Pensarn Flooded Again

The flood rose again in the Towy early on Sunday morning; and the inhabitants of the houses on the Quay had to betake themselves to the upper regions, until the water receded from the lower storeys. Pensarn again assumed the appearance of an inland lake, which it retained all day, the whole village being under water as far as the Square and Compass.

It is simply disgraceful that after generations of local Government, absolutely nothing has been done to mitigate the ill-effects of these floods as far as Pensarn is concerned. In some of the riparian meadows the water leaves the ground as soon as it recedes but in Pensarn the inland lake slowly diminishing, remains for hours, and often days after the flood has fallen.

It seems the easiest thing in the world for Pensarn to become submerged and the most difficult thing in the world for it to again become dry land. If the matter were seriously taken up, it would, of course, be quite feasible to construct such a series of culverts as would effectually carry off the water once the flood began to recede. And yet in spite of the advances made in engineering science, the danger to life and property continues, and many people yearly suffer great loss, inconvenience, and illness, simply because it has never entered into the heads of the powers that be that anything whatever can be done to abate the present nuisance.

It is high time the matter were taken up by the County Council. And it is to be hoped that they will make a better job of it, than they did of the Penymorfa wall.

This wall is a standing, joke-when it is not lying down.
There is something radically wrong with it - radically indeed, because it has no root at all.

It has evidently had an insufficient foundation for as soon as the flood comes, down comes the wall bodily broken off in slabs a few inches above the level of the turf. Its downfall is a regular accompaniment of the flood, and the one event succeeds the other, as regularly as twilight succeeds sun et.

The whole subject of the flooding of the county roads in the neighbourhood of Pensarn demands the thorough and immediate attention of the County Council

Source - CARMARTHEN WEEKLY REPORTER - February 17, 1899.

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