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March 2021

Minutes of Monthly Meeting of Llangunnor Community Council held online at 6.30pm on Thursday 18th March 2021

PRESENT: Councillor Robin Griffiths (Chair), Elwyn Williams, Geraint Bevan, Paul Totterdale, Heather Lewis, Sandra Thomas, Jennifer Slate, John Porter and Paul Price

APOLOGIES: Councillor Steven J Richards and Dafydd Williams

Also present Howard Davies, (new Clerk), Clive Thomas (retiring Clerk) and two members of the public, Andrew Amery and Lee Whatley

Declaration of Interest


2. Chair's Announcements

The Chair wished to thank the outgoing Clerk for his eleven years of dedicated service to the council, and the major part he had played in helping to grow the Council into the successful body that it is today. He was commended for his work on the notice boards, and his tremendous input into the development of the park, creating an amenity enjoyed by the whole community. These sentiments were echoed by his fellow Councillors. He was wished a happy and healthy retirement, and many enjoyable hours to be spent on the golf course

3. Public Questions [Transcribers Note]

Mr Amery asked if the walking trails could be better signposted, where the Clerk was able to advise that this was already in hand with Carmarthenshire County Council via their Rangers, however he wished to point out that due to being short staffed, this might take a little more time to be completed. He also wished to draw to the attention of the Council the poor condition of the footbridge along one of theses walks, where again the Clerk was able to advise that repairs had been requested via Carmarthenshire County Council and was in hand.

On a positive note, he felt that information boards had been well received, however would have liked to see some more historical information about the parish of Llangunnor and the surrounding area, along with clearer marking of the paths. Cllr Bevan advised that as the space available on the information boards were limited, it was the intention of the Council to upload additional information as and when available, to the new Council web site, and to print pamphlets to provide additional background and signposting here

Mr Whatley asked if the Council policy (minute 0918-16i) to publicise annually the attendance of councillors at meetings was to be introduced. The Clerk informed the meeting that an attendance list for 19/20 & 20/21 would be published in April, and apologised that this had not been done sooner

4. Police Report

Dyfed Powys Police have advised that they will no longer be providing a report but will contact the Clerk should any issues arise. A police presence will of course remain in the community and should any member be aware, or be made aware of any issues to pass these onto the Clerk who would then pass them to the PCSO

5. Minutes

It was unanimously agreed and RESOLVED to approve as a correct record the minutes of the monthly Council meeting held on the 18th of February 2021 (minute 0321–5)

6. Committees

Finance Committee

Meeting arranged for 8/4/21 to finalise Accounts

Park & Environment Committee

A meeting had taken place on 11th March and the minutes had been circulated

Web & Media Committee

A meeting had taken place on the 9th March and the minutes had been circulated

Christmas Committee

No meeting had taken place

7.Community Awards Ceremony

Given the ongoing Covid Pandemic it was unanimously agreed (minute 0321–7) to defer until such time as the “lockdown restrictions” had been eased allowing the public to again attend a presentation at Yr Aelwyd / or possibly in the Park, decision to be made when appropriate

8. Location and type of Covid Memorial Stone

Following a lengthy discussion, it was agreed (minute 0321–8) following a vote that the memorial stone would be sited next to existing war memorial stone on Llangunnor road below the Police Station. The vote was 5 in favour of this site, and three in favour of the siting within the park

In terms of type of memorial stone, it was further unanimously agreed that the Clerk and Cllr Sandra Thomas would approach G Williams, St Clears for suggestions and an estimate of cost. The inscription has previously been agreed (minute 0221–8)

9. Ratification of Clerks outside employment, pension entitlement, and purchase of stationery

The Clerk explained that he ran a Consultancy business on a self-employed basis and had recently been successful in picking up 5 weeks work, working as a Census Officer. He further wished to point out that the Consultancy business had been established for over four years, and the application for the Census work had been completed prior to the application for the Clerk’s position and had been disclosed at the interview. Additionally, he was confident that the Council work could be easily undertaken around existing work commitments

Additionally, he wished to continue with the existing pension arrangements agreed for the Clerk, where the sum of £100 would be put aside annually as a pension payment, payable when he resigned from the position

Provision of a separate mobile phone was discussed, where the Clerk advised that he was more than happy for the Councillors to contact him on his mobile. He merely sought Council approval to comply with the terms of his work’s contract. It was also agreed that he could continue to purchase stationery as and when required, for reimbursement by the Council later. It was unanimously agreed (minute 0321–9) that his existing employment commitments continue, and that he would benefit from the existing pension arrangements already in place for the Clerk

10. County Councillor Report

Cllr Williams was able to favourably report that the proposed Council Tax increase for 21/22 had been reduced to 3.45%, from the 4.32% recorded in last month’s Council minutes. Additionally, he wished to advise Councillors that issues had been identified with contractors working for Carmarthen County Council on the “Ash tree die back project” where notices had been issued in error to landownersto remove healthy trees. Any issues please report back to Carmarthen County Council

11. Approve the Schedule of Accounts

Unanimously approved (minute 0312–11)

A) Council is requested to consider and approve the following items of expenditure:

Payee Info (£) Amount
E Williams Playing Field (28/02/21) 97.00
Works to tree at Memorial Stone 16.00
CJ Thomas Salary - March 2021 655.70
Office Allowance - March 2021 100.00
IT Allowance - March 2021 40.00
Reinbursement: Zoom Monthly Payment 14.39
Extra Meetings (See Schedule Below)[1] 400.00
Travelling 90.90
Howard Davies Salary - March 2021 596.11
Office Allowance - March 2021 100.00
IT Allowance - March 2021 40.00
Carmarthen Town Council Provision of 3 Xmas Trees 2019 1,458.00
Provision of 2 Xmas Trees 2020 897.14
Proprint 6 A3 No Smoking Signs for the Park 9.45
Clay Shaw Butler Councillor Renumeration £250 + VAT 300.00
HMRC 4th Quarter Payment 1,152.41
Wernvale Flower Planters in Park Entrance £1,220 + VAT 1,464.00

B) Council to note receipt of income: None

Extra Meetings (held October 1st 2020 – March 31st 2021)
Finance Committee - 11/01/21
Park’s Committee - 20/10/20; 04/11/20; 18/01/21
Web and Social Media Committee - 12/01/21
Christmas Lights Committee - 13/01/21
New Clerk Shortlisting Committee - 01/02/21
Extra-ordinary Meeting - 08/02/21
Appointments Committee - 11/02/21, 15/02/21

10 x £50 = £500.00. This equates to £400 after tax. (Extra meetings @ £50/meeting - salary only includes 11 meetings + AGM, all others treated as extra meetings, meetings over 4 hours will be paid at £100 (Minute 0920–F4)

12. Correspondence

The following correspondence be noted/action taken:

No Nature of Correspondence Agreed Action
1 WLGA coronavirus email update 19.02.2021 Circulated
2 Letter from Chair of Carmarthenshire County Council: Request for donation Circulated
3 Letter of resignation from Cllr Robin Griffiths Circulated
4 WG Electoral Newsletter - February Circulated
5 Summary of key provisions of the Local Government and Elections (Wales) Act 2021 for the Community and Town Council Sector Circulated
6 Keep Wales Safe: Supporting Families Circulated
7 Local Government and Elections (Wales) Act - commencement, implementation and guidance Circulated
8 Cyber Security Guide Circulated
9 COVID19 WhatsApp Public Health Wales Circulated
10 Removal of Council owned CCTV cameras Circulated
11 Newsletter from Dafydd Llywelyn, Dyfed-Powys Police Commissioner Circulated

13. Reports from Members Representing Council on other Bodies

Riverside Association - No meeting

One Voice Wales - No meeting

School Governors - No meeting

Training - None

14. Councillor's Report

• Cllr S Thomas: Wished to advise of the litter problem evident around the P O Sorting Office, and Aldi’s Pensarn. The Clerk apologised for his oversight in that the letters had not been sent as per previous minute 0221-13c. Action point It was agreed that the Clerk write to these respective business’s asking for their assistance in addressing the litter issue
• Cllr E Williams: Wished to advise that residents of Nantycaws had raised concerns about recent increased dog fouling apparent within the village. Action point Clerk to report to Carmarthen County Council
• Cllr P Price: Attendance of Councillors at meetings. Previously covered within minutes
• Cllr P Totterdale: Rubbish bags left adjacent to Haulfryn, and litter next to KFC, Dunelm, Dominos Pensarn. Action point Clerk to escalate and report to Carmarthen County Council
• Cllr H Lewis: Better use/tidy up of areas around the under pass. Action point Clerk to place on agenda for next meeting of Parks and Environment Committee
• Cllr R Griffiths: Two Gypsy Caravans had been seen on Stephens Way Pensarn. Action point Clerk to report to Carmarthen County Council Contact Centre. Dog fouling near school. Clerk has already reported, and a response circulated

15. Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held on Thursday April 15th 2021 at 6.30pm

Meeting closed 8.00pm

Transcriber Note: We note that while members of the community may ask a question the council appears to interpret the question the way it wants to - Mr Whatley actually asked whether the Council thought it was important that residents of Llangunnor knew that Councillors were attending meetings - especially as they are paid as Councillors? Before advising the Council to check minute 0918-16i.

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