Carmarthen Tragedy - Missing Youth Found Drowned

A painful sensation was caused at Carmarthen when it became known that the body of Mr W J Jones, son of Mr Wm Jones, Tyllwyd-mawr, Llangunnor, had been found drowned in the River Towy on Sunday last. The deceased had been missing from home for nearly three weeks, and although several search parties were formed, their labours proved unavailing, nothing being seen or heard of the unfortunate youth, until Capt. Everett of the S.S. Merthyr saw the body floating in the Towy.

Mr J W Nicholas (coroner) held an inquest on the body on Monday last at Tyllwyd-mawr, whither it had been removed after discovery. William Jones, father of the deceased, said his son was 27 years of age last March. He had assisted him on the farm since he left school. On Tuesday, April 15th, witness told the deceased not to come to the fair, but to attend to the cattle. Witness had rented a field near Capel Dewi, distant about 2.5 miles from Tyllwyd-mawr. The field was on the banks of the River Towy which was in flood at the time. Deceased had on two occasions previously entered the field by jumping a ditch two yards wide. He did not think there was any trouble on his mind. He was an active young man.

Lizzie Mary Jones (sister of the deceased) said that on April 15th, her brother left the house about 2.30 and he informed her that he was going to attend to the cattle near Capel Dewi, and said that he would be back about 5 o'clock. He never returned.

Daniel Morgan, Cwmtawel, Llangunnor (school attendance officer) stated that on the day in question he saw the deceased between two and three o'clock passing his house walking on a path leading from Tyllwyd-mawr to the main road.

Daniel Evans, Pibwrwen Cottage, Llandefeilog, said that on Sunday morning last he was walking on the railway when he was hailed by Capt Everett, of the steamship Merthyr, who shouted, "There is a body floating down the river". Witness then recovered the body and informed the police. The body was found to be that of the missing young man, and it was conveyed to Tyllwyd.

The jury, the foreman of which was Mr John Francis, Myrtle Hill, returned a verdict of "Accidentally drowned." The deepest sympathy is felt with the parents and family in their distressing bereavement.

Source - The Carmarthen Journal and South Wales Weekly Advertiser Friday 9th May 1913.

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