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March 1914

Llangunnor Parish Council - Notice of Meeting

A meeting of the above council will be held at the Login schoolroom on Tuesday March 24th 1914 at 7.30pm.


To pay bills
To elect a Treasurer
And any other business

A meeting was held on Tuesday the 24th day of March 1914. Mr John Morris, Chairman

Proposed by Mr Thomas Richards and seconded by Mr Essex Morris that the following bills be paid viz.

Payee (£Shilling Pence)
Clerks Expenses 1s.2d
Cleaner 7s.6d


It was proposed by Rev George Evans and seconded by Mr David Evans that Mr KA Brockie Manager of the London and Provincial Bank be appointed Treasurer. Carried

A Notice of Motion was given by Mr Thomas Richards in regards to the widening of the road near Tirbach.

The Chairman read a letter from the Vicar calling the attention of the Council to the state of the turnstile on the path leading from Tygwyn to the church. It was decided that the Chairman and the Clerk should inspect the turnstiles and report at the next meeting.

Members Present: Mr John Morris (Chairman), Rev George Evans, Mr Thomas Richards, Mr Benjamin Griffiths, Mr Essex Morris, Mr Lewis Rogers, Mr David Evans, Mr John Rees and the Clerk Daniel Rees.

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