Festive Colouring Contest

Colouring Contest


We have been thinking for some time of other activities that could be run to engage with the community of Llangunnor and also activities that could run throughout the year - not everyone wants to (or is able to) decorate their home with festive lights and wanting to do something that was open to people of all ages and colouring seemed the obvious choice as the theme can change throughout which means that we could run contests at various points during the year.

As this is a new idea for us we don't know how well it will be received or what teething problems we are likely to experiance but hopefully the community will get behind this and it will grow and get better over time


The contest is free to enter and open to all in Llangunnor and the surrounding area

With the contest we have provided a range of templates (below) that you can download and print off for yourself or children and get them coloured in. We don't want the completed sheets returned you can keep them but we would ask that you take a clear photo or scan the completed image and email it to contest@llangunnor.net ensuring that you add the first name and age of the person who did the colouring (if your over 18 just note 18+) by Sunday 3rd December 2023.

Depending on the number of entries received we will batch the images into groups, these images will them be posted on to the Llangunnor Network Facebook page and post "likes" on the images will help to determine the winner in the particular category so the clearer the image the better.

In the event of an equal number of likes then the final decision on the winner(s) will be made by Llangunnor Network

Colouring Templates

Please select a template which will open in a new page as a PDF which can be printed

Colouring Contest Colouring Contest Colouring Contest Colouring Contest Colouring Contest

Colouring Contest Colouring Contest Colouring Contest Colouring Contest Colouring Contest

Facebook/Social Media

The contest will be run via the Facebook page which can be found at Llangunnor Network to like am image you need to have a Facebook account but you don't need to have a Facebook account to take part or "like" the Llangunnor Network Facebook page


The dreaded rules, anyone and everyone can take part so a few rules regarding any prizes

  • Images submitted should include: first name and age of the person
  • One prize will be given to the winner of each category
  • A list of all winner(s) will be published online and on Facebook with there winning image(s), first name and age (or age range)
  • Winners will be contacted to arrange delivery/collection of their prize
  • No prizes will be posted and delivery will only be within the Carmarthen area
  • Any unclaimed prizes will held for a period of time
  • Prizes remain the property of Llangunnor Network until claimed/delivered/collected
  • Likes by pages or groups will not be counted
  • Only likes on the images on the contest post on the Llangunnor Network Facebook page will be counted
Any personal information will be used as per the Llangunnor Network Privacy Policy


It will be a cash prize for the winner(s) and we will commit to a 1st prize of £25 and winner(s) will be announced on Monday 18th December 2023

Colouring Contest

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