Swine fever in Carmarthenshire

The very stringent restrictive order recently issued by the Board of Agriculture in relation to the movement of pigs in seven parishes in West Carmarthenshire bears heavily upon the farmers of the district, and Carmarthen itself felt its effects on Tuesday, owing to the compulsory closing of its upper market.

The annual Carmarthen Pig Fair of November 15 is the most important fixture of its kind in the county; therefore, its unavoidable abandonment this year was a great loss to pig breeders, and it is hard to convince them that the lightly drawn departmental order is absolutely necessary in order to stamp out the disorder.

With a view to lessening this hardship to some extent, the Llangunnor Parish Council, with commendable foresight, had however, applied for and received consent from the proper authorities to hold a pig fair on Tuesday in Pensarn village, almost contiguous to the confines of the borough on the east side of the Towy, which is not part of the "infected area."

Thirty five declarations to bring in carts to Pensarn were issued by the police, all of which were acted upon.

As had been expected tho animals were all disposed of, stores realising 20s to 30s a piece and porkers 5s to 5s .d a score.

In accordance with a requisition signed by several members of the county council a special meeting of that body will be held at Carmarthen today (Wednesday) to discuss the position of affairs.


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