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December 2021

Minutes of Monthly Meeting of Llangunnor Community Council held remotely at 7pm on Thursday 9th December 2021

PRESENT: Councillor Elwyn Williams (Chair), Geraint Bevan, Paul Totterdale, Steven Richards, Sandra Thomas, Jennifer Slate and Charlie Evans

APOLOGIES: Councillor Heather Lewis

Also present Howard Davies (Clerk) and one member of the public present Mr Robin Griffiths

Declaration of Interest


3. Chair's Announcements

The Chair advised that the number of Covid cases recorded in Carmarthenshire this week were the lowest in Wales, but we must remain vigilant
A planning application for a “local needs” property at Nantycaws which the Council had supported was turned down this week, on the grounds of
• It was not attached to the existing building
• It was too large, and outside the permitted size criteria
• Concerns over the visibility splay of the entrance onto the main road

4. Public Questions


5. Minutes

It was unanimously agreed and RESOLVED to approve as a correct record the minutes of the monthly Council meeting held on the 18th of November (Minute 1221–5)

6. Committees


Meeting arranged for Wednesday 15th December

Park & Environment

Meeting arranged for Thursday 16th December

Web & Media

Noted the minutes of the meeting held on the 2nd of December had been circulated and uploaded to our web page. It had also been agreed that Cllrs Slate and Evans would now take over the responsibility for running our Facebook page, and would post relevant content using their discretion, however, would refer to full Council, any matter that they felt required further discussion.


Noted the minutes of the meeting held on the 5th of October had been circulated and uploaded to our web page. Review meeting to be arranged for early January 2022 to reflect on Christmas 2021 arrangements

Site Meeting

Full Council held a site meeting at the park on Saturday 4th of December to further discuss Western Power’s request to relocate Glanffynnon substation to the park entrance, where it was unanimously agreed that the Clerk respond as follows:
1) Whilst there was no support to relocate to within the park entrance, Councillors were prepared to recommend its relocation to a site adjacent to the bottom boundary along which the cables already run.
2) Clerk was instructed to write to Western Power offering this alternative site, on condition that a tarmacadam access road was constructed for access to and from the substation, and that a power supply be provided to a suitable pillar near to the park entrance, both to be supplied at their cost

7. Consider Requests for Financial Support

Following discussion, it was unanimously agreed this year to increase our level of support to £150 per applicant given their inability to fund raise during this unprecedented Pandemic period, whilst acknowledging their support and assistance given to our local residents. (Minute 1221-7)

Carmarthen Federation of YFC’s
Carmarthen & District Youth Opera
Wales Air Ambulance
Marie Curie
Carmarthenshire County Council Toy Box Appeal

8. County Councillor Report

Councillor Elwyn Williams wished to advise that Roger Thomas had been appointed this week as the new Chief Fire Officer for Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service and will be taking up his new appointment on the 1st of April

9. Reports from Members Representing Council on other Bodies

Riverside Association - No meeting

One Voice Wales - No meeting

School Governors - Councillor Sandra Thomas wished to advise that she had now received the Governor’s pack through from County Council's Education Department, confirming her appointment as the Council’s Governor Representative, along with some training modules that she was working through. Councillor Elwyn Wiliams added that he had been unable to attend the last Governor’s meeting as it had clashed with a meeting of the Dyfed Pension Board which he had to attend as he is chair of the Dyfed Pension Fund

Training - None

10. Approve the Schedule of Accounts

It was Resolved (minute 1221-10) proposed Cllr and seconded Cllr (unanimous) that the accounts submitted be approved.

A) Council is requested to consider and approve the following items of expenditure:

Payee Info (£) Amount
E Williams Playing Field (30/11/21) 97.00
Labour for various strimming, planting, repairs to fence rails at Pensarn Xmas tree site, and cleaning work as itemised on time sheet. Purchase of Duff for entrances, daffodil bulbs, Crystal Soda for killing moss 399.00
Howard Davies Salary - Dec 2021 656.71
Office Allowance - Dec 2021 100.00
IT Allowance - Dec 2021 40.00
Reinbursement: Zoom Monthly Payment 14.39
Reinbursement: Stamps 7.92
Reinbursement: Sanitiser Liquid 25.20
Extra Meetings (September-December) (See Schedule Below)[1] 160.00
Travelling 252.00
Charles B Sams Electrical Test/Resolve Christmas tree lights (Pensarn) 230.10
Wicksteed New fence/gate at park front entrance 4,430.74
IG Construction Concrete path beneath new park gate 460.00
Bowen & Weaving Stationery 22.80
Vision ICT SSL certificate for web site 150.00

Extra Meetings (held September - December 2021)
Web & Media Committee - 2nd December 2021
Park & Environment Committee - 4th September 2021
Christmas Lights Committee - 5th September 2021
Site visit (Park) - 4th December 2021

4 X £50 = £200 this equates to £160 after tax (Extra meetings - @ £50 meeting – salary includes 11 meetings + AGM, all others treated as extra meetings over 4 hours will be paid at £100 (Minute 0920–F4)

B) Council to note receipt of income: None

11. Correspondence

The following correspondence be noted/action taken:

No Nature of Correspondence Agreed Action
1 Marie Curie needs help Circulated
2 The Local Elections (Principal Areas) (Wales) Rules 2021 Circulated
3 Hywel Dda Community Health Council Circulated
4 Hywel Dda Community Health Council: November Newsletter Circulated
5 Plan from Western Power illustrating where the HV cables are located within the entrance and park itself. Circulated
6 Older Peoples Commissioner for Wales – Engagement Circulated
7 Update from the Minister For Climate Change concerning TAN 15 and amended flood map for planning Circulated
8 Leave only pawprints Dog Fouling Campaign Circulated
9 One Voice Wales: October newsletter Circulated
10 Older People’s Commissioner For Wales: Engagement Sessions Circulated
11 One Voice Wales: Final Training Sessions for 2021 Circulated
12 Welsh Government: Advice of Discretionary Limits for 2022-23 Circulated
13 Place making for a thriving Welsh Village Circulated
14 DPD Courier leaflet fraud Circulated
15 Guide to taking part in The Queens Platinum Jubilee Beacons Circulated
16 Third Sector Health & Well Being news Circulated
17 PCC Bulletin Circulated
18 Action Surveillance: Quote to install CCTV at the park Circulated
19 Wellbeing Survey Circulated

12. Councillor's Report

i) Councillor Thomas: Advised that there had been a police incident outside the park this week but was unsure of its nature. She also wished to thank the Clerk for his efforts in progressing matters with Western Power.
ii) Councillor Totterdale: Wished to report that the Christmas decorations attached to the streetlamps near Tywi Garage were not illuminated, whilst the tree was fully illuminated. Clerk to report the matter to Carmarthen Town Council
iii) Councillor Slate: Asked if someone else could take the Council banner down to the Tywi Garage site and to display it on the fencing, as she is presently immobile having suffered a recent fall. Councillor Richards agreed to collect it from her, and to put it up in her absence.
iv) Councillor Bevan: Suggested that a letter of congratulation be sent to the Headteacher of Ysgol Gyfyn Gymraeg Bro Myrddin, acknowledging their achievement on being ranked as the second-best secondary school in Wales in the recent Sunday Times survey, given that significant numbers of children attend from our Council area. This suggestion was unanimously supported, (Minute 1221 12iv) Clerk to send a letter of congratulation
Councillor Bevan also wished to thank the Clerk for his professionalism and commercial judgement in dealing with the request from Western Power and getting them to consider an alternative site within the park to relocate the Glanffynnon substation.
v) Councillor Evans: Advised that he had been giving some thought to alternative venues that could support Multi Location meetings locally as outlined in the recent briefing paper received from One Voice Wales and suggested that we approach Llangunnor School in the first instance. These suggestions gained the full support of all Councillors, and the Clerk was instructed to contact the Headteacher to see if this would be possible. Clerk to speak with the Headteacher to see if we could avail ourselves of their multimedia room and facilities

13. Update 13.

The Clerk provided a quick update on the following matters:
i) Park entrance – The Clerk was pleased to advise that the issues with the pedestrian safety gate had been resolved, and the new concrete path beneath had been completed.
ii) Update on Tywi Bridge Electric Pillar – Clerk advised that Charles Sams Electrician had attended the site to sort out the electrical problems that had delayed the official “switch on” ceremony and was pleased to advise that the tree and associated decorations were again illuminated. Regarding amending the lighting cycle to enable the lights to be programmed to come on and off at different times to the streetlights, then this would require a new connection into the pillar, to be provided by Western Power, where Charles Sams has agreed to investigate, and to provide an estimate for this work
iii) The sleeve at the site of the Nantycaws Christmas Tree had been inspected by a local builder, and has been found to be safe, with the sleeve embedded in sufficient concrete
iv) The Clerk wished to update the Council, that he had received a quote back from Action Surveillance & CCTV Ltd in respect of installing CCTV cameras at the park which had been circulated. Another quote from Dyfed Alarms Ltd is awaited
v) Clerk wished to advise that he had received an email from the NHS stating that the defibrillator at the park was required yesterday (Wednesday 8th December) but there no pads in it, and as such were investigating. Clerk confirmed that he had inspected some two weeks ago in the company of the NHS Defibrillator technician, and all was intact. The NHS will now investigate as a matter of priority and will update us on their findings

14. Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held on Thursday 20th January 2022 at 6.30pm

Meeting closed 7.20pm
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