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May 2011

Minutes of Monthly Meeting of Llangunnor Community Council held in 'Yr Aelwyd', Tregynnwr at 6.30pm on Thursday 19th May 2011.

PRESENT: Councillor A West (Chair), DE Williams, S Howells, PE Totterdale, CM Jones, DJ Watson, LK Carmody, GP Bevan, and RO Griffiths

APOLOGIES: Councillors EA Jones, G Lloyd, SH Thomas and DI Davies, PC. M Richardson

1. Chairman's Announcements

Councillor West welcomed all to his first meeting as Council Chairman. Before commencement of the meeting the Chairman paid tribute to Dean Mead of the Royal Marines, who was killed in action in Afghanistan and whose parent lives in the Llangunnor community. Members stood for a minute's silence in honour of his sacrifice.

Cllr West referred to the absences of Cllr Glenda Lloyd and Cllr Selwyn Thomas following operations and requested that the Council's good wishes be conveyed to them in conjunction with an appropriate gift. He also asked Cllr Griffiths to convey Council's best wishes to Mrs Griffiths following her accidental fall and subsequent hospital treatment.
Cllr West asked Cllr Howells to convey the Council's appreciation to Carys Hall for the excellent buffet she had prepared for the AGM and also to thank her parents for their assistance throughout the evening. This was fully supported by the Members and Clerk. Cllr West had also attended the Carmarthen Town Mayor Installation Ceremony on Thursday evening 13th May.

2. Minutes

RESOLVED to approve as a correct record the minutes of:
i) The Monthly Council meeting held on 21st April 2011
ii) The Planning Committee meeting held on 21st April 2011. Proposed by Cllr Howells and seconded by Cllr Williams.

In considering the minutes the following points were raised:

i) Minute 135iv): Carbon Zero Project - Advice on the action required to eliminate the growth received from Coed Cymru and prices for the work obtained from Sylvan Landscapes [£240] and the Council Handyman [£100]. RESOLVED: Allocate the work to the Council 'Handyman' - Proposed by Cllr P Totterdale and seconded by Cllr CM Jones [Cllr DE Williams declared his interest in this matter and withdrew from the meeting]
ii) Minute 135iii) Old Photographs of Pensarn Creamery - The photos have been presented by Trysor to the Carmarthen Museum.
iii) Minute 138): Replacement Clerk - Mr Clive Thomas has confirmed acceptance of the Clerk position to commence on 1st June.
iv) Minute 143: River Festival Committee - Clerk reported that Network Rail is the owner of the field immediately south of Pont King Morgan and the other adjacent fields are in the ownership of a person living in Swansea.
v) Minute 146i): Exposed Pipe in River Tywi - Cllr DE Williams advised Members on the exposed pipe in River Tywi by the Capel Dewi Water Works.

3. County Council Housing Allocation

Cllr Griffiths introduced a motion calling on the County Council to review its methods of allocating housing in Llangunnor. He described instances of disquiet within the community that bring into question the procedures exercised by the County Council. From these instances it would appear that the points system is creating problems and giving rise to loss of trust and faith in the present policy.

RESOLVED: That the County Council Housing Scrutiny Committee investigates the procedures for the allocation of housing in Llangunnor.

[Cllr CM Jones declared his interest in this item and withdrew from the meeting]

4. Llangunnor Park

Clerk reported on further vandalism damage to the park pavilion and that the Police were now investigating the matter. He also referred to complaints of difficulties encountered by wheelchair users and children in pushchairs accessing the park and on the pathways. RESOLVED:
i) Ask the Neighbourhood Police to increase patrols in the Park.
ii) Demand that the County Council ensures equality for all seeking to enter and enjoy the park.

5. Candidate Lamps for Conversion to Part Night Lights

Following consideration of the list of candidate lamps presented by the Clerk the following 25 lamps were selected for conversion: 724-02,06,11,14,16,18,20,33,39,53,55,57,61,64,65,69,111,114,126,128,131,139,140,146,150. Clerk advised that the conversion costs £15 per lamp.

RESOLVED: Request the County Council to convert these lamps to part night lighting.

6. Reports from Members representing Council on other Bodies

Riverside Association: Cllr Watson confirmed he will attend the next meeting.

River Festival Committee: Cllr Totterdale reported that the next meeting is scheduled for 24th May.

PACT Meeting: Cllr West reported on the main issues raised at the meeting. One issue was the absence of safety barriers at the Sticle footpath/Penymorfa Lane junction. RESOLVED: refer to the County Council Public Rights of Way Officer.

7. Traffic Calming Measures

Clerk reported on the County Transport Officer's responses to the requested calming measures. Council expressed disappointment with the apparent lack of progress in relation to the measures. RESOLVED: Request the Area Highways Engineer to attend a Council meeting

8. Approve Schedule of Accounts

It was resolved that the following payments be made:

A) Council is requested to consider and approve the following items of expenditure:

Payee Info (£) Amount
E Williams Bus Shelters (April 11) 57.00
Playing Field (April 11) 70.00
Emergency repairs to Pavilion 50.00
IW Davies Salary - May 2011 480.38
Office Allowance - May 2011 80.00
IT Allowance - May 2011 20.00
Office Support - May 2011 160.12
Reimbursement: Bouquet and wrapping 11.00
Carys Hall Payment on Account for AGM Buffet 100.00
A Davies Support at Clerk Interviews 20.00
Ysgol Llangynnwr PTA Part payment of School's 50th anniversary mugs 430.00
One Voice Wales AGM Delegate Fee 65.00
Marie Curie Cancer Care Section 137 Grant 50.00
Carmarthen Shopmobility Section 137 Grant 50.00
Ty Hafan Section 137 Grant 50.00
Carmarthen Women's Aid Section 137 Grant 50.00
Kidney Wales Foundation Section 137 Grant 50.00
Mencap Cymru Section 137 Grant 50.00
Carmarthen Family Centre Chair's Fund donation 50.00
Plus Net Internet Broadband [Jan 2011 - March 2011] 61.74


Payee Info (£) Amount
Carmarthenshire CC Precept - 1st instalment 11500.00
HMRC Repayment of National Ins. contributions 2010/11 3.84

9 Correspondence

RESOLVED to receive the monthly schedule of correspondence and agreed action as follows:

No Date Nature of Correspondence Agreed Action
i Carmarthenshire County Council Noted confirmation of proposed repairs to railings in Penymorfa Lane Noted agreement to regularly cut verge at the Blaengwastod/Mountpleasant junction Noted
ii Thanks for donation: Ty Hafan, Carmarthen Family Centre, Carmarthen,Women's Aid
iii SLCC: Quarterly bulletin
iv Resident Elder Grove: Apology in respect of previous unfounded complaint regarding the bus shelter in Elder Grove Noted
v Mid & West Wales Fire & Rescue Authority: Draft annual action plan 2012/3 is available via the website: www.mawwfire.gov.uk Noted
vi South Wales Trunk Road Agency[SWTRA]: Response to the request to grit the A48 underpass path between Emlyn Terrace and Morrison Store Noted
vii Carmarthenshire Tourist Association: Confirmation of membership Noted
viii BDO [External Auditor]: Audit brief and Annual Return for the year ending 31st March 2011 RESOLVED: Refer to Clerk/Responsible Finance Officer
ix All other correspondence Noted

10. Any Other Matter: RESOLVED

(i) Refer to County Council:
The need for a safety barrier at the junction of Sticle footpath with Penymorfa Lane. Refresh the no parking markings on the road at the entrance to Ysgol Llangynnwr
Appeal for the green food waste bins to be replaced after emptying where they had been left by the householder.

(ii) June Agenda:
Consider Community Award to the retiring Clerk
b) Identify places for planting daffodils
c) Chair to confirm arrangements for the Council's Civic Service
Request for additional street light in Nantycaws.

(iii) Other:
Council to convey its support for the school to the School Estyn Inspection Team.
Police Sign proposed for outside Yr Aelwyd: Clerk to follow up with the Police Authority

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