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May 2014

Minutes of Monthly Meeting of Llangunnor Community Council held in 'Yr Aelwyd', Tregynnwr at 6.30pm on Thursday 15th May 2014.

PRESENT: Councillor Paul Totterdale (Chair), Elwyn Williams, David J Watson, Robin O Griffiths, Selwyn Thomas , Alun West, Sandra Thomas, Lee Whatley, Geraint Bevan, Glenda Lloyd and Merlin Jones.

APOLOGIES:Councillors Dafydd Williams, Sarah Howells.

1. Chair's Announcements

The Chair thanked members for electing him as Chair for 2014/15, he reported that he had attended the inauguration of the new Town Mayor, he also thanked Cllr Lloyd for accompanying him.

The meeting unanimously agreed to return to the Agenda of the AGM which was adjourned the previous week.

3. Minutes

RESOLVED that the following amendments be added to the minutes
a) (Item 4a) Clarification included on which web addresses had been purchased
b) (Item 4b) Flyers to be distributed to businesses in Pensarn.
c) (Item 13a) Payment to Carmarthenshire County Council for barrier at Sticle should read as £246.60.
The Clerk apologised for the oversights it was then agreed to approve as a correct record the minutes of the monthly Council meeting and Planning Sub Committee held on April 17th 2014 (Minute 0514-3) Proposed by Cllr L Whatley and seconded by Cllr E Williams.

3. Matters Arising:

Matters raised/resolved outside meetings: April 2014/May 2014

a) The fence opposite 23 Haulfryn is in poor condition - Fence now removed.
b) Timetable at bus stop opposite Police HQ - Clerk still awaiting costs from Carmarthenshire County Council.
c) Bus Shelter Penymorfa - Carmarthenshire County Council "I would advise you that unfortunately, as part of the County Council's efficiency savings, we no longer hold a budget for new bus shelter installations and are wholly reliant on external funding means (eg grants/developer contributions) to address such requests - to this end, please be assured that this location will be recorded, in the event of such alternative funding opportunities becoming available in the future". Since receiving response I have asked for a cost of erecting a shelter. Agreed to arrange site meeting to discuss location.
d) Park Gate - Padlock in place.
E) Yellow Lines - The Clerk had met with John McAvoy and he agreed to get an order for "no parking" at
i) Junction of Haulfryn/Babell Hill
ii) From bus stop (bottom of Babell) back to business,
iii) Entrance to previous Spic and Span,
iv) From entrance to Pensarn from GPO Depot to entrance to Charlies, following a discussion it was agreed to ask for this on both sides of the road.
f) Anti Slip Surface (Sticle) - It was agreed that Cllr Sandra Thomas meet Carmarthenshire County Council at Sticle Path to discuss anti slip surface. Clerk to follow up new rail to footpath.

4. Council Website

It was clarified that renewal notices for the new domains be sent to the Clerk

5. Welcome Pack

A new edition was circulated, any amendments to be notified to the Clerk.

6. Council Annual Accounts 2013/14

The Clerk reported that the Internal Auditor had approved this year's accounts. He highlighted that the balances had increased over the past couple of years. Cllr Watson stated that there could be a shortfall in the Park Scheme, it was agreed that when the Finance Sub Committee meet to discuss the Clerk's remuneration it also consider the balances and bring a report back to the following full Council meeting. It was resolved (Minute 0514-7) that the Accounts for 13/14 now be sent to the BDO (External Auditor)

8. Reports from Members Representing Council on other Bodies

No Reports

9. Approve Schedule of Accounts Apr/May 2014

It was RESOLVED (minute 0514-9) proposed Cllr D Watson seconded Cllr G Lloyd that the following schedule of accounts be approved (unanimous):

A) Council is requested to consider and approve the following items of expenditure:

Payee Info (£) Amount
E Williams Playing Field (31/04/14) 75.00
CJ Thomas Salary - May 2014 532.60
Office Allowance - May 2014 85.00
IT Allowance - May 2014 30.00
Chain/Padlock for park 8.75
Easyspace New domain names
Bowen & Weaving Stationary 4.83
Lyn Llewelyn Internal Audit 220.00
One Voice Wales Training (H+S) 30.00

B) Council to note receipt of income:

Payee Info (£) Amount
Carmarthenshire County Council 1st Precept Payment 12,000

10. Correspondence

It was RESOLVED (minute 0514-10) that the following correspondence be noted/action taken.

No Date Nature of Correspondence Agreed Action
1 Trans Link Cymru - Asking for support for reopening Carmarthen to Aberystwyth line. Noted
2 Closure of Fire Control Room - Request for support See Item 10.2
3 Response from Church in Wales to graveyard issue See Item 10.3
4 Letter of thanks from Mr Lyn Davies (retiring headmaster) It was agreed that Mr & Mrs Davies be invited to Annual Dinner

10.2 Closure of Fire Control Room

An open discussion took place and all members were extremely concerned that consideration was being given to the closure of the Control Room. It was unimaginable that the control room be moved to Bridgend, concern covered the confusion that would arise out of the rural aspect of the area, particularly the number of Welsh property and village names: the possible loss of posts and the loss of the gold standard for the service.

It was unanimously resolved (Minute 0514-10.2) that the Clerk write to the Chair of the Mid-West Wales Fire Authority expressing the Council's concern at the lack of consultation and highlighting the issue raised above. Copies to be sent to leaders of all Groups on Carmarthenshire County Council.

10.3 Llangunnor Church Graveyard

The Clerk reported the response received from the Church in Wales, this information was considered and it was agreed that this be placed back on the Agenda when more information was available.

11. Any Other Business

a) Cllr Griffiths reported that a black bollard by the park had been damaged, Clerk to report to Carmarthenshire County Council.
b) Cllr Sandra Thomas reported that Sticle Path was becoming overgrown, Clerk to report to Carmarthenshire County Council.
c) Cllr Selwyn Thomas reported that temporary bollards by Towy Garage needed collecting, Clerk to report to Carmarthenshire County Council.

12. Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held on Thursday 12th June 2014 at 6.30pm (Site meeting at Penymorfa at 6pm)

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