The Vicar's Illness

The dreadful epidemic (Influenza) has not yet left our parish. It has already reaped a harvest exceeding our highest expectations, and when we remember the pest, we cannot think but with a shudder. Sickness in its mildest form deserves our most serious attention, and the more fatal always afford sufficient cause for alarm. Therefore since this epidemic has visited our island, and has already wended its way to our parish, let us one and all endeavour to take the necessary precautions to avert, and with Heavens help, repel the invader from our shores.

I am most sorry to write that our good vicar and Rural Dean has been for over a week suffering from Influenza. He had a severe attack but having always possessed a very strong and healthy constitution, and being so efficiently attended by Dr Rowlands, he is now, I am glad to say, progressing very favourably, though he is still weak and confined to his bed, "May his recovery be most speedy" is the earnest prayer of all his parishioners and sympathisers.

On Good Friday service was held at our church to commemorate the death of our Saviour, when the Rev. Davies, M. A., Diocesan Inspector officiated. This gentleman also kindly took the morning service on Easter Sunday, when there was a celebration of the Holy Communion.

In the evening the Rev Marsden M.A., vicar of Llanllwch preached a very able sermon, to a large audience from the words- "Am hynny, os cyd gyfaddasoch gyda Christ, ceisiwch y pethau sydd uchod, Ile mae Crist yn eistedd ar ddeheulaw Duw."

Source - The Carmarthen Journal and South Wales Weekly Advertiser Friday April 11, 1890.
The vicar referred to in the article was the Reverend Samuel Jones , who served Llangunnor from 1865 to 1903.

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