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March 2007

Minutes of Monthly Meeting of Llangunnor Community Council held in 'Yr Aelwyd', on Thursday 15th March 2007 at 7.00pm

PRESENT: Councillor Robin O Griffiths (Chairman), Sarah J Howells, Doreen Valentine, D Elwyn Williams, Clifford Merlin Jones, Audrey M Jones, Geraint P Bevan, Denzil Williams, T Alun West

APOLOGIES: Councillor Willian Denzil Vivian Evans, Catherine James, Police Sgt R Anthony and PCSO C Morris

IN ATTENDANCE: PC M Richardson, PCSO Cath John and 2 Local Residents

121. Mr John Rees, Managing Director, CWM Environmental

The Chairman welcomed Mr John Rees to the meeting and invited him to outline plans for dealing with the odour and air pollution problems at the Landfill Site, Nantycaws following submitted complaints to the Environment Agency. He explained that the Company accepts there is a problem and has a statutory duty to comply with the health and safety of staff and the wider community. Biodegradable waste produces methane gas that sources the odour. The prolonged wet weather conditions have hampered attempts to place a cap on the present cell being worked and delayed the installation of temporary gas extraction wells that capture the methane, which is converted to electrical power on site and supplies the national grid. Formal proposals are being agreed with the Environmental Agency to tackle and monitor the problem. He assured Members and the residents present in the meeting that CWM recognised the challenge of tackling the situation and would do its best to eliminate the odour as early as possible. Following an open discussion session Council RESOLVED:

i) To monitor the situation and submit records to the Environment Agency
ii) Request the County Council to analyse the air quality in the vicinity of the landfill site and to explore its potential harm to health.
The Chairman thanked Mr Rees for attending and appealed for urgency in dealing with the problem.
[Cllr CM Jones declared an interest in this item and did not take part in the discussions]

122. Chairman's Announcements

The Chairman had attended the local Education Sunday Service on the previous Sunday. He had also been a member of the formal welcoming group invited to meet HRH Prince of Wales at Carmarthen Train Station

123. Police Report

PC Richardson introduced Cath John, the newly appointed PCSO for the area. Dealing with the car racers in Pensarn was ongoing and is also focussing on tackling vandalism in the park. He confirmed the public surgery sessions in the Matalan Stores, Pensarn between 6.00pm and 7.00 pm every Monday evening. A private room for confidential consultation is available in the store. Cllr CM Jones believed that matters had much improved recently, probably due to greater police visibility in the community. The Chairman welcomed PCSO John and thanked PC Richardson for the report

124. Minutes

RESOLVED to approve the minutes of the following meetings as a correct record:
i) The Monthly Council meeting held on 15th February 2007.
ii) The Planning Committee meeting held on 15th February 2007

In considering the minutes the following points were raised:

a. Minute 113) Mr B McLernon, Carmarthenshire County Council Head of Social Care and Housing had accepted invitation to attend the April meeting. Members identified matters for discussion.
b. Minute 113c) Clerk summarised the action agreed in meetings with the Transport Operations Manager: Penymorfa Lane - installation of new signage incorporating the name of the school and investigation into revising the traffic priority at the 'Pobl Bach' Nursery junction; full vehicle count and speed survey to be conducted in Login Road in April 2007; Old Llangunnor Road - exploring the feasibility of bringing in parking restrictions and to establish a new car park on adjacent Network Rail land; appropriate safe crossing system for the visually impaired is already incorporated in the new Coracle Way pedestrian crossing; County Council not prepared to relocate the CARMARTHEN sign in Llangunnor Road. The Clerk was thanked for the report.
c. Minute 113e) Detailed letter received from County Council on free school pupil transport. RESOLVED: April Agenda item and copy letter to Members.
d. Minute 119i) RESOLVED: Note Welsh Assembly Government proposals to establish Local Service Boards aimed at promoting greater cohesion in service delivery at local level

125. Co-Option of New Members

Clerk reported that no request had been received to fill the two Councillor vacancies in the West Ward by election following the publication of vacancy notices. Further he referred to letters received from two local electors expressing interest in becoming Members of Council.
RESOLVED: Invite both candidates to the April meeting for co-option
[Cllr D Valentine abstained in respect of one candidate]

126. Cleaning Bus Shelters and the Park

Bus Shelters: Consideration given to the Clerk's report on future cleaning needs following replacement of shelters by the County Council, leaving only two shelters the property of the Community Council. RESOLVED: request the 'handyman' to submit a price for cleaning the two remaining shelters as per present frequency with Chairman authorised to approve for April. Explain the situation to the 'handyman' and acknowledge his good work in cleaning our shelters and Park

Llangunnor Park: Council considered the new price of £70 per month from 1 April 2007 submitted by the 'handyman' RESOLVED: Approved.
[Cllr DE Williams declared an interest and left the room during consideration of this item]

127. Llangunnor Park Association

Cllr D Williams referred to the commencement of dialogue with the County Council on relinquishing the Park leasehold. RESOLVED: Council to be kept informed on progress

128. Penymorfa - Y Talar Footpath

No further progress to report RESOLVED: Clerk to obtain the current position with regard to the dedication process from the County Council Rights of Way Manager. Cllr CM Jones offered to promote negotiations between the County Council Legal Officer and the solicitor representing the path owner, Mr TI Davies

129. Reports from Members Representing the Council on other Bodies

a) Carmarthen Forum:
Landscaping work has commenced on the roundabout near Morrisons supermarket.
b) Eisteddfod yr Urdd 2007:
Cllr Bevan confirmed that the financial target for the Llangunnor community had been exceeded and the Chairman reported on joint arrangements with Carmarthen town for the display of bunting and flags
c) Carnival Committee:
Cllr S Howells referred to a planned bingo event on 28th March.
d) Other events:
Fair Trade Cllrs S Howells and AM Jones reported on the 'Fair Trade' conference they had attended at St Peter's Civic Hall.
Residents Association Cllr D Valentine reported on the current position regarding a 'Parish Hall' for Llangunnor. Plans have been drafted but to date unable to secure sufficient grant funding.
Sustrans Connect2 Funding Cllr DE Williams and the Clerk reported on a promotional and awareness session attended at QE High School in support of the County Council proposal to bid for lottery funding to complete a cycle/foot path between Llangunnor and Johnstown. To attract lottery funding, the project will be subject to a TV voting competition later in the year

130. Approve Schedule of Accounts

RESOLVED: approve the monthly expenditure schedule presented by the Clerk and the statement confirming the Clerk's salary adjustment and IT allowance agreed at the Special meeting 24th January 2007:

A) Council is requested to consider and approve the following items of expenditure:

Payee Info (£) Amount
E Williams Bus Shelters (Feb 07) 102.00
Playing Field (Feb 07) 60.00
IW Davies Salary - March 2007 334.40
Office Allowance - March 2007 60.00
Typing - March 2007 52.95
Salary Adjustment 637.50
IT Allowance 120.00
Carmarthenshire County Council Lighting Maintenance & Energy 1,638.33
Planning Seminar Fee [x2] 34.04
New Lighting: Capel Dewi Rd [1st instalment payment] 6,866.66
Zurich Municipal Park - Annual Insurance 1,760.61
Tourist Association Renewal of Domain Name 35.00
Ysgol Llangynnwr Material for Urdd Eisteddfod 150.00
Post Office Postage Stamps 43.50
A Clarke Engraving School Council Chairperson's 'Chain of Office' 40.00

B) Council to note receipt of income: Nil

131. Correspondance

RESOLVED: receive the monthly schedule of correspondence and agreed action as follows:

Item From Nature of Correspondence
i National Assembly for Wales: Confirmation of Council's declaration of support for Health Challenge Wales
Summary of 'Strategy for Older People in Wales'
ii Carmarthenshire County Council: Response to TESCO customer bus not stopping at the Bus Station. RESOLVED: Appeal to TESCO for the provision of a larger low-level bus for its customers
Confirmation of investigation to slurry deposited in Heol Capel Dewi
Confirmation of application for replacement bus shelters in Heol Blaengwastod and Heol Capel Dewi
Advised no salt/grit bin to be located on Babell Hill and a bin is provided during the winter months in Penymorfa
Acknowledgement of letter concerning proposed reduction in local CCTV support
Reply to representations for free school transport to QE High School RESOLVED: April agenda item
iii Un Llais I Gymru/One Voice Wales: Nominations requested for Buckingham Palace Garden Party. RESOLVED: Nominate Cllr RO Griffiths and Mrs Griffiths
Agenda and papers for area meeting - to Cllr DE Williams
iv Barclays Bank: New mandate confirmed - Cllrs ROG, GPB and WDVE
v Requests for financial aid: Ammanford CAB, Dinefwr Home Start, CRUSE Carmarthen- referred to April 2007 meeting
vi Carmarthenshire Tourist Association: Website operational handbook; Wheel of the Year workshop on 21/03/07
vii South Wales Trunk Road Agency: Notification of pending report on the A48 junctions at Nantycaws and to the landfill site
viii Resident, Brynglas Crescent: Letter noting perceived Member indiscretions following resident representations made to Council. RESOLVED: Convey that Council conducts its business in public
ix SH Thomas, Ffynnon Las: Expression of interest in the vacancy for councillor. RESOLVED: Noted and Clerk to explain co-option procedures for filling the vacancy
x Environment Agency Wales: Full response to the odour problems at the Landfill Site, Nantycaws and supply of odour log sheets. RESOLVED: Copy log sheets to Cllrs D Willians and WDV Evans and local residents present in the meeting [Cllr CM Jones declared an interest in this item]
xi Post Office Ltd: Notification that there are no further plans to relocate Carmarthen Post Office
xii Llangunnor Park Association: Copy of letter from the Association to the County Council proposing to relinquish the leasehold
xiii Carmarthen Bay and Estuaries Group: Invitation to a liaison event in Llanelli - 26/03/07 RESOLVED: Noted
xiv Wales Audit Office: Request to accept the continuation of BDO Stoy Hayward as external Auditors to Community and Town Councils in Wales until year 2011/12. RESOLVED: Accept
xv Senedd 04: Noted conference to be held in Machynlleth - 16/06/07
xvi Clerks and Councils Direct: March 2007 issue
xvii : Noted all other correspondence and promotional material received

132. Any Other Matter: - RESOLVED

Refer to County Council:
Fused lighting in Sticle footpath underpass; Vehicles obstructing access to the Login Road pavement; Appeal for the extension of Login Road pavement to meet the pavement in Blaengwastod Road

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