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February 2010

Minutes of Monthly Meeting of Llangunnor Community Council held in 'Yr Aelwyd', on Thursday 18th February 2010 at 6.45pm

PRESENT Councillor D Valentine (Chair) Councillors A West, DI Davies, JA Green, DE Williams, RO Griffiths, SH Thomas, CM Jones, PE Totterdale LK Carmody, S Howells and G Bevan

APOLOGIES Councillor EA Jones

IN ATTENDANCE: PC M Richardson , D Fisher, Carmarthen Journal , 1 Elector

103. Police Report

PC Richardson referred to matters in hand following the recent PACT meeting: complaints regarding the sequencing of the new traffic lights installed on the Pensarn A48/A40/A484 roundabout; restricted left and right visibility at the Penymorfa Lane/Llangunnor Road junction [adjacent to Plas Penymorfa]; pedestrian safety when crossing at the bus stop in Llangunnor Road; reported anti social behaviour incident in Login Road. RESOLVED: Refer the visibility concerns relating to the Penymorfa Lane junction and to seek a reduction in the speed limit along Llangunnor Road from 40mph to 30mph to the County Head of Transportation. Members drew attention to littering late at night in the parking areas in Haulfryn.

PC Richardson reported that the next PACT meeting will be held in Yr Aelwyd at 7.30 pm on 23rd March and confirmed that an external sign locating the Neighbourhood Police caller surgery at Yr Aelwyd would be erected shortly. RESOLVED: Clerk to review the need for a further location sign following the installation of the Neighbourhood Police sign.

104. Chair's Announcements

Cllr Valentine referred to the Members New Year dinner and thanked the Clerk for making the arrangements.

105. Minutes

RESOLVED to approve as a correct record the minutes of:
i) The Monthly Council meeting held on 21st January 2010.
ii) The Planning Committee Meeting held on 21st January 2010

In considering the minutes the following points were raised:

i) Minute 105(i) Home to School Transport. Clerk reported on the letter from the County Council to Adam Price MP outlining the current transport arrangements. Clerk also reported that the County Council had confirmed that the walking routes to Ysgol Bro Myrddin and QE High School will be reassessed during February 2010. Discussion focussed on the unreasonableness of the three mile limit and the risk aspects of heavy traffic coupled with the expectation of carrying large amount of essential school items. RESOLVED: Appeal to the Welsh Assembly for a reduction in the current 3 mile statutory home to school walking distance with a recommendation that it be lowered to 2 miles for all pupils.
ii) Minute 92iii) Parking in front of Yr Aelwyd: Clerk advised Members of confirmation received that the recessed area immediately in front of Yr Aelwyd was primarily earmarked as parking for Yr Aelwyd residents.
iii) Minute 92(iv) Hedge side growth along footpath in Glanffynnon: Housing Department has initiated action to get the growth cut back.
iv) Minute 102ii) Regeneration - Pensarn. Clerk awaiting response RESOLVED Seek a response from the County Director of Regeneration.

106. Llangunnor Park

Clerk referred to correspondence received from the County Head of Parks and Leisure noting the inclusion of a playground in the proposed residential development by Brynheulog, Mount pleasant. Council Members expressed concern and dismay that should the proposal be approved the community in due course would have to financially support two parks. Clerk also referred to the request by the County Youth Service via the County Tenants Participation Officer to locate a container at the park for the secure holding of additional play facilities. RESOLVED:
i) Appeal to the Chief Executive and Director for Regeneration that Section 106 monies generated by this development be directed to enhance the facilities in Llangunnor Community Park and to reject proposals for another playground on the residential estate.
ii) Clerk to attend site meeting involving the County Parks Officer, Tenants Participation Officer and Youth Service representatives and establish the proposed requirements.

107. New Lighting on paths in Rhoslas, Haulfryn and Bron y Dre

With reference to minute 96 [Council meeting 21/01/2010] Clerk presented the estimated costs provided by the County Council Public Lighting Officer relating to the proposed installation of new lighting columns:
i) Alongside the steps by the electricity sub-station adjacent to No. 53, Rhoslas - estimate circa £3000 subject to available power supply nearby.
ii) Footpath between Haulfryn and Clôs Sticle - estimate circa £2000
iii) Footpath running between No's 38 and 50, Bron y Dre - Housing Department will fund the lighting installation subject to Community Council accepting the annual energy costs (circa. £7.60) and the annual maintenance charges (circa. £24.20).

RESOLVED: Clerk to further negotiate and approve the cost of installation
i) subject to the final quotation being less than £2500 and proceed with installation
ii); agree to funding the annual operational cost of installation
iii). All three lamps to be fitted with part night light controls.

108. Welsh Assembly Government Consultation on the Review of Councillor's Allowances Regulations

Clerk introduced the consultative document seeking views of Council on the need to review the regulations on allowances for Members of Community Council and the possible content of any revised regulations. RESOLVED: Council agreed responses to the list of consultative questions.

109. Draft Hire Agreement for Yr Aelwyd

Council considered a draft of the proposed hire agreement by the Housing Department for holding events in the Resident's Lounge at Yr Aelwyd. Certain amendments and recommendations were advanced to the County Head of Housing.

110. Reports from Members Representing the Council on other Bodies

i) Riverside Group: Cllr Griffiths reported that previous developments outlined for the Llangunnor side of the river were now left in abeyance and proposals are currently being drafted for a 'wetland' area on the Carmarthen town side between the A40 and the Maes y Dderwen residential estate. It is proposed to hold the annual River Festival in 2010.
ii) Dyfed-Powys Police Consultation: Cllr West reported on the consultative meeting which had focussed on the police operational priorities for 2010-13 and the Police Authority's budget proposals for 2010-11

111. Approve Schedule of Accounts

RESOLVED: approve the monthly income and expenditure schedule presented by the Clerk:

A) Council is requested to consider and approve the following items of expenditure:

Payee Info (£) Amount
E Williams Bus Shelters (Jan 2010) 57.00
Playing Field (Jan 2010) 70.00
Clearing away Christmas Tree 80.00
IW Davies Salary - Feb 2010 462.08
Office Allowance - Feb 2010 70.00
IT Allowance - Feb 2010 20.00
Office Support - Feb 2010 154.03
Reimbursement - Dinner Gratuity 10.00
Boars Head New Year Dinner Costs & Chairwoman's Reception 39.35
HM Excise & Customs NI Payments 22.67
Carmarthenshire County Council Public lighting - Maintenance 1104.61
Carmarthenshire County Council Public lighting - Energy 477.38

Income: Nil

112. Correspondence

RESOLVED to receive the monthly schedule of correspondence and agreed action as follows:

Item From Nature of Correspondence
i Llywodraeth Cynulliad Cymru/Welsh Assembly Government Consultation on Accounts and Audit [Wales] Amendment Regulations. RESOLVED: Chair of Finance and Clerk to note.
Noted advertisement for appointments to Community Health Councils Consultation document - Review of Councillors' Allowances regulations [minute 108 above refers].
Inquiry into accessibility of railway stations in Wales. RESOLVED: refer the excessively steep slope to access platform 2 and the absence of drop kerbs to access taxis at Carmarthen Station. Compliment the provision of the pre-requested passenger support.
ii Un Llais Cymru/One Voice Wales Seeking Member contacts within Councils to develop community led responses to the challenges facing the planet. - Clerk to complete questionnaire
iii Carmarthenshire County Council Noted invitation to observe Local Access Forum meeting.
Requesting observations on complaint received from Gerynant Residents Association regarding refuse/recycling collection at Gerynant, Off Llangunnor Road. RESOLVED: Reaffirm support for the current arrangement with the green bunkers positioned on Gerynant lane. [Councillor R Griffiths declared an interest and did not take part in this item]
Request to locate a play equipment storage container in Llangunnor Park [minute 106 above refers]
iv Financial aid appeals: Cerebra; Gwyl Cerdd Dant Cwm Gwendraeth 2011; Kidney Wales Foundation; NSPCC; Cruse Bereavement Care; Union of Welsh Independent Churches; Tenovus and Tywi Community Church
v Adam Price MP: Copy of County Council response to the local 'Home to School Transport' issue - Minute 105i) refers
vi Dyfed Powys Police Authority: Notice of Community Consultative meeting - Referred to Cllr A West - minute 110ii) refers
vii Turning Point Cymru Noted Carmarthenshire Life Skills Project networking event on 24th February 2010
viii Carmarthenshire Partnership: Questionnaire regarding local services to reduce poverty - Clerk and Chairwoman to complete
ix Mid & West Wales Fire and Rescue Services: Noted promotion of the free home fire safety checks service
x Capel Dewi Community Association: Copy of letter to County Head of Street Scene complaining about the continuation of the temporary traffic lights by Cystanog Corner, Heol Capel Dewi. RESOLVED: Appeal to the County Head of Transport to complete the river bank reinforcement works thereby removing the inconvenience of the temporary lights
xi Noted all other correspondence

113. Any Other Matter: - RESOLVED

(i) Refer to County Council:
• Request removal of litter from around the Western Power sub-station by the FOCUS yard in Pensarn Road.
• Check whether the mobile 'burger stall' operating at weekends in Stephen's Way is appropriately licensed to trade.
• Entry to culvert by entrance to Gerynant, Llangunnor Road needs clearing.

(ii) Commencement of Council Monthly Meetings
RESOLVED: Monthly meetings to commence at 6.30 pm and adjourned when confidential consultation is required with the Police.

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