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April 2021

Minutes of Monthly Meeting of Llangunnor Community Council held online at 6.30pm on Thursday 15th April 2021

PRESENT: Councillor Robin Griffiths (Chair), Geraint Bevan, Paul Totterdale, Elwyn Williams, Heather Lewis, Sandra Thomas, Jennifer Slate, John Porter and Paul Price

APOLOGIES: Councillor Dafydd Williams and Steven Richards (Cllr Richards due to a technical hitch did try to join, however was unable to connect)

Also present Howard Davies, (new Clerk), Clive Thomas (former Clerk) and Lee Whatley

Declaration of Interest


3. Chair's Announcements

The Chair advised that he had sent a sympathy card to Her Majesty the Queen upon the death of her husband Prince Phillip The Duke of Edinburgh from the residents of Llangunnor, and the Community Council. He also wished to bring to the attention of the Council, the death of a long-standing Councillor for the Tregynnwr ward Mr Keith Carmody
A minute silence was observed to mark their sad passing

4. Public Questions


5. Minutes

It was unanimously agreed and RESOLVED to approve as a correct record the minutes of the monthly Council meeting held on the 18th of March 2021 (minute 0421–5)

6. Committee

a) Finance committee

Meeting held on 12th April where the accounts were agreed. Please see point 7 below

b) Park & Environment

The next meeting will be scheduled for May after the AGM, where the following points will be placed on the Agenda:
• Review of excessive use of Dog Gloves seen of late being well above normal usage
• Proposal from Cllr Dafydd Williams: To consider placing flower tubs beneath the new notice boards and below the Llangunnor sign on Login Road where apparently there was one some years ago.
• A request from a resident that we consider buying a local red phone box which are being sold off by BT for a £1 to be used for the community’s benefit.
• Look at ways of improving the appearance of land adjacent to the underpass, and to discuss an overgrown area of land adjacent to Peter Johnson’s old yard at Pensarn which has become overgrown and unsightly.
• To discuss better signage at the “mother and toddlers” area, and how this area is being utilised at present.
• Parking outside the park entrance which is creating a danger for park users as they leave the park. In addition, park users are also parking at the bus stop is causing concern from a safety point of view.
• Performance and usage of the “hand sanitisers”
• To discuss our policy on Climate change, carbon emissions and our commitment to plant trees as raised by our resident-Carmarthen Trees.
• Following circulation of the recent footpath report, confirmation to be sought from Carmarthenshire County Council that all paths are clear, safe, and walkable, as requested by Trysor

It was also reported that the repair works on the footbridge at Llangunnor had been completed to an excellent standard and the Council Rangers were to be thanked and commended for their works

c) Web & Media

No meeting this month, however by way of update:
The new web page has gone live, where community feedback has been extremely positive. There have been some small teething problems, but these have now been addressed.
The Chair and the Clerk are to receive training on the webpage shortly from Vision ICT

d) Christmas

No meeting had taken place

7. Finance Committee

The retiring Clerk (Clive Thomas) took the members through the circulated paperwork, that had also been considered and approved at the Finance Committee (12/04/21) and it was
i) unanimously agreed (Minute 0421–7i) that the paperwork as circulated be accepted by Council viz: Financial out-turn year ending 31/03/21; Bank Reconciliation 20/21; Clerk Salary / Allowances / HMRC / Other Payments; Asset Register.
ii) it was unanimously agreed (minute 0421–7ii) that the Clerk (CT) as RFO and the Chair sign the Annual Return and that the appropriate paperwork be presented to the Internal Auditor
iii) the Remuneration Panel Recommendations as put forward by the Finance Committee (0420–F3a: 0421–F3b and 0421–F3c) were unanimously agreed (0421-7iii)

For Clarity: It had not been recorded what the recommendations considered by the finance committee were,
minute 0420–F3(a): that each member be paid the £150 allowance, unless they inform the Clerk in writing of their wish not to receive the payment
minute 0421–F3(b): that an additional payment of £150 be made to the Chair of Council
minute 0421–F3c : that payments in accordance with NJC allowances be made for travelling, subsistence and overnight stay when involvement is approved by Council
8. Consider Nominations to be put to the AGM

The Clerk reported that nominations, duly proposed and seconded had been received for the following for 2021 / 2022
Chair: Councillor Elwyn Williams
Vice Chair: Councillor Geraint Bevan
Chair of Planning: Councillor Jenny Slate

These nominations to be confirmed by a vote at the AGM

It was unanimously agreed that if Councillor Heather Lewis was unable to attend the AGM that Councillor Sandra Thomas be allowed to vote Councillor Lewis onto any additional Committee at her discretion. (Minute 0421–8)

We do wonder whether the wording should be nominate Councillor Lewis rather than vote
9. Motion from Cllr Slate
“The Terms of Reference of Committees (excluding Planning) be amended so that a maximum of 5 Councillors should sit on each committee (Chair / vice Chair of council to sit on all committees)”

Following a discussion the motion was unanimously carried (minute 0421–9)

10. Reports from Members Representing Council on other Bodies

Riverside Association - No meeting

One Voice Wales - No meeting

School Governors - No meeting

Training - None

11. County Councillor Report

Councillor Williams had nothing major to report, apart from there had been some amendment made to planning laws centrally for developments that had no connections to mains sewerage

12. Approve the Schedule of Accounts

It was unanimously Resolved (minute 0421-12) that the accounts submitted be approved.

A) Council is requested to consider and approve the following items of expenditure: