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July 2007

Minutes of Monthly Meeting of Llangunnor Community Council held in 'Yr Aelwyd', on Thursday 19th July 2007 at 7.00pm

PRESENT: Councillor D Elwyn Williams, (Chairman), Sarah J Howells, Robin O Griffiths, Doreen Valentine, Geraint P Bevan, Denzil Williams, T Alun West and Selwyn H Thomas

APOLOGIES: Councillor Willian Denzil Vivian Evans, Audrey M Jones, Richard S Thomas, Catherine James and Clifford Merlin Jones and Police Inspector Roderick

IN ATTENDANCE: PC M Richardson and I Pollock, Carmarthen Journal

29. Chairman's Announcements

Cllr Williams referred to his attendance at Ysgol Llangunnor School school sports days and the Leavers Service at the end of term. He had also attended the Court of the Admiralty held by the Mayor of Carmarthen. He mentioned that he had made £50 donations to St Cynnwr WI on the occasion of its 40th Anniversary and to the Llangunnor Carnival Committee. The Chairman thanked Cllr R O Griffiths for representing the Community Council in the Royal Garden Party at Buckingham Palace.
Members were reminded to declare pecuniary interests and record in the attendance book

30. Police Report

Members had consultation with the Police before commencement of the Council meeting and the Chairman reported on concerns regarding the lack of progress with establishing the Neighbourhood Police Base at 60, Bron y Dre, Tregynnwr. RESOLVED: request the Chief Executive of Carmarthenshire County Council to meet with representatives of Llangunnor Community Council

31. Minutes

RESOLVED to approve the minutes of the following meetings as a correct record:
i) The Planning Committee meeting held on 21st June 2007
ii) The Monthly Council meeting held on 21st June 2007 subject to amending minute 23 to read ... such as sub-leasing to the Community Council, ....

In considering the minutes the following points were raised:

i) Minute 17i) Referring to minute 3 and previous minute 139 - Home to Secondary School Transport. Clerk reported that no response had been received to the correspondence. RESOLVED: explore with Un Llais Cymru/One Voice Wales the possibility that County Council may be in breach of the European Convention on Human Rights with regard to its apparent inconsistent provision of free school transport for Llangunnor pupils attending secondary education.
ii) Minute 17ii) - Referring to previous minute 3 RESOLVED: further request a response from the County Council regarding loose packaging from FOCUS in the plantation area in Pensarn.
iii) Minute 17iii) - Referring to previous minute 5 regarding mementoes to past chairpersons. Clerk detailed further quotations from suppliers. RESOLVED: Clerk to report on cost to the September meeting.
iv) Minute 17v) - Referring to previous minute 8 regarding quotations for relocating 2 Council noticeboards. Clerk reported on a second quotation received RESOLVED: Clerk to seek a third quotation. [Cllrs DE Williams and D Williams declared an interest with regard to this matter due to family connections]
v) Minute 19 - Neighbourhood Police Base. Cllr CM Jones & Clerk reported on the apparent impasse reached on setting up the Base at 60 Bron y Dre. RESOLVED: Refer to minute 30 for resolution.
vi) Minute 22 - Clerk to convene site-meeting with County Council Public Lighting Officer to determine a suitable position for the location of a light column near Llangunnor Church. RESOLVED: Chairman, Cllr CM Jones and Clerk to attend. Also Reverend A Griffiths, Vicar be invited to attend.
vii) Minute 23 - Llangunnor Park Association. RESOLVED: Discuss future leasing arrangements for the Park in the September meeting.
viii) Minute 25a - Outside bodies meeting in Yr Aelwyd. Response received from the Area Housing Manager stating that the residents have the right to determine whether outside bodies can hold meetings in Yr Aelwyd. RESOLVED: Acknowledge receipt of the correspondence.
ix) Minute 27i) - Parc Pensarn. Clerk reported that developers [North Point] have been appointed by the Welsh Assembly Government. First phase development is imminent and will include an A3 type planning application for an Hotel/resteraunt. Further phases will include offices, retail and light industrial units.
x) Minute 28b - Clerk was thanked for arranging the location of the public seats and Members conveyed supporting comments received from the public and that they are being well used

32. Llangunnor Park Association

Cllr RS Thomas had conveyed in writing to the Clerk that the Association is awaiting the recommendations of the County Council's review of public spaces in the County. RESOLVED: noted the statement

33. Naming the New Estate to be Developed in Mount Pleasant

Various names were suggested and a list of names received from the community. RESOLVED: Copy all names to Members for consideration at the September meeting. Members and Clerk also to invite the community to put forward further names

34. Projects for Section 106 Funding

Further consideration was given to suitable projects. RESOLVED: The provision of a community hall in Llangunnor was identified as the key project

35. Consultation Agreement on the Local Development Plan [LDP]

Clerk updated Members on the proposed County Council consultation agreement on the formation of the Carmarthenshire LDP for adoption in the year 2011-12

RESOLVED: convey to the Planning Authority the importance of securing meaningful consultation with the community councils, engaging with individuals and especially the youth, for their views. The LDP would need to promote the achievement of sustainable communities aimed at energising the local economy and the provision of employment

36. i) Accounts for 2006/7

The Clerk as the Council's Responsible Financial Officer presented the financial out-turn statement for the year ended 31st March 2007, which had been checked and verified by the Internal Auditor. RESOLVED: accept and approve the statement as a correct record for the year ended 31st March 2007

ii) Internal Auditor's Report

RESOLVED: i) To receive and accept the Internal Auditor's report confirming no matters for referral to Council. ii) To pay the Internal Auditor's fee. iii) To congratulate the Clerk on the successful audit

37. External Audit Annual Return for Year 2006/7

RESOLVED to certify the Statement of Accounts and to approve the Annual Governance Statement in the Annual Return. It was further RESOLVED that the Annual Return be submitted to the External Auditor duly signed by the Chairman and Clerk

38. Budget 2007/8

The Clerk presented a budget statement detailing the current financial position to 30th June 2007. RESOLVED to receive the statement

39. Reports from Members Representing the Council on other Bodies

No reports were received

40. Approve Schedule of Accounts

RESOLVED: approve the monthly income and expenditure schedule presented by the Clerk:

A) Council is requested to consider and approve the following items of expenditure:

Payee Info (£) Amount
E Williams Bus Shelters (Jun 07) 57.00
Playing Field (Jun 07) 70.00
IW Davies Salary - July 2007 408.00
Office Allowance - July 2007 60.00
IT Allowance - July 2007 10.00
Office Support - July 2007 135.00
Carmarthenshire County Council Yr Aelwyd Fee [April - June] - 7 sessions 35.00
Zurich Municipal Annual Insurance Premium 519.28
L Llewellyn Internal Audit Fee 150.00

B) Council to note receipt of income: Nil

41. Correspondance

RESOLVED: receive the monthly schedule of correspondence and action agreed as follows:

Item From Nature of Correspondence
i Carmarthenshire County Council: Reject request to change the traffic Yield by Pobl Bach Nursery in Penymorfa Lane: RESOLVED: request site meeting
Detailed reply to various traffic management issues raised with Transport Department: RESOLVED: note the reply but refer back obstruction to motorists' line of sight caused by the Carmarthen sign at the junction of Penymorfa Lane and Llangunnor Road
Consultation on proposed shared cycle/footway from Pensarn to Pibwrlwyd: RESOLVED: No objections
Reply to the request to trash sidegrowth and empty blocked gully on Sticle footpath adjacent to Ysgol Llangynnwr School: RESOLVED: work not done, refer back to County Council
Noted request for volunteers for the Carmarthenshire Veteran Tree Project
Noted response regarding complaint of slippery road surface under Pont Pensarn
Noted response regarding holding meetings in Yr Aelwyd
ii Un Llais I Gymru/One Voice Wales: Notice of 2007 AGM at Llandrindod Wells on 13 October 2007. RESOLVED: Approve Cllr S Howells to represent Council and to pay delegate Fee of £50
Received 2 copies of Y Llais/The Voice and model policy statement for dealing with 'Unacceptable actions by individuals'. RESOLVED: Clerk to adapt policy statement for approval by Llangunnor Council in a future meeting
iii Letters from: Shelter Cymru and Dyfed victim Support for financial aid RESOLVED: refer to December 2007 meeting
iv Ombudsman Wales: Annual report 2006/7. RESOLVED: Noted
v Cymdeithas yr Iaith: Notice of public meeting at the National Eisteddfod on 6th August RESOLVED: Noted
vi Society of Local Council Clerks: Notice of Welsh Conference and UK Annual Conference
vii UCW Cardiff: Questionnaire on state of local services: RESOLVED: Chairman in conjunction with the Clerk to complete
viii The Christadelphians: Request to display posters on Council notieboards RESOLVED: Not to agree
ix Play Wales/Chwarae Cymru: Notice of consultation on scheme for reinvestment of dormant bank accounts. RESOLVED: Noted
x Local residents: List of suggested names for proposed new housing estate in Mount Pleasant RESOLVED: distribute list to Members prior to September meeting
xi : Noted all other correspondence and promotional material received

42. Any Other Matter: - RESOLVED

a) Refer to County Council:
i) Damaged cattle grid and non opening of wicket gate on lane from Heol Capel Dewi to Nant. Also the need to trash the green road from Nant to Maeslan.
ii) Poor condition of safety fencing at rear of footway in Penymorfa Lane between Llangunnor Road and Pobl Bach Nursery. Also in the same section of road the need to trim back trees obstructing highsided vehicles.
iii) Need to trash both lanes to Llangunnor Church

b) Department of Transport
RESOLVED: Appeal to the Department to discontinue using the road junction by Brynmeurig Stores for reverse testing as it is near the main thoroughfare to Llangunnor Park and constitutes danger to children accessing the Park. This would also discourage learners from using the junction for practice

c) Vehicle Speeding in Rhoslas
RESOLVED: Request the Police to monitor vehicle speeds in Rhoslas between 5.00pm and 6.30pm

d) Council Public Lighting Plan
RESOLVED: Clerk to update plan and present to the October meeting

43. Summer Recess

RESOLVED to suspend standing orders for the period between the July and the September monthly meetings and grant powers to the Chairman, Vice Chairman and Chairman of Planning to deal with Council matters, in conjunction with the Clerk

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