No prosecutor, and less evidence.

At the county petty-sessions, on Saturday, David Gealy, haulier, Llangunnor, appeared in answer to a charge of stealing carrots and turnips in a bag, from a field. - Inspector Rees said the police had got no one to prosecute, or to identify the carrots.

Mr Thomas, Tyllwyd, in whose field the bag was found, could not identify them, and had had no loss. - The bench discharged the accused, who had been arrested the previous morning and released on bail. - Mr J L Philipps, one of the magistrates, asked how Gealy was arrested. - The Inspector said that he was seen running near the field where the bag of carrots was found. The inspector here proceeded to demonstrate to the bench the resemblance between one of the carrots alleged to be stolen and a carrot taken from Mr Thomas's field.

He (the inspector) thought the similarity of the earth around the carrots was a mark of identification. - The Chairman (Captain G Philipps) said that was of no use; no one could identify carrots.

Source - South Wales Daily News December 12th 1881

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