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December 2009

Minutes of Monthly Meeting of Llangunnor Community Council held in 'Yr Aelwyd', on Thursday 10th December 2009 at 6.45pm

PRESENT: Councillor Doreen Valentine (Chair), Alun West, DI Davies, D Elwyn Williams, Robin O Griffiths, C Merlin Jones, Paul E Totterdale and Geraint Bevan

APOLOGIES Councillor James Anthony Green, Selwyn H Thomas and EA Jones [L Keith Carmody, Sarah Howells attending a training module]

IN ATTENDANCE: Mr Aled Owen, Zero Carbon Community Project Officer Menter Cwm Gwendraeth, Mr Mat Ridley, Coed Cymru Officer, Carmarthenshire County Council, PC M Richardson and D Fisher, Reporter, Carmarthen Journal

80. Police Report

PC Richardson reported on his involvement in the community including issues relating to the 'no cold calling' zones, a school bus accident, parking on Llangunnor Road outside the Police HQ, parking on pavements throughout the community and support for Neighbourhood Watch. He was awaiting delivery of a sign for placing outside Yr Aelwyd locating the Neighbourhood Police Base and informed members that the next Community PACT meeting will be held in Yr Aelwyd

81. Zero Carbon Community Project

Cllr Valentine welcomed Mr Owen and Mr Ridley to the meeting and invited Cllr Bevan to brief Council on the project. Cllr Bevan stated that Council at its May 2008 meeting [minute 5 refers] considered the vision that Llangunnor Communty Council becomes a carbon neutral council and resolved that he and the Clerk obtain further information for presentation to the Council. Cllr Bevan identified the street lighting network as the main source of carbon emission by the Council. Mr Aled Owen in presenting an overview on the adverse effects of carbon based gas emissions emphasised that communities and individuals have a responsibility for minimising their 'carbon footprint' and contribute towards national and global reduction targets. He indicated that grants are available to support local carbon reducing initiatives. Mr Ridley explained that planting trees would be an effective way of neutralising the equivalent carbon emission generated by the Community's street lighting. For Llangunnor Council he advised that around 1600 trees would be needed and planting could be achieved in two sessions, the spring and the autumn. Cllr Bevan described three main sites where planting was possible - on road verges of the A484 and the former stopped-up A48 at Nantycaws, Llangunnor Park and in Ysgol Llangynnwr School grounds. The related landowners have been consulted and are in agreement with the planting subject to certain conditions being satisfied. In open discussion full support was given to the project and the need to fence off trees planted in the Park as protection from potential vandalism was highlighted

Cllr Valentine thanked Cllr Bevan for his report and both Mr Owen and Mr Ridley for their informative presentations and their support for the Llangunnor community.

RESOLVED: i) Fully support the project;
ii) Cllr Bevan and the Clerk to proceed in conjunction with the Chairwoman;
iii) seek grant aid;
iv) recommend spring planting in the school and the park and on highway verges in the autumn

82. Chair's Announcements

Cllr Valentine referred to her civic duties since the November meeting, which had entailed attending Ysgol Llangynnwr School Christmas Fayre and the excellent School stage show, the turning on the Carmarthen Town festive lights and the switch on of the Llangunnor Community Christmas Tree lights. She thanked the Clerk for arranging the switch-on event and all the others involved, particularly Mr Elfi Evans, Bwlchymynydd, Nantycaws, for supplying the tree. She would be donating £80 to Mr Evans's nominated charity - 'Department of Clinical Oncology and Treatment for Chemotherapy for Cancer Patients' West Wales General Hospital

83. Minutes

RESOLVED to approve as a correct record the minutes of:
i) The Monthly Council meeting held on 19th November 2009.
ii) The Planning Committee Meeting held on 19th November 2009

In considering the minutes the following points were raised:

i) Minute 70 (ii) referring to previous minute 60(i) regarding school transport - Clerk to follow up the request for a response from Adam Price MP.
ii) Minute 70 (v) referring to minute 60(iv) regarding promoting Parc Pensarn - Request Welsh Assembly response.
iii) Minute 70 (vi) referring to previous minute 61 regarding the Public Lighting Plan - Clerk reported that the Housing Department is reluctant to fence off the power sub station by No. 53 Rhoslas or stop up the adjacent path and claims not to be responsible for the footpath between Haulfryn and Clôs Sticle. RESOLVED: defer discussion to the January meeting and Clerk to question Council's responsibility for the footpath
iv) Minute 70 (xi) Members New Year Dinner - Clerk circulated the menu. Members to select by 21st January
v) Minute 79 (i) Parking area in front of Yr Aelwyd - Clerk informed that the parking area has not been adopted as a public highway and is the sole responsibility of the Social Care & Housing Department. RESOLVED: Question whether Housing Department applies parking limitations
vi) Minute 79(i) - Fencing off the splay at the Penymorfa/Penymorfa lane junction - Clerk reported that Highways Department remain adamant that it is unnecessary to fence off and it is not their responsibility to mark the boundary.
vii) Minute 79(i) - Hedge side growth along footpath in Glanffynnon. RESOLVED: advise the Housing Department to exercise enforcement powers

84. Distribution of Grants

23 applications received for grant aid.
RESOLVED: £50 each to: Carmarthen and District Hospice, Victim Support, Wales Air Ambulance, Carmarthen and District Youth Opera, Carmarthen Riverside Association and to Rhanbarth Myrddin of Urdd Gobaith Cymru.
The Chairwoman agreed to donate £25 to Capel Dewi Community Association

85. Community Council's Future Role in the Management of Llangunnor Park

Clerk reminded Council of its resolution at the Special Council meeting held 12th June 2008 [minute 3 refers] to review the management arrangement of Llangunnor Park during the Autumn 2009 and decide by 31st December 2009 either to continue with the Partnership arrangement or to lease the Park from the County Council. Clerk reported on the positive views expressed by the County Head of Parks and Leisure in support of continuation of the joint partnership management arrangement and the potential to draw from significant Section 106 monies in respect of 2 housing development proposals near the Park. Clerk and Members did not comment adversely on the current arrangement

RESOLVED: i) Continue with the present arrangement and review annually at the December meeting; ii) Compliment the Parks department for its maintenance of the park; iii) Draw attention to the need of improving the park entrance, requirement of new signage in bilingual format and reaffirm effective joint communication for a successful partnership

86. Reports from Members Representing the Council on other Bodies

Police Consultation meeting - Cllr A West reported on the meeting at which Mr Steve Mears the new Carmarthenshire Divisional Commander was present. It was noted that emphasis is being placed on Neighbourhood Watch and on strengthening community policing

87. Approve Schedule of Accounts

RESOLVED: approve the monthly income and expenditure schedule presented by the Clerk:

A) Council is requested to consider and approve the following items of expenditure:

Payee Info (£) Amount
E Williams Bus shelters (Nov 09) 57.00
Playing field (Nov 09) 70.00
Christmas tree 200.00
IW Davies Salary - Dec 09 462.08
Office allowance - Dec 09 70.00
IT allowance - Dec 09 20.00
Office support - Dec 09 154.03
Christmas tree duties 80.00
Reimbursement: Doorbell for meetings in Yr Aelwyd 10.49
Cllr S Howells Travelling costs (Un Llais Cymru/One Voice Wales - AGM) 41.08
Rees Sound Systems Portable sound system 45.00
Bowen & Weaving Stationery 16.49
Brynmeurig Stores Chair's raffle voucher 10.00

B) Council to note receipt of income: Nil

88. Correspondence

RESOLVED to receive the monthly schedule of correspondence and agreed action as follows:

Item From Nature of Correspondence
i Un Llais Cymru/One Voice Wales Noted public meetings on 'A new strategy for the Welsh Language'
Confirmation of Training Course [Module 2] - forwarded to Cllrs S Howells & K Carmody
Noted summary of consultation on the 'Local Government Measure 2009'
ii Carmarthenshire County Council Noted information on Village Improvement Grants
Noted responses from Highways Section and Housing Department on various referrals
Points for the review of management of Llangunnor Park - Minute 85 refers.
Response to traffic along road towards Penlan, Nantycaws - Minute 79i) refers - County Transportation Officer to assess
iii Financial aid appeal: Ammanford CAB. RESOLVED: Considered at the meeting - Minute 84
iv 'Unlock Democracy': Request to lobby MP's in support of 'Empowering Parish and Town Councils' by getting the Sustainable Communities Act adopted in Parliament. RESOLVED: Convey support
v Planning Aid Wales: Noted receipt of newsletter November 2009
vi Dwr Cymru/Welsh Water: Progress report on improvements at the Capel Dewi Treatment Works
vii Dyfed Powys Police Authority: Noted name of new Divisional Commander for the Carmarthenshire Division - Mr Steve Mears
viii Rural Regeneration Unit [UK]: Noted promotion of fruit & veg Co-operatives
ix Public Service Ombudsman for Wales: Noted consultation on its draft Code of Conduct
x Rhodri Glyn Thomas AM: Noted receipt of copy of letter to the County Council regarding Tywi View Residential Park
xi Cllr A Green: Seeking Council to oppose the County Council policy on the future of Residential Care Homes in Carmarthen area. RESOLVED: Agree to oppose the policy
xii CWM: Confirmation of 4th January afternoon as suitable to visit the recycling centre at Johnstown
xiii Noted all other correspondence

89. Any Other Matter: - RESOLVED

i) Refer to County Council:
Request the County Rights of Way Officer to update Council on the funding application for the Environmental Project 'Llwybrau Llangynnwr' - Minute 118, Council meeting 20th March 2008 refers

ii) Tywi View Residential Park
A copy of the full report on the suspected ground contamination investigations and detailed risk assessment commissioned by Carmarthenshire County Council was tabled at the meeting. RESOLVED: i) obtain an executive summary and distribute to Members; ii) Include on the agenda of the Council January meeting

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