Time Credits In Llangunnor

Time Credits are a tool for building communities, they support individuals to become better connected to each other and their local communities. Ultimately they encourage and celebrate the time that people give to their communities.

Time Credits

Earning Time Credits

For each hour of your time given to a group or organisation signed up to the Time Credit network you can earn 1 Time Credit, the Time Credit is given for active contributions and not to reward attendance or good behaviour.

Time Credits are always worth 1 hour of activities.

They do not have a cash value.

Spending Time Credits

All spending opportunities are calculated in the same way as earning opportunities whereas 1 Time Credit would equal 1 hour of an activity.

Time Credits can't be used to access discounts or be exchanged for goods.

Members of the Time Credits Network can spend their credits in the following ways:

  • On an activity at the place where the credit was earned
  • On other local activities and opportunities
  • As a gift or thank you to someone else
  • Somewhere else within the UK network

Earning/Spending in Llangunnor

In Llangunnor you can earning Time Credits in the following ways:

  • Volunteering at Books for Free
  • Litter Picks

You can spend Time Credits locally in the following ways:

  • Film Night - held monthly
  • Selected Events held at Books for Free store
  • Entry to Botanical Gardens


If you would like to find out more about earning or spending Time Credits in Llangunnor we would suggest you contact the organisations/groups above or you can contact us.

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