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April 2008

Minutes of Monthly Meeting of Llangunnor Community Council held in 'Yr Aelwyd', on Thursday 17th April 2008 at 7.00pm

PRESENT: Councillor D Elwyn Williams (Chairman), Richard S Thomas, C Merlin Jones, Doreen Valentine, Sarah J Howells, Robin O Griffiths, Selwyn H Thomas, Geraint P Bevan, Catherine James and T Alun West

APOLOGIES: Councillor Denzil Williams and Audrey Jones

IN ATTENDANCE: PC M Richardson, Sgt ? and 2 electors

130. Police Report

Police consulted with Members and reported on the action taken within the area. Members asked for action to be taken on vehicles parking on pavements and obstructing pedestrians. Incidences at the entrance to the Dyfed-Powys Police HQ and the Probation Service in Llangunnor Road, Emlyn Terrace and Pensarn Road were noted

131. Chairman's Announcements

Chairman referred to visiting Cllr Audrey Jones to convey the Council's good wishes following her discharge from hospital. He would be attending the St Cynnwr Women's Institute forthcoming charity event. Cllr Griffiths on behalf of Ysgol Llangynnwr presented the Chairman an official DVD recording of the school's successful bilingual Christmas Show - The Wizard of Oz/Y Dewin Oz

As this was his last meeting as Chairman, Cllr Williams thanked all for their support during the year and offered good wishes to the Members retiring at the election on May 1st. He congratulated the Councillors who had been successfully re-elected

132. Minutes

RESOLVED to approve the minutes of the following meetings as a correct record:
i) The Monthly Council meeting held on 20th March 2008
ii) The Planning Committee meeting held on 20th March 2008

In considering the minutes the following points were raised:

i) Minute 111 [Council Meeting 21st February] Meeting with Tenants Networks - Cllr James will be retiring from Council on May 1st. RESOLVED: Cllr RS Thomas to replace.
ii) Minute 119 - Chairman still awaiting response to the complaint.
iii) Minute 120 - Referring to minute 117a: Dual carriaging the road section between the Morrison and Pensarn roundabouts is being considered and would have implications for the roundabout. RESOLVED: defer complaint pending publication of plans for the dual carriageway
iv) Minute 120 - Referring to minute 117c: Substantive reponse awaited from the Assembly Member.
v) Minute 129b - Contractor appointed to inspect condition of road surface

133. Annual General Meeting

Clerk reported that in line with statute the Council's AGM must take place before 20th May. RESOLVED:
i) The AGM will be held at 7.00pm in Yr Aelwyd on Thursday 15th May 2008 and the first monthly meeting of the newly elected Council be held at 7.00pm on 22nd May in Yr Aelwyd.
ii) The retiring members and Canon Aled Griffiths to be invited as guests to the Chairman's Reception and Dinner following the AGM.
iii) Council Certificates to be presented to the retiring members

134. Election - 1st May 2008

Clerk reported that the Returning Officer had confirmed the result of the uncontested election in respect of the Llangunnor Community and advised that the Council is 1 Member short of the required number representing the East Ward. The elected Members may co-opt a person to fill the vacancy. RESOLVED:
i) Advertise the vacancy in the press, council notice boards and via the Llangunnor website.
ii) Invite interested persons to confirm their interest in writing to the Clerk by 14th May 2008

135. Annual Grass Cutting Contract of Llangunnor Park

Clerk reported on the County Ground Maintenance Manager quoted contract price of £993.55 for the season and agreement to charge monthly on a pro-rata basis over 10 months. RESOLVED: Accept the contract price

136. Internal Audit for the Year Ending 31 March 2008

Clerk reported that the 2006/7 Auditor, Mr L Llywellyn was prepared to audit at the same fee - £150 RESOLVED: refer to AGM

137. Llangunnor Park Association

Clerk reported on the current position concerning ownership of the Park, summary of current costs, together with the various options for future management and the implications for the Community Council. Letters from the County Sports and Leisure manager were received. Following detailed discussion it was agreed that further consideration needs to be take place in conjunction with the County Sports and Leisure Manager. RESOLVED:
i) 4 Members were selected to meet with the County Manager - Cllrs D Elwyn Williams, Robin O Griffiths, Selwyn H Thomas and Sarah Howells. Also Cllr Richard Thomas as Secretary of the Park Committee to attend in an advisory capacity.
ii) The basis of discussion to establish terms for a County Council/Community Council partnership to manage the park.
iii) Further consider the terms at the May meeting

138. Standing Orders

The sub-committee set up to review the standing orders [minute 52, Council meeting 20th September 2007 refers] presented a draft version for consideration. Some minor amendments were agreed. RESOLVED: Present the Standing Orders to the AGM for formal adoption

139. Distribution of Grants

9 applications received for grant aid RESOLVED: £50 each to: Carmarthen CAB and WRVS (Cymru)

140. Reports from Members Representing the Council on other Bodies

No reports were given

140. Approve Schedule of Accounts

RESOLVED: approve the monthly income and expenditure schedule presented by the Clerk:

A) Council is requested to consider and approve the following items of expenditure:

Payee Info (£) Amount
E Williams Bus Shelters (March 08) 57.00
Playing Field (March 08) 70.00
IW Davies Salary - April 08 431.18
Office Allowance - April 08 60.00
IT Allowance - April 08 10.00
Office Support - April 08 143.72
Reimbursement: Card 1.00
Carmarthenshire County Council New Lighting:
Heol Capel Dewi

Un Llais I Gymru/One Voice Wales Membership Renewal 245.00
Carmarthenshire Tourist Association Website Annual Membership Renewal 77.45
HM Revenue & Customs NI Contributions 1.75
Plus Net Broadband & Internet 39.98

142. Clerks Annual Salary

RESOLVED: Note that the Clerk's salary is on NJC Scale point 27 from April 2008

143. Correspondance

RESOLVED: receive the monthly schedule of correspondence and action agreed as follows:

Item From Nature of Correspondence
i Welsh Assembly Government: Noted Consultation document on the draft Fire and Rescue Service Framework 2008-11
ii Un Llais I Gymru/One Voice Wales: Noted clarification of key dates after the May 1st election
Noted details of the Calor Village of the Year Competition
iii Carmarthenshire County Council: Letter from Area Housing Manager clarifying Cllr Valentine's position in respect of the Tenants Network meeting held on 5th November 2007. RESOLVED: Noted
Response to the Future ownership of Llangunnor Park
Noted Chief Executive response to the appeal for a Neighbourhood Police Base at Yr Aelwyd, Tregynnwr
Noted Annual update of the 'Directory of Multi-agency Partnerships for Carmarthenshire'
Copy of response letter to County Councillor CM Jones appealing for the introduction of a 20mph zone outside Ysgol Llangynnwr School. RESOLVED: Request extension of the zone to cover the whole length of Penymorfa Lane
Notice of nominations for the community council election
Request nomination for a representative from the Council on the Governing Body of Ysgol Llangynnwr School. RESOLVED: Refer to the Council AGM
Confirmation of meeting to position vehicle speed counter in Penymorfa lane. RESOLVED: Cllr DE Williams and the Clerk to attend with recommendation that the counter be located by Sticle Close
Notice of meeting with Tennants Network/Inspectors at 10.00am on 20th May 2008 in Yr Aelwyd. RESOLVED: Cllrs G Bevan and R Thomas to represent Council
Notice of results of Non-contested community Council election - see minute 134
Cllr Bevan additional suggestions for inclusion in the Environmental Project. RESOLVED: In abeyance until discussion on project at the May Council meeting
Highways response to the request for change of traffic priority at the 'Pobl Bach' nursary junction. RESOLVED: Defer consideration to the may meeting and copy letter to all Members
Noted rejection to improve the landcaped surfae of the roundabout near Morrisson's Store - refer to minute 132 iii
Notice of Poll for election of County Councillors - 2 candidates for the Llangunnor Ward
Confirmation of agreement to remove the CARMARTHEN place-name sign at the Penymorfa Lane junction with Llangunnor Road
iv Wales Rural Forum: Noted workshop encouraging community participation in sustainable project. Noted conference on 'Developing the Village Shop'
v Financial requests: WRVS (Cymru) RESOLVED: see minute 139
vi Ombudsman Wales: Statutory Guidance on 'Principles of Good Administration' distributed to all members
vii Carmarthenshire Tourist Association: Renewal of Community website membership - £77.45 RESOLVED: renew
viii Zurich Municipal Insurance: Noted enhanced cover for Corporate Homicide & Corporate Manslaughter Act 2007
ix Carmarthenshire Voluntary Services: Copy of e-bulletin
x : Noted all other correspondence and promotional material received

144. Any Other Matter: - RESOLVED

a) Refer to County Council:
Litter and rubbish in Stephen's Way parking areas.
Complaints of excessive traffic speed in llangunnor Raod - also refer to Police.
Broken glass in Sticle path

b) Dyfed Powys Police:
Request action on parked vehicles obstructing driver visibility of vehicles leaving the Dyfed Powys Police HQ in Llangunnor Road.
Report self standing advertising boards keep toppling on to pavement

c) Valediction
As this was her last meeting, Cllr Catherine James expressed thanks for the support she had enjoyed as a Councillor and wished the Council every success in its role of developing and safeguarding the Llangunnor community in the future

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