A Carmarthenshire Scandal

Twins buried without a certificate - proposed exhumation of the bodies.

About a fortnight ago a servant girl in Llangunnor parish gave birth to twins, and two nights afterwards their dead bodies were interred by a labourer in Llangunnor Churchyard without any certificate of ceremony, under the cover of darkness and in the presence only of their putative father and his father.

The case is exciting much local interest, and it is believed that a magisterial inquiry will be held. In all probability, the bodies will be exhumed and a post mortem examination will take place.

The police are busy investigating the case, but as yet no evidence of foul play has been gathered.

The mother and alleged father of the dead infants had notified their intention of marriage to the registrar on the Sunday before the birth.

Source - THE WESTERN MAIL March 22, 1895

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