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June 2017

Minutes of Monthly Meeting of Llangunnor Community Council held in 'Yr Aelwyd', Tregynnwr at 6.30pm on Thursday 22nd June 2017.

PRESENT: Councillor Lee Whatley (Chair), Elwyn Williams, Geraint Bevan, Robin Griffiths, Paul Totterdale, Alun West, Sandra Thomas, Alexandra Trowbridge-Mathews, Michael Maynard and Adrienne Mackintosh

APOLOGIES: Councillor Dafydd Williams

1. Chair's Announcements

I would like to ask that Councillors don't use mobile phones during meetings; I know that we can at times need to keep them on for emergencies but we are here for a reason and I want to make sure that we are all paying attention to what is being discussed.

It has been a busy month with invites to attend a meeting of the Sugar craft guild where I got to see first-hand the sorts of activities they do on a monthly basis, once the formal element of the meeting was completed I got to watch a demonstration of making tulips using sugar paste and porcelain. I was also invited along to the installation of Councillor Alun Lenny as Mayor of Carmarthen and attended Priordy chapel with the vice chair for his Civic service along with the town council. Back in Llangunnor I attended Babell Zion Newydd for a coffee morning and even baked a cake for them. I was unable to attend celebrations at Pobl Bach and the school sports but the Vice Chair Councillor Thomas was able to attend to represent the Council. Cllr Thomas confirmed her attendance and stated that both events had been a great success.

Councillor Sandra Thomas also attended the Big Lunch on behalf of the Council and commented that "A huge thank you must go to Llangunnor Network, for organising this free event and providing the buffet. Everyone who attended enjoyed chatting and watching a presentation of old photographs.

The Chair and Vice also attended a performance of "Dwr, Awyr, Tir". Cwmni Theatr Arad Goch has been working with schools throughout Wales with Creative Collaboration Projects, under the Creative Learning Scheme by the Arts Council of Wales - all pupils are to be commended for their efforts.

He also mentioned that Mrs Eileen Jones will be holding her annual Coffee Day to raise funds for the Cancer unit at Prince Phillip Hospital on Monday 26th June.

2. Declaration of Interest


3. Public Questions


4. Annual General Meeting 2017 Minutes

It was moved by Cllr West and seconded by Cllr Totterdale (minute 0617-4) and RESOLVED unanimously to approve as a correct record the minutes of the AGM held on the 11th May 2017

5. Minutes

It was moved by Cllr Totterdale and seconded by Cllr Bevan (minute 0617-5) and RESOLVED to approve as a correct record the minutes of the monthly Council meeting and Planning Sub-Committee held on 18th May 2017.

6. Matters Arising

Matters raised / resolved outside meetings

a) Bus Stop / Bin (Nantycaws) - Response from Carmarthenshire County Council "Yes the order to repair the damaged section of the shelter has been issued to the fabricator a fortnight ago. Unfortunately however there was a 4 / 5 week turnaround so I'd say it won't be repaired until the first week of June at the earliest. Sorry I'll chase up the bin because I'd assumed that this had already been replaced as I was told by the Cleansing team that they were going to do it a fortnight ago" Clerk to chase up with Carmarthenshire County Council
b) Speeding Traffic Nantycaws - Response from Dyfed Powys Police - "Your concern regards speeding has been drawn to my attention in the Casualty reduction partnership (Speed Camera Enforcement). I am aware from previous enforcement by roads policing officers and our vans (when the A48 was temporary closed last year) that speeding through the village is apparent. I have asked my analyst to now look at resurrecting this site as a community concern site however we will need to have a speed survey data to evaluate the problem. I have asked Mike Jacob with Carms Highways to respond on the survey details. In the meantime we will start attendance there based on an operational reason prior to reviewing its status". Cllr Maynard expressed his disappointment with this response and it was unanimously agreed (minute 0617-6b) to invite PS Ian Price to our next meeting to discuss the issues.
c) Public Lighting Issues - Response from Carmarthenshire County Council "The quotation for a new hinged column on the footpath complete with a 18 watt LED lantern with new WPD electrical supply would be : £1,886 + VAT. Please note that upon acceptance and installation of this footway light it would be added to your community council footway account for all future energy and maintenance costs. I would also advise that your community council ensures that residents in the area are consulted before you put any additional lighting in. It was unanimously agreed (minute 0617-6c) to ask Carmarthenshire County Council to go ahead with this proposal. The excavation works on Towy bridge are being programmed for this month - I will let you know when we have completed the required works.
d) Litter in verges between Llangunnor and Nantycaws - Awaiting response from Carmarthenshire County Council
e) Login Road - Clerk reported that he had received the following from Carmarthenshire County Council - "Work began on Monday 19th June. Works are estimated to take between 5 and 6 weeks. Traffic will be controlled by lights. Work will be done in sections. Traffic control will be turned off overnight when possible but there may be some instances when it needs to be left on
f) Babell Hill / Roman Road Junction - Proposal by Carmarthenshire County Council to carry out improvements in this area, some concerns were expressed and it was unanimously agreed (minute 0617-6f) to request a site visit with Carmarthenshire County Council, Clerk to arrange (Cllrs Griffiths / Thomas and Mackintosh to represent Council & Local member)

7. The Park

Clerk reported that Park Sub-Committee had met (draft minutes on website), Clerk to implement action points

8. Web Sub-Committee

Meeting had taken place prior to this meeting, draft minutes will be on website

9. Finance Sub-Committee

Meeting to be arranged before next monthly meeting

10. Christmas Decoration in Pensarn Sub-Committee

Clerk reported that Sub-Committee had met (draft minutes on website), Clerk to implement action points

11. Co-option onto Council

One letter received, following a discussion it was unanimously agree (minute 0617-11) that Mr Vivian Davies, Brynteg, 7 Gwynfan, Nantycaws, SA32 8HF be co-opted onto the Council and to represent the east Ward

12. Code of Conduct Training

To note that Carmarthenshire County Council is arranging Code of Conduct Training on the 29th June or 6th July, and it encourages all councillors to attend

13. Model Local Resolution Protocol for Community and Town Councils

The Clerk gave a brief oversight of the protocol and following a discussion it was unanimously agreed (minute 0617-13) be adopted by the Council

14. Lights at entrance to Towy View Park

It was unanimously agreed (minute 0617-14) that the Clerk arrange a site visit with Carmarthenshire County Council (Cllrs Griffiths and Elwyn Williams to represent the Council)

15. Keep Council's possessions in Yr Aelwyd safe

Following a lengthy discussion it was unanimously agreed (minute 0617-15) that the tapestry presented to the Council by Llangunnor W.I. be encased in a polycarbon case for environmental protection, Clerk to liase with Cllr Trowbridge-Mathews

16. Reports from Members Representing Council on other Bodies

Riverside Association - Cllr Whatley [Chair attended meeting on behalf of Cllr Trowbridge-Mathews] - The group discussed final arrangements for the River Festival to be held on the 8th July from 4pm, I hope Councillors would support this event on our boundaries. It is hoped that a group lead by the Carmarthenshire Water Safety Partnership will be able to take over the tenancy of the old heritage centre to be used by groups and interested parties who use the river. The tenancy is likely to be for two years originally.

One Voice Wales - Cllr Whatley attended area committee meeting and AGM on Tuesday, a lot of new faces as many councillors did not stand for re-election. Remind Councillors of the training which is provided by One Voice Wales and One Voice Wales along with the Welsh Government will be looking to create a Welsh Language Champion on each community & town Council. More details are being sought as to what the role would entail

School Governors - Cllr Griffiths reported that there were still serious concerns in respect of parking / dropping off at the school, discussions on-going

Training -

17. Approve the Schedule of Accounts

It was Resolved (minute 0617-17) proposed Cllr Trowbridge-Mathews and seconded Cllr Elwyn Williams (unanimous) that the accounts submitted be approved.

A) Council is requested to consider and approve the following items of expenditure:

Payee Info (£) Amount
E Williams Playing Field (31/05/17) 75.00
CJ Thomas Salary - June 2017 552.12
Office Allowance - June 2017 100.00
IT Allowance - June 2017 40.00
Reimbursement: Postage (incl sending off Accounts) 20.69
Bowing & Weaving Stationery / Ink 97.63
Sugarcraft Guild AGM Refreshments (Chair's Fund) 50.00
Chair's Donation: Sugarcraft Guild(Chair's Fund) 50.00
One Voice Wales Training - Cllr Maynard 40.00
Mrs Eileen Jones Chair's Donation: Coffee Morning in Aid of Cancer Charity 100.00

B) Council to note receipt of income:

Payee Info (£) Amount
Carmarthenshire County Council Park Maintenance Grant 1060.00

18. Correspondence

It was RESOLVED (minute ) that the following correspondence be noted/action taken.

No Nature of Correspondence Agreed Action
1 One Voice Wales Bulletin May 2017 Noted
2 Brechfa Forest Wind Farm Connection Noted
3 National Business Crime Survey Noted
4 Mid and West Wales Fire & Rescue Service: Did You Know Survey. Noted
5 Historic Environment Update, Number 4 Noted
6 From Richard Thomas: As you may know My house 7 Llygad yr Haul backs on to the top of Llangunnor Park. There is a old and very large sycamore tree in the top hedge some 15 meters from my house. Because of its proximity to my property and the potential danger of it falling on my property in a heavy storm the County Council grounds and estates department lopped off approximately a third of the height some 4 years ago. However in the intervening period the tree has regrown even higher than originally and continues to grow. I would be extremely appreciative if the Llangunnor community council would agree to either cutting the tree back again or felling it all together. The amount of wood which could be sold off would be of some considerable value to the Community Council to defray the tree cutting costs It was unanimously agreed (minute 0617-18) that Clerk be instructed to get information from Carmarthenshire County Council on the last time it was cut and the reasoning behind it and whether it presented a Health and Safety issue
7 Insurance Renewal from Zurich Clerk to clarify some queries and then renew the insurance - passed to Cllr Elwyn Williams for comment

19. Any Other Business

a) Path from Haulfyn down to the school - Clerk to contact Carmarthenshire County Council in respect of cutting back vegetation and investigate any illicit dumping
b) Concern expressed that Dyfed Powys Police had not attended any meetings for a few months, Clerk to contact Dyfed Powys Police
c) Tesco Bags for help - Put on agenda of next meeting.
d) Clerk to enquire with Carmarthenshire County Council in respect of safety issues in respect of cladding recently placed on Council owned properties
e) Sticle Path on the maintenance programme with Carmarthenshire County Council.
f) Carmarthenshire County Council to be informed that following grass cutting in Tregynnwr litter was now prevelant.
g) Dyfed Powys Police to be contacted in relation to parking issues in Elder Grove.
h) Cllr Bevan wished it be recorded in the minutes of the achievement of the school with the "Dwr, Awyr, Tir" (Water, Air, Land) presentation and also the success of the school sports and summer fair - unanimously agreed (minute 06-17 19h)

20. Presentation

The Chair was pleased to report that Cllr Griffiths had given 40 years of service to the Council and to the community as a whole; he had always represented the residents to the best of his ability. The Chair thanked him on behalf of past and present Councillors for this service and presented him with a commemorative plate to mark the occasion. Cllr Griffiths thanked all concerned.

21. Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held on Thursday 20th July 2017 at 6.30pm at Yr Aelwyd.

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