St Cynnwr Women's Institute 2016 Meetings

St Cynnwr WI meet on the first Tuesday of each month (except August) in Llangunnor School at 7pm

If you are interested in joining the WI or attending a meeting please contact us

Apr 12th
Happy Feet - Talk with a podiatrist
Comp - Penguin - Any Medium

May 3rd
Time to Decide - Debate the National Resolution
Comp - Inspiring Quote

June 7th **Change of Venue (this month only) - New Inn, Dryslwyn**
Food Bonanza - Tasty goodies for all with Muriel Howell
Comp - Food Quiz (on night)

July 5th
The Edwardians - Maids Monologue with Debra John
Comp - Old Remedy


Sept 6th
Pearl's Dream Candles - How it all Started with Trudi Petersen
Comp - Decorated Candle

Oct 4th
Noises Off - Sound effect from The Archers with Pamela Hunt
Comp - Small Instrument

Nov 1st
ACM and Supper - Time to reflect and celebrate
Comp - Winner

Dec 6th
Flowers for Christmas
Comp - Christmas Recipe

You would be made very welcome

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