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November 2008

Minutes of Monthly Meeting of Llangunnor Community Council held in Llangunnor School, on Thursday 20th November 2008 at 7.00pm

PRESENT: Councillor C Merlin Jones (Chair), Alun West, Geraint Bevan, L Keith Carmody, Robin O Griffiths, Richard S Thomas, Selwyn H Thomas, E Audrey Jones, D Elwyn Williams and DI Davies

APOLOGIES: Councillor Doreen Valentine, Sarah Howells and James Anthony Green

IN ATTENDANCE: I Pollock, Carmarthen Journal

56. Police Report

PC Richardson reported on the Neighbourhood Police Team activity during the Halloween and bonfire night period. Llangunnor School had been visited, posters distributed and patrols were increased. Some youths had been spoken to following reports of potential issues in the area. The Police were thanked for their support. Members drew attention to cars parked at night without lights on roads absent of public lighting and requested the Police to take appropriate action

57. Chair's Announcements

Chairman thanked Cllr Griffiths for presenting the 700 signature petition at the full County Council meeting on 12th November 2008 appealing to the County Council for accommodation that enables the Neighbourhood Police Team to hold a part-time surgery in the area. He also reported attendance at a Home Office consultation event featuring effective local policing. He wished to congratulate the pupils and staff of Ysgol Llangynnwr on the excellent Remembrance Service conducted at the school. Cllr Jones requested Council to support the nomination of Hannah Gleeson, Tynewydd, Nantycaws for the 2008 Carmarthenshire Disabled Sportswoman of the Year Category and highlighted her achievements in Alpine Skiing and in being selected for the British Team to compete at the Special Winter Olympics in the USA. RESOLVED: Members endorsed the nomination and wished her every success at the Olympics
Members were reminded to declare any pecuniary interests and appropriately record in the attendance register

58. Minutes

RESOLVED to approve as a correct record the minutes of:
i) The Monthly Council meeting held on 16th October 2008;
ii) The Planning Committee Meeting held on 16th October 2008

In considering the minutes the following points were raised:

i) Minute 46iv) referring to a previous minute 36, Part Night Light Scheme - Clerk confirmed that no objections had been received from affected householders and the control cells would be installed in early December.
ii) Minute 46v) referring to a previous minute 39, Christmas Tree 2008 - Clerk reported that Highway Authority licence had been granted for the tree and illuminations and also confirmed the arrangements for the switch-on event.
iii) Minute 48: Unavailability of public toilets in Pensarn retail areas - County Council will be approaching businesses in the 2009-10 financial year.
iv) Minute 49: Footpath between Penymorfa and Y Talar: Clerk reported that the County Rights of Way Manager had confirmed that the landowner, Mr TI Davies, had agreed to dedicate the footpath to be registered as a public right of way.
v) Minute 51: Glass Recycling Bins - Clerk reported that the landowners at Penymorfa [TI Davies] and Nantycaws [WDV Evans] where the County Recycling Officer deemed it suitable to locate glass bottle recycling banks have given their approval. Householders in the immediate vicinity of the Penymorfa location supported the proposal.The location in Tregynnwr is subject to consultation with the Area Housing Officer and will be undertaken by the Recycling Officer.
vi) Minute 54vi): Kidwelly Council 'Shoebox appeal' - RESOLVED: not to support.
vii) Minute 55c: Chief Constable - Accepted offer to attend a Council meeting. RESOLVED: Invite to the January meeting
viii) Minute 55d): Council New Year Dinner - Clerk reported that the dinner would be held in the Blue Boar Bistro on Thursday 22 January 2008. RESOLVED: Chairman's guests invited: Canon Aled Griffiths and Mrs Griffiths and members of the former Llangunnor Park Committee for presentation with Council Certificates

59. Home to School Transport

Clerk reported on the correspondence received in respect of minute 34 of the Council meeting 18th September 2008:
i) The Head of QE High School, Johnstown had advised that the bus transporting pupils from the Kidwelly area was full to capacity and from September 2008 pupils have to pay for the journey.
ii) The Welsh Assembly Government Minister for the Economy and Transport confirmed that for secondary schools the Learner Travel (Wales) Measure enacts a statutory limit of 3 miles distance from the nearest suitable school. The Measure, however, does not prevent local authorities from using a lower limit if they so wish. Further the Minister advises that it is best left to local authorities to assess whether a walking route is safe for a child to walk alone, or where a child requires it, accompanied by an adult based on the particular circumstances, good practice, guidelines and common sense. Statutory guidance to cover these factors will be issued in more detail in due course

Following further discussion Council RESOLVED: i) Note the Head of QE High School response. ii) Refer the differentiated transport arrangements to the two secondary schools to the Westminster Government Minister for Women and Equalities

60. Llangunnor Park

Clerk reported that a layer of hardcore had been deposited to cover the muddy section of the Park entrance. During the month the handyman had been asked to clear some broken glass from the play areas. Cllr R Thomas expressed disappointment that the Park appeared to deteriorate and referred to the need to cut the boundary hedges. Further to minute 47 of the October Council meeting, the County Leisure and Sports Department informed that the costs for setting out, marking, re-instatement, repairing and painting the goal posts would be £1948 over and above the Community Council's annual payment for grass cutting the whole site, but there is no budget to cover such additional items. The Sports Department would be prepared to arrange for the pitch to be marked out to help in the development of a local youth football team with a charge of £5 levied per game for juniors

RESOLVED: i) Defer consideration of the football pitch subject to Cllr Bevan establishing that a youth football team is to be formed. ii) Request the County Grounds Maintenance section to cut the boundary hedges

61. Allotments

Cllr Bevan drew attention to the legal duty placed on local authorities to provide sufficient allotments for those who want to let them. Section 23 of the Smallholdings and Allotments Act 1908 stipulates that if as few as six people inform the council that allotments are wanted, it is obliged to become pro-active in seeking land for them. If local authority land is not available, the Act empowers authorities to compulsorily hire or purchase private land. Nationally the demand for allotments has increased considerably and authorities need to be aware of their obligations. Clerk presented information on current provision available in Carmarthen and commented that no request had been received for allotments in Llangunnor. Broad discussion ensued focussing on the availability of land and the importance of retaining the community park as a play area. Chairman thanked Cllr Bevan for bringing the matter to the notice of Council. RESOLVED: Defer further consideration pending emergence of interest within the community

62. Sub-Group to Draft Financial Regulations and Risk Assessment Criteria

The Clerk reported on the need for Council to have financial regulations in place supported by risk assessment criteria and recommended that a sub group be formed to draft the regulations and the assessment criteria for Council approval. RESOLVED: Sub-group formed comprising of Chairman, Cllrs DE Williams, G Bevan, A West and RS Thomas

63. Dates for Council Meetings 2009

RESOLVED: Provisional dates listed by the Clerk were confirmed - meetings to be held every third Thursday of each month except in August [no meeting] and December [2nd Thursday]. Venue: Llangunnor School whilst Yr Aelwyd is being refurbished and Yr Aelwyd thereafter. Commence: 7.00pm

64. 2008/9 National Interim Salary Award and Revised Travelling Allowances for Local Council Clerks

The Clerk reported on the national interim salary award for local council clerks applicable from 1st April 2008 and noted that final settlement had been referred to arbitration. Clerk also detailed the revised rates of car allowances payable from 1st April 2008. RESOLVED: Council to implement the salary award and the car allowances with effect from 1st April 2008

65. Reports from Members Representing the Council on other Bodies

Police Community Liaison Meeting: Cllr A West reported verbally on the meeting at which he had emphasised the importance of visible community policing and local accessibility to the police as priorities for the Llangunnor area. Chairman thanked Cllr West for the report

66. Approve Schedule of Accounts

RESOLVED: approve the monthly income and expenditure schedule presented by the Clerk:

A) Council is requested to consider and approve the following items of expenditure:

Payee Info (£) Amount
E Williams Bus Shelters (Oct 08) 57.00
Playing Field (Oct 08) 70.00
IW Davies Salary - Nov 08 441.74
Salary Arrears [April-Oct] 98.56
Office Allowance - Nov 08 70.00
IT Allowance - Nov 08 20.00
Office Support - Nov 08 147.24
Reimbursement: Gift Cllr A West 21.58
Bowen & Weaving Minute Book & Stationery 85.63
British Legion Poppy Wreath - Chairman's Donation 30.00
SLCC Annual membership Renewal 91.00
Cllr S Howells Travelling Costs - AGM One Voice Wales 41.08
Carmarthenshire County Council Hire of Yr Aelwyd - 3 Council meetings 15.00

B) Council to note receipt of income: None

67. Correspondance

RESOLVED to receive the monthly schedule of correspondence and agreed action as follows:

Item From Nature of Correspondence
i Welsh Assembly Government: Response to pupil transport to local secondary schools - see minute 59
ii Un Llais I Gymru/One Voice Wales: Clerks interim national salary award and car allowances - see minute 64
iii Carmarthenshire County Council: Noted response to sewage spillage into the river Tywi
Formal notice confirming diversion order of footpath 28/31 [Penddaulwyn Fach]
Noted consultation document on Carmarthenshire Litter Plan 2008-11
Acknowledgement of nomination of Geraint Thomas for the 2008 County Sports Personality
Noted responses to referred street scene items for action
Noted that businesses in Pensarn will be invited to open their toilets to the public - minute 57iii refers]
Acknowledgement of referral of unsafe wall in Haulfryn, Tregynnwr
Licence granted for the Christmas tree illuminations
Notification of consultation on traffic order due to car parking obstructions under Carmarthen bridge, Old Llangunnor Road
Noted consultations on added conditions to Licensed Premises - Morrison's store in Parc Pensarn
Acknowledgement of complaint concerning refuse collection in Gerynant, Llangunnor Road
Confirmation of the introduction during 2009/10 year of a 20mph speed zone and traffic calming measures outside Ysgol Llangynnwr School
iv Financial Appeals: 2009 National Eisteddfod and Capel Dewi Community Association. RESOLVED: December 2008 meeting
v Assembly Member and MP: Request consultation meeting with Council. RESOLVED: invite to February 2009 meeting
Noted declaration of support to the school transport issue referred to the Assembly
vi Local Health Board: Noted response to the submission of the Pensarn site for the proposed Carmarthen Care Resource Centre - considered but deemed unsuitable
vii Carmarthen Youth Project [Dr Mz]: Noted open day 5/11/08
viii Dyfed Powys Police Authority: Invitation to attend community consultative meeting and identify 2 policing priorities for the area - see minute 65
Chief Constable accepting invitation to meet with Council and noted attention given to parking in Llangunnor Road outside the Police HQ. RESOLVED: Invite to the January 2009 Council meeting
ix Society of Local Council Clerks: Membership Survey - Clerk to complete
x Environment Agency: Noted agreement to include the Llangunnor sewerage system in the Dwr Cymru review of the Carmarthen system in 2010
xi Swansea Building Society: Noted details on the Premier investment account
xii Ysgol Llangynnwr: Invitation to School Remembrance Service; thanks for Chairman's donation; permission to hold Council meetings in the school during refurbishment of Yr Aelwyd and no 'shoe box appeal' organised by the school
xiii Carmarthenshire Tourist Association [CTA]: Noted notice of open meeting on 10th November at Kidwelly
Noted invitation to the annual CTA dinner at Llandeilo on 27th November
xiv Cllr Alun West: Noted message of thanks for the good wishes and gift received during his illness
xv QE High School, Carmarthen: Noted response to the transport of Llangunnor pupils - no room available for Llangunnor pupils on the bus from the Kidwelly area
xvi Local Government Boundary Commission for Wales: Noted analysis of 2008 local authority election results and invitation to attend workshop on 'Reviewing the Process' at Carmarthen on 12/11/08
xvii Local Elector: Noted that he had submitted an application to register the two paths linking Bryn Tywi and Awel Tywi with Llangunnor Road. RESOLVED: Support the application and request the County Council to invite the landowner Mr TI Davies to dedicate the paths as public rights of way
xviii Mid and West Wales Fire Service: Noted the Risk Reduction Plan 2009-10
xix Information's Commissioner's Office: Notice that Council needs to approve a new Publication Scheme by 01/01/09. RESOLVED: Refer to December 2008 meeting
xx Noted all other correspondence and promotional material received

68. Any Other Matter: - RESOLVED

Refer to County Council:
The shabby appearance of the car sales business accomodation units on land adjacent to the railway station off Old Llangunnor Road denigrate the area and the gateway route into Llangunnor and Carmarthen
The need to adopt the new estate road in Golwg Tywi, Llangunnor
The unclassified road between Login and Star Cottage via Maeslan, Llangunnor needs to be cleaned.
Trees on the embankment below the east end of Penymorfa Lane should be lopped to avoid collapse into Llangunnor Road as occurred previously
The footpath between Haulfryn and Bron y Dre is permanently wet and slippery
The need to repair fencing by 'Spick and Span' in Old Llangunnor Road

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