The Big Lunch Llangunnor 2019

The Big Lunch Llangunnor 2019 was held on Saturday 1st June.

I would like to thank everyone who supported the event held this year at Babell Zion Newydd, and big thanks to those who helped to serve the drinks and ensured that the food was topped up when needed. A number of comment/feedback forms were completed and these will be added to the site over the next few weeks


Babell Zion Newydd, Pensarn, Carmarthen SA31 2DJ.


Saturday 1st June 2019


11.30am - 3pm (official opening midday)


* Digital display of photographs of the Llangunnor area
* Samples of census records of Llangunnor area

Food & Drink

A FREE sandwich/cold buffet will be available on the day along with tea/coffee and squash.
Whilst supplies last

Want To Help?

We are always looking to build up more historical records of Llangunnor especially photographs of the area - if you can help please get in contact.


Why hold the event at the chapel and not at the school or in the park?

Ultimately it come down to cost, While we were given free use of the school in 2015 we did have to pay for the caretaker to be present during the day. The park meanwhile would be a fantastic location but it does not have the facilites we would need for this event (toilets, water, power and it would be difficult to keep food)

The Big Lunch

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