCSO Nicola, who has regularly kept Mr Thorpe updated of her actions, and furthermore gained a commitment from the Road Policing Unit (RPU) to carry out an operation shortly focusing on the issues being seen on Llangunnor Bypass. He was happy with the way that the Council had dealt with his complaint and will keep us informed of developments
v) The Clerk wished to update the Council, that he had recently met with representatives from Dyfed Alarms and Action Surveillance Systems, with a view to quoting for the installation of CCTV cameras at the park, to improve security, and to discourage anti-social behaviour which whilst caused by a small minority, is now sadly becoming a regular occurrence. He added that he had contacted the Police Commissioners Office, regarding possible funding assistance towards this project, but regrettably there is no funding available

21. Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held on Thursday 9th December 2021 at 6.30pm

Meeting closed 8.05pm