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November 2009

Minutes of Monthly Meeting of Llangunnor Community Council held in 'Yr Aelwyd', on Thursday 10th December 2009 at 6.45pm

PRESENT: Councillor Doreen Valentine (Chair), Alun West, L Keith Carmody, EA Jones, DI Davies, D Elwyn Williams, Robin O Griffiths, Paul E Totterdale James Anthony Green, Sarah Howells and Geraint Bevan

APOLOGIES: Councillor C Merlin Jones and Selwyn H Thomas

IN ATTENDANCE: Representatives of St Cynnwr WI and Carmarthenshire Sugar Craft Guild, PC M Richardson and D Fisher, Reporter, Carmarthen Journal

69. Chair's Announcements

Cllr Valentine referred to her official duties since the October meeting namely laying a wreath during the Remembrance Service in Llangunnor Church, attending the Remembrance Service in Ysgol Llangynnwr. Chairwoman reminded Members of the Christmas tree lights switch-on at 6.00pm on Thursday 26th November

70. Minutes

RESOLVED to approve as a correct record the minutes of:
i) The Monthly Council meeting held on 15th October 2009.
ii) The Planning Committee Meeting held on 15th October 2009

In considering the minutes the following points were raised:

i) Minute 59 (i) Access to Yr Aelwyd: It was noted that future PACT meetings will be held in Yr Aelwyd. Letters received from St Cynnwr WI and the Carmarthenshire Sugar Craft Guild highlight difficulties encountered during the use of Yr Aelwyd and Chair invited one representative to make a statement. RESOLVED: refer the matter to the Housing Department.
ii) Minute 60 (i) referring to previous minute 43 regarding Home to School Transport: Clerk reported that he had not received communications from Adam Price MP or from the Leader or Chief Executive of Carmarthenshire County Council. RESOLVED: Clerk to request responses.
iii) Minute 60 (ii) referring to previous minute 48 regarding publication of personal information: Clerk reported on a letter received from the County Legal Department advising against divulging personal information. RESOLVED: Note the advice and consider each situation on an individual basis.
iv) Minute 60 (iii) referring to a previous minute 51 regarding signage for the Police surgery in Yr Aelwyd. Clerk reported that he was awaiting a response from the Neighbourhood Police regarding the signs required. RESOLVED: Note the report.
v) Minute 60 (iv) referring to a previous minute 53 regarding the promotion of Parc Pensarn. Clerk reported that Cllr Scourfield had referred the matter to the Welsh Assembly Government the site owner.
vi) Minute 61 Public Lighting Plan: Clerk reported that the County Public Lighting Officer agreed to new lamps by Nantycaws cemetery and on the footpath between Close Sticle and Haulfryn but recommended not to have a lamp by No 53 Rhoslas due to the potential of vandalism. Also he believed it was unnecessary to have a further lamp along the road towards Penlan, Nantycaws. 6 lamps to be fitted with part-night cells [£12 each] in Penymorfa Lane have been identified. RESOLVED: Install the Nantycaws lamp [cost £2000] and request the County Housing Department to fence off the power sub station or stop up the footpath adjacent to No 53 and also to share the cost of the lamp [£1800] between Haulfryn and Close Sticle. Proceed with fitting the part-night cells.
vii) Minute 62 Bus Shelters: Clerk reported that the County Council was reviewing funds available for new bus shelters and may not be able to fund more than one this financial year. RESOLVED: Shelter in Elder Grove is the main priority.
[Cllr Griffiths declared his interest as a resident of Elder Grove and did not participate in discussion]
viii) Minute 63 Llangunnor Park: Clerk reported that the County Ground Maintenance Team had repaired the pavilion. RESOLVED: Thank Jones and Johnson for their quotation.
ix) Minute 64 Commencement time of Council meetings. Clerk reported he was awaiting response from the Housing Officer. RESOLVED: Request the Housing Department to ensure the heating is on for the meetings.
x) Minute 67 (vi) Home to School Transport: response from the parent's representative thanking Council for representations made in support of this matter. RESOLVED: Note the letter.
xi) Minute 68 (ii) Members New Year dinner: Clerk reported that the Boars Head was available to hold the dinner. RESOLVED: Clerk to obtain details of menu

71. Dyfed-Powys Policing Plan 2010-13

Request to identify three local priorities for the community.
RESOLVED: Anti-social behaviour; visibility of the police at night; traffic speeding and parking

72. Llangunnor Park

Clerk reported that the pavilion had been repaired by the County Council at no cost to the Community Council and that the boundary hedges had been cut. RESOLVED: request County Council to replace the loose chippings at the entrance with tarmac and Clerk to report on the future management of the Park

73. Eternal Auditor's Report for Year Ending 31st March 2009

Certification was received from the External Auditor confirming successful completion of the Audit for the year ended 31st March 2009 and there were no matters for the Council to address
RESOLVED: i) Accept and approve the Certified Annual Return and display the corresponding notices of conclusion of audit. ii) To congratulate the Clerk on the successful completion of the audit

74. Dates of Council Meetings - 2010

Clerk presented a schedule of Council meeting dates for 2010 and expressed concern that the public would have difficulty attending the meetings due to the new security external door arrangement at Yr Aelwyd.
RESOLVED: Approve the dates and note that the meetings are to be held in Yr Aelwyd and forward copy to Housing Department and Warden of Yr Aelwyd. Clerk to investigate the possibility of providing a remote door bell facility for public use during Council meetings

75. Reports from Members Representing the Council on other Bodies

No Reports

76. 2009/10 National Final Salary Award for Local Council Clerks and New Travelling Allowances for Clerks

The National Joint Council for Local Government Services issued the final 2009/10 salary settlement for local council clerks and recommends that the salary scales of Clerks be adjusted accordingly. The Clerk detailed the salary implications for the Council

RESOLVED: Adopt the recommendation and accordingly adjust the Clerk's salary

77. Approve Schedule of Accounts

RESOLVED: approve the monthly income and expenditure schedule presented by the Clerk:

A) Council is requested to consider and approve the following items of expenditure:

Payee Info (£) Amount
E Williams Bus shelters (Oct 09) 57.00
Playing field (Oct 09) 70.00
Planting Bulbs [5 sacks] 100.00
IW Davies Salary - November 09 462.08
Office allowance - November 09 70.00
IT allowance - November 09 20.00
Office support - November 09 154.03
Arrears of Pay [Apr-Oct] 42.77
Post Office Postage Stamps 57.00
SLCC Annual Membership Fee 94.00
P V Brann Eight photo frame 80.00
Farmyard Nurseries 1 sack daffodil bulbs 29.56
Royal British Legion Poppy wreath = Donation 30.00
Un Llais Cymru/One Voice Wales Training Fee - Module 1 [x2] 50.00
BDO LLP External Audit Fee 285.00
Llangunnor Church Chairwoman's Donation 50.00
Ysgol Llangynnwr Chairwoman's Donation 50.00
Carmarthenshire County Council Yr Aelwyd Meeting Fee 5.00

B) Council to note receipt of income: Nil

78. Correspondence

RESOLVED to receive the monthly schedule of correspondence and agreed action as follows:

Item From Nature of Correspondence
i Cynulliad Cenedlaethol Cymru/National Assembly for Wales Noted consultation document on the Local Government Measure 2009
Noted proposed guidance for improvement of the Fire & Rescue Authorities in Wales
ii Un Llais Cymru/One Voice Wales Consultation response to the Cynulliad Cenedlaethol Cymru/National Assembly for Wales document 'Are you being served'
iii Carmarthenshire County Council Noted details of lease/rental terms for former print works, Pensarn
Noted acknowledgement of request to start meetings at 6.45pm
Noted stickers on glass bottle recycling bins [minute 47: Council meeting 15th September refers]
Noted action relating to various referrals
Response to enquiry regarding parking on Llangunnor Road by Dyfed-Powys Police HQ and the proposed 20mph zone in Penymorfa and Penymorfa Lane
Summary of Annual Report
iv Financial aid appeal: Ty Hafan; British Heart Foundation; National Eisteddfod 2010; NSPCC; Capel Dewi Community Association and Carmarthen & District Hospice Appeal. RESOLVED: Consider at December 2009 meeting
v Rural Development Plan: Notice of Funding Fayre
vi Mid & West Wales Fire & Rescue Authority: Annual Action Plan 2010-11 & Improvement Plan 2009-10
vii Parent Representative 'Home to School Transport: Noted copies of various correspondences with County Council
viii Welsh Local Government Association: Notice that up to date advice to Community Council on Swine Flu is available on the Welsh Assembly Government website: www.wales.gov.uk/swineflu
ix Carmarthenshire Local Access Forum: Invitation to observe a meeting
x Dyfed Powys Police Authority: Notice of community consultation meeting on 23/11/09 at QE High School. RESOLVED: Cllr West to attend
xi Ysgol Llangynnwr: Invitation for Members to attend the School Remembrance Service - distributed to all Members
xii CWM Environmental: Noted reasons for revised opening hours of the waste recycling facility at Nantycaws
xiii Carmarthenshire Tourist Association: Notice of changes to website - Clerk to note
xiv Pembrokeshire Resident: Seeking family history information - copied to Members [DEW, SH, ROG, CMJ]
xv WRVS: Noted appeal for new volunteers for the 'meals on wheels' service
xvi Noted all other correspondence

79. Any Other Matter: - RESOLVED

i) Refer to County Council:
Query existence of any road limitations in front of Yr Aelwyd
Re-refer the overgrown hedge limiting a footpath in Glanffynnon
Report blocked gullies by Parc-y-Swn, Heol Login.
Green growth on Pont King Morgan
Provide hard surface to link pavement with the FOCUS parking ground by Pont Pensarn.
Notify Council that motorists need to be advised that the road beyond Penlan, Nantycaws should be signposted as unsuitable for normal traffic.
Request a visit to view the CWM waste recycling sorting facility at Johnstown.
Request the Highway Department to fence off the splay area where the housing development is taking place at the Penymorfa/Penymorfa Lane junction.

ii) Tywi View Residential Park
Cllr Green updated Council on the dissemination of the County Council commissioned investigations into the suspected soil contamination at the Park. RESOLVED: Note Cllr Green's statement and request a copy of the 'layman's readable report' as promised by the County Head of Public Protection [Minute 28 - Council meeting 16th July refers]

iii) Agenda - December 2009 meeting
A presentation be made at the December meeting on proposals for Llangunnor Community Council to become a 'Zero Carbon Council' - Minute 5: Council meeting 22 May 2008 refers

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